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Archetypeicon defender.png
Primary Buff
Secondary Ranged
Inherent Vigilance
Base HP 1017.4
Max HP 1606.4
Primary Sets 12
Secondary Sets 12
Epic Power Pools 8
Modifiers (at level 50) 
Damage Scale 0.550 0.650
Defense Buff 0.100 0.100
Damage Buff 0.100 0.125
Max HP Buff 0.100 0.125
ToHit Buff 0.100 0.125
Defense Debuff 0.125 0.125
Damage Debuff 0.125 0.125
ToHit Debuff 0.125 0.125
EndMod 1.250 0.125
Fear 1.490 1.490
Heal Other 133.862 133.862
Heal Self 101.735
Immobilize 1.490 1.490
Knockback 2.077 2.077
Damage Resist 0.100 0.100
Sleep 1.490 1.490
Slow 1.250 1.250
Stun 1.490 1.490
Taunt 1.030 1.030
Threat Level 1.0 1.0
Limits (at level 50) 
Damage Resistance 75% -300%
Status Resistance 10,001.01% -300%
Status Protection N/A N/A
Damage 400% 10%
Defense 175% -100%
ToHit 200.35% -100%
Recharge Rate 400% -75%
Regeneration 2000% 0%
Recovery 625% 0%
Stealth (PvE) 200 ft -180 ft
Stealth (PvP) 571.5 ft -180 ft
Perception 1260.6 ft 0 ft
Range 500% 25%
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The Defender tends to help his allies, and attack his foes, from a distance. The Defender excels at powers that assist friends, but can also hinder his enemies. The Defender is able to attack at quite a range, however, the Defender is not built for hand to hand. He might be able to dodge a few attacks, but the Defender won't last for long.

The Defender's power sets are:

Primary: Buff
Secondary: Ranged

Defender Stats
Survivability       4              
Melee Damage 2    
Ranged Damage 6    
Crowd Control 4    
Support 10  
Pets 2    

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

  • A Defender's primary power sets are designed specifically for buffing or debuffing. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

  • A Defender's secondary power sets are designed for ranged attacks. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Patron Power Pools

* Patron Power Pools require villain alignment to obtain.

Inherent Power


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Defenders have been in the game since Issue 0, originally as a City of Heroes archetype. Their original primary powersets were Dark Miasma, Empathy, Force Field, Kinetics, Radiation Emission, and Storm Summoning. Their original secondary powersets were Dark Blast, Electrical Blast, Energy Blast, Psychic Blast, and Radiation Blast.
  • Dark Mastery, Electricity Mastery, Power Mastery and Psychic Mastery were added to the game in Issue 3.
  • Sonic Resonance, Trick Arrow, Archery and Sonic Attack were added to the game in Issue 5.
  • Cold Domination and Ice Blast were proliferated to Defenders in Issue 12.
  • Assault Rifle and Traps were proliferated to Defenders in Issue 16.
  • Dual Pistols was added to the game on March 2, 2010 as an early feature of Going Rogue to those who prepurchased.
  • The Patron Power Pools were made available to Defenders in Issue 18.
  • Beam Rifle and Time Manipulation were added to the game in Issue 21.
  • Thermal Radiation and Fire Blast were proliferated to Defenders in Issue 21.

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