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Damage is a value, in Hit Points, that directly reduces the Hit Point total of a target. If the target is reduced to zero, the target is defeated. Most damage can be decreased via resistance self-affecting powers, outside buffs, or inspirations.

Damage Types

Smashing Damage

Blunt force attacks. Typified by Brawl and other bludgeoning attacks.
Examples: Super Strength, War Mace

Lethal Damage

Sharp force attacks. Typified by many weapon based attacks using blades and bullets.
Examples: Broad Sword, Archery

Fire Damage

An attack employing radical increase of temperature. Often associated with damage-over-time effects.
Examples: Fire Blast, Fire Control

Cold Damage

An attack employing radical decrease in temperature. Often associated with slowing of attack and/or movement rate.
Examples: Icy Assault, Water Blast

Energy Damage

An attack utilizing raw energy or an energy transfer. Often coupled with Smashing damage and associated with Knockback/Knockdown.
Examples: Kinetic Melee, Luminous Blast

Negative Energy Damage

An attack of anti-energy, typically drawn from the netherworld by "dark" powers. Often associated with reduced Accuracy.
Examples: Dark Assault, Umbral Blast

Psionic Damage

An attack upon the mind. When protection from attacks is not comprehensive, protection from this damage type is typically missing. It is often associated with reduction in Recharge.
Examples: Psychic Blast, Mental Manipulation

Toxic Damage

Poisonous attacks. The nature of toxins may be either biological or chemical. Toxic damage is unique in the respect that no power currently provides defense to it, so mitigation for toxic attacks is based on resistance to it or defense versus the melee/ranged/AoE nature of the attack. It is often coupled with lethal damage and associated with damage-over-time effects.
Examples: Spines, Bane Spider Soldier

Electrolytic Damage

Unique to Hamidon. These attacks can not be evaded and may only be resisted through use of Essence of the Earth inspirations.
Examples: Hamidon, Mitochondria

Prismatic Damage

Unique to the Crystal Titan. These attacks can only be resisted through the use of Ambrosia inspirations.

Unique2 Damage

This is the special Radiation damage dealt by the Terra Volta Reactor Core. It can only be resisted by the Radiation Shield buff.

Damage Scale

The Damage Scale (also referred to as damage scalar) is a form of comparing attacks across archetypes (usually at level 50). There is no actual game mechanic that makes use of the damage scales, but they are used in the assignment of damage values for powers. Damage scales are expressed as multipliers relative to Blaster melee damage, with Blaster melee being expressed as 1.000. For example, if a Blaster uses a melee attack (1.000) and does 50.0 damage, a Brute using the same melee attack (0.750) would do 37.5 (50.0 * 0.750) damage.


  • While the melee archetypes are assigned ranged damage scales, these scales are never used. Ranged attacks on melee archetypes use the melee damage scale.
  • Temporary Powers use normalized scales that result in the same damage output regardless of which archetype is using them.

Damage Scale by Archetype

The following table shows the melee and ranged damage scales for each archetype.

Archetype Melee Range
Archetypeicon blaster.png Blaster 1.000 1.125
Archetypeicon controller.png Controller 0.550 0.550
Archetypeicon defender.png Defender 0.550 0.650
Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper 1.125 0.500
Archetypeicon tanker.png Tanker 0.800 0.500
Archetypeicon peacebringer.png Peacebringer 0.850 0.800
   LuminousBlast BrightNova.png Bright Nova N/A 1.200
   LuminousAura WhiteDwarf.png White Dwarf 1.000 N/A
Archetypeicon warshade.png Warshade 0.850 0.800
   UmbralBlast DarkNova.png Dark Nova N/A 1.200
   UmbralAura BlackDwarf.png Black Dwarf 1.000 N/A
Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png Pet 1.000 0.800
Archetype Melee Range
V archetypeicon corruptor.png Corruptor 0.750 0.750
V archetypeicon dominator.png Dominator 1.050 0.950
V archetypeicon mastermind.png Mastermind 0.550 0.550
   Ninjas CallGenin.png Henchman 1 0.450 0.350
   Ninjas CallJounin.png Henchman 2 0.550 0.450
   Ninjas CallOni.png Henchman 3 0.650 0.550
V archetypeicon brute.png Brute 0.750 0.500
V archetypeicon stalker.png Stalker 1.000 0.600
V archetypeicon arachnos soldier.png Arachnos Soldier 1.000 1.000
V archetypeicon arachnos widow.png Arachnos Widow 1.000 1.000
Temporary WarWolfWhistle.png Pet 1.000 0.800

Buffs and Debuffs


Maximum total Damage for players depends on Archetype and (usually) level.

Archetype Maximum Damage
Brute 775%
Blaster, Corruptor,
Scrapper, Stalker
210% at level 1

500% at level 21+

all others 200% at level 1

400% at level 21+


  1. Attacks do 100% damage to start with (i.e. base, or 1x normal), not 0%. The amount of Damage bonus needed to reach the cap is 100% less than the cap itself.
  2. Enhancements count as damage buffs. If a character has +95% in damage enhancements, then, considering point number one, the character has 195% total damage buff.
  3. These maximums apply only to effects that increase the amount of damage an attack delivers. Reductions to an enemy's Resistances can cause that enemy to suffer damage beyond these maximums. So can effects that cause attacks to deliver damage more than once, such as Containment, Scourge, and Critical Hit.
  4. The Brute damage cap is set significantly higher than the other Archetypes to accomadate the mechanics of the Fury inherent power, which functions by applying a Damage buff that scales proportionally with the Brute's Fury level.


Players and critters have a minimum damage of 10%.


Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.

Quantum Damage

Formerly used by Void Hunters and Quantum-class enemies. These attacks dealt a great deal of un-resistible damage to Kheldians. It was replaced with normal Negative Energy Damage in the February 12, 2008 patch.

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