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V archetypeicon stalker.png
Primary Melee
Secondary Defense
Inherent Assassination
Base HP 1204.8
Max HP 2088.3
Primary Sets 12
Secondary Sets 8
Epic Power Pools 8
Modifiers (at level 50) 
Damage Scale 1.000 0.600
Defense Buff 0.075 0.065
Damage Buff 0.100 0.070
Max HP Buff 0.100 0.100
ToHit Buff 0.100 0.070
Defense Debuff 0.075 0.070
Damage Debuff 0.075 0.070
ToHit Debuff 0.075 0.070
EndMod 1.000 1.000
Fear 1.490 1.000
Heal Other 96.381 96.381
Heal Self 120.476
Immobilize 0.800 0.800
Knockback 2.077 2.077
Damage Resist 0.075 0.065
Sleep 0.800 1.192
Slow 0.800 0.800
Stun 0.800 1.192
Taunt 2.050 2.050
Threat Level 2.0 2.0
Limits (at level 50) 
Damage Resistance 75% -300%
Status Resistance 10,001.01% -300%
Status Protection N/A N/A
Damage 500% 10%
Defense 200.38% -100%
ToHit 200.35% -100%
Recharge Rate 400% -75%
Regeneration 3000% 0%
Recovery 500% 0%
Stealth (PvE) 300 ft -180 ft
Stealth (PvP) 1143.0 ft -180 ft
Perception 1153 ft 0 ft
Range 500% 25%
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Skill can divert clumsy raw power, and precisely applied force can solve many problems. As a Stalker, this is the core of your specialty. You do your best work when attacking from ambush, and can even hide in plain sight to escape foes. Deadly attacks and good defenses make you a dangerous combatant and assassin, but you can be overwhelmed if you're not careful.

The Stalker's power sets are:

Primary: Melee
Secondary: Defense

Stalker Stats
Survivability             7        
Melee Damage 10  
Ranged Damage 2    
Crowd Control 4    
Support 2    
Pets 2    

Power Sets

Primary Power Sets

  • A Stalker's primary power sets are designed for stealth and melee. They are:

Secondary Power Sets

  • A Stalker's secondary power sets are designed for stealth and defense. They are:

Ancillary Power Pools

Patron Power Pools

* Patron Power Pools require villain alignment to obtain.

Inherent Power

Stalker Inherents


Stalkers cause a great deal of additional damage through critical hits. The exact chances of a critical vary greatly with the situation and the power used. Stalker criticals do double damage except in one case which we'll get to in a moment.

Most Stalker single-target attacks automatically critical against any target if the Stalker is Hidden. If the Stalker isn't Hidden and he's attacking a PvE enemy, his chance of critting is 10% + 3% per teammate within 30'. In PvP, most un-Hidden Stalker single-target attacks can only crit if the target is Held or Slept, and do so 20% of the time, but a few get criticals 10%-15% of the time regardless of whether the target is mezzed.

Stalker AoE attacks work similarly, though the crit chances for Hidden AoEs and for un-Hidden PvP AoEs are half the typical single-target chances. Un-Hidden PvE AoEs use the full 10% + 3%/teammate formula without halving. Crits are checked separately for each target hit.

Assassin's Strike

A Stalker's Assassin's Strike stands out from his other attacks. If the Stalker is Hidden, this attack becomes extremely potent. First of all, if it misses, the Stalker stays Hidden. If it hits, it crits automatically, for almost triple normal damage instead of double. If the target is another player, this bonus damage ignores his resistances. Whether the target survives or is defeated, all nearby non-player enemies (which may include the target itself!) are Demoralized and suffer a small but irresistable ToHit penalty, and occasionally Fear as well, for eight seconds. If the Stalker isn't Hidden, Assassin's Strike removes the wind-up animation allowing it to attack faster, deals Superior damage, and will not deal critical damage in PvE or PvP, unless Assassin's Focus is in effect.

Assassin's Focus

Assassin's Focus has a chance to be generated from any attack from the Stalker's primary power set except for Assassin's Strike. One stack of Assassin's Focus lasts for 10 seconds, and gives Assassin's Strike 33.3% chance to do normal critical damage. Up to three stacks of Assassin's Focus can be held at any time, allowing Assassin's Strike a 99.9% chance to do critical damage out of Hide. This, combined with Assassin's Strike out of Hide, allows the Stalker to mix his style of play at any time, be it to defeat enemies from out of sight, or to stand their ground and take down the enemy using extreme damaging attacks.


Despite the rather misleading name, the Hidden status only means that the Stalker is poised to deliver stronger or more reliable critical hits. Hidden mode and Stealth aren't directly linked, although they often occur together. A Stalker can be Hidden even if an enemy has enough Perception to see him.

Stalkers have two ways to become Hidden. The Hide power continually grants Hidden status, though that status suppresses for eight seconds each time the Stalker uses an attack power (except for missed Assassin's Strikes), suffers damage from an enemy (falling doesn't count), or clicks a mission object. Using the Placate power on any target also puts the Stalker in Hidden mode, no matter who he attacks, for a fixed period of ten seconds.


Placate is as it sounds - an enemy who is placated cannot attack the Stalker which placated it for a set period of time (and loses interest in the Stalker as well) unless the Stalker decides to follow up with attacks which will immediately break Placate. It can be used to escape from foes who prove a challenge, allowing the Stalker to regroup or flee, or to take advantage of the fact that Placate will place the Stalker in Hide, allowing him to immediately follow up with a triple-damage Assassin's Strike or other attacks for double-damage if it is not available.


Badge time.png This section contains information about changes that took place in City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Stalkers were added to the game in Issue 6, originally a City of Villains archetype. Their original primary powersets were Claws, Energy Melee, Martial Arts, Ninja Blade, and Spines. Their original secondary powersets were Energy Aura, Ninjitsu, Regeneration, and Super Reflexes.
  • Leviathan Mastery, Mace Mastery, Mu Mastery, and Soul Mastery were added to the game in Issue 7.
  • Dark Melee and Dark Armor were proliferated to Stalkers in Issue 7.
  • Dual Blades and Willpower were added to the game in Issue 11.
  • Electrical Melee and Electric Armor were proliferated to Stalkers in Issue 12.
  • Broad Sword was proliferated to Stalkers in Issue 16.
  • Kinetic Melee was added to the game with Going Rogue.
  • The Ancillary Power Pools became available to Stalkers in Issue 18.
  • Ice Armor was proliferated to Stalkers in Issue 21.
  • Street Justice was added to the game on October 4, 2011.
  • Stalkers received the following buffs in Issue 22 [1]:
    • Assassin's Strike: using Assassin's Strike outside of Hide became an uninterruptible attack with no windup time, dealing Superior damage, allowing Stalkers to do very competitive DPS.
    • All Stalker attacks that are not Assassin's Strike now build stacks of Assassin's Focus.
    • Stalker Buffed Max HP will increased from 1606.4 to 2088.3, allowing them to fully benefit from powers like Dull Pain, Hoarfrost, etc.
  • Staff Fighting was added to the game on April 17, 2012.

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