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Ancillary Power Pools, also known as Epic Power Pools, become available to hero-aligned and villain-aligned characters at level 35. A character can only select one Ancillary Power Pool. Additionally, Patron Power Pools open at level 35, but require doing a Patron arc to unlock, so only characters of villain alignment can unlock these pools (though they stay unlocked for that character regardless of alignment after unlocking).

Warshades, Peacebringers, Arachnos Soldiers and Arachnos Widows do not get access to Ancillary Power Pools.

Unlike the regular Power Pools, these are restricted by Archetype. The powers in these pools are selected from other Archetypes, and are designed to give each Archetype access to types of abilities that they do not normally have: holds and ranged attacks for melee Archetypes, armors for ranged Archetypes, etc.

Just like the regular Power Pools, you can choose a different APP/PPP during a respec.

Pools by Archetype


Blaster Ancillary Powersets give them slight Scrapper-like resistances, small Tanker-like self boosts, and small crowd control capability.


Controller Ancillary Powersets give them slight Scrapper-like resistances, and some (ranged) offensive capability.


Defender Ancillary Powersets give them slight Scrapper-like resistance and some self-boosting powers; Psychic Mastery gives them slight control capability.


Scrapper Ancillary Pools give them one or two ranged powers, and slight crowd control capability.


Tanker Ancillary Powersets give them slight crowd control capability, and some ranged offense.








  • During Issues 14 to 16, the Ancillary Pools were opened up to have five powers available, two at level 41, two at level 44, and one at level 47.
  • Issue 16 introduced Blaze Mastery for Scrappers.
  • Issue 18 unlocked Ancillary Power Pools for the City of Villains archetypes.
  • Issue 21 lowered the level at which Ancillary Power Pools unlock from 41 to 35. The level at which individual powers unlocked changed as well: two changed from 41 to 35, two from 44 to 41, and one from 47 to 44.

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