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Several player and critter characteristics are restricted to certain limits. Buffs or debuffs beyond those points produce no additional effects, although they will work to offset later powers trying to apply the opposite effect.

Damage Resistance


Maximum total Resistance (per damage type) for players is different for each Archetype.

Archetype Maximum Resistance
Tanker, Brute 90%
Peacebringer, Warshade

Arachnos Widow, Arachnos Soldier

all others 75%

Most critters have a maximum Resistance of 90%. The following are exceptions and have a maximum of 100%:


Players and critters have a minimum Resistance of -300%.

Debuff Resistance


With the exception of damage debuff and resistance debuff (resisted by Damage Resistance), debuff resistances have the following maximums:

Defense 95%
Healing 100%
Movement Speed 100%
Recharge Rate 100%
ToHit 95%

Note that while most will refer to it as debuff resistance, the same attribute will resist buffs as well (defense debuff resistance resists both defense debuffs and defense buffs). However, the vast majority of buffs are non-resistable, allowing them to ignore these resistances.

Debuff resistances function exactly as damage resistance, subtracting a percentage from the base value of the debuff. Thus, an Ice Armor Tanker with 100% slow resistance will run through stacked caltrops from Knives of Artemis without blinking an eye, and a Super Reflexes Scrapper with 95% defense debuff resistance has near-perfect protection from Cascading Defense Failure.


Needs information

Status Effect Resistance


Players have a hard status resistance cap of 10,001.01%, which translates to 0.99% mez duration in the Combat Attributes Window. Because player status resistance buffs do not generally exceed 216.25% (for example, Accelerate Metabolism), it is unlikely that the cap will ever be reached in normal gameplay.

This was changed in Issue 13; previously, the cap was 100% resistance, resulting in 50% duration. The change was in part due to the change to status protection in PvP, necessitating a higher resistance cap.

Note that the resistance cap for both Placate and Taunt remains at 100%, even after I13.


Players and critters apparently have hard minimum status effect Resistances of -300%. There are very few powers in the game that debuff status effect Resistances, however. This is good, since the game's formulas produce infinite status durations at -100% Resistance and negative durations below that.

Status Effect Protection

There is essentially no upper limit to how much magnitude protection a player or critter can have to Status Effects.



Maximum total Damage for players depends on Archetype and (usually) level.

Archetype Maximum Damage
Brute 775%
Blaster, Corruptor,
Scrapper, Stalker
210% at level 1

500% at level 21+

all others 200% at level 1

400% at level 21+


  1. Attacks do 100% damage to start with (i.e. base, or 1x normal), not 0%. The amount of Damage bonus needed to reach the cap is 100% less than the cap itself.
  2. Enhancements count as damage buffs. If a character has +95% in damage enhancements, then, considering point number one, the character has 195% total damage buff.
  3. These maximums apply only to effects that increase the amount of damage an attack delivers. Reductions to an enemy's Resistances can cause that enemy to suffer damage beyond these maximums. So can effects that cause attacks to deliver damage more than once, such as Containment, Scourge, and Critical Hit.
  4. The Brute damage cap is set significantly higher than the other Archetypes to accomadate the mechanics of the Fury inherent power, which functions by applying a Damage buff that scales proportionally with the Brute's Fury level.


Players and critters have a minimum damage of 10%.


This section is largely academic. No attack can have less than a 5% or more than a 95% chance of hitting. So although there are limits to how far a player's or critter's ToHit and Defense can be adjusted, these adjustments almost always drive the final chance of hitting to one of its own limits before the cap on total buffs/debuffs is reached.

Maximum Defense

Maximum total Defense for players depends on Archetype and level.

Archetype Maximum Defense
Brute, Tanker +100.43% at level 1

+225.05% at level 21+

Peacebringer, Scrapper, Stalker, Warshade +97.76% at level 1

+200.38% at level 21+

Blaster, Controller, Corruptor, Defender, Dominator, Mastermind +95.00% at level 1

+175.00% at level 21+

Maximum total Defense for critters depends on rank and level.

Critter Rank Maximum Defense
Minion +24.06% at level 1

+77.37% at level 21+

Lieutenant, Sniper +90.25% at level 1

+131.25% at level 21+

Boss, Elite Boss, AV/Hero, Pet +95.00% at level 1

+175.00% at level 21+

Minimum Defense

Players and critters have a minimum Defense of -100%.

Maximum ToHit

All players and critters have a maximum ToHit that varies from +95% at level 1 to +200.35% at level 50 (and, for critters, up to +211.10% at level 55). Counting against these maximums, however, is the innate +75% that all players get and the +50% that all critters get as part of the game's internal basic attack mechanics.

Minimum ToHit

Players and critters have a minimum ToHit of -100%.

Recharge Rate


Players and critters have a maximum recharge rate bonus of +400%, which cuts recharge time to 1/5th of normal.


Players and critters have a maximum recharge rate penalty of -75%, which increases recharge time to 4x normal.

Movement Speed


Each mode of travel has a different base and maximum speed value. Teleport has the fastest maximum potential, but is greatly dependent on the user's ability to quickly and accurately activate the power to achieve this potential. Running provides the highest movement cap, followed by jumping, and lastly, flying. However, with Afterburner slotted with at least 37% enhancement value, flying exceeds the jumping movement cap.

The following table lists the four main Travel Powers and their comparative speeds in MPH, first at Level 6, then Level 14, then at Level 50, followed by Level 50 with 1, 2, and 3 Level 50 Single-Origin Enhancements (applying Enhancement Diversification as necessary); the final number listed is the hard cap at Level 50. Red numbers indicate that the Speed Cap is already exceeded and the actual speed will be lowered to the cap. At lower levels, the cap will also be lower.

Power Base @ 1 Base @ 6 Base @ 14 Base @ 50 1 SO @ 50 2 SO @ 50 3 SO @ 50 Hard Cap
Fly 59.64 60.35 61.50 66.65 73.17 79.68 85.20 58.63
Super Jump 42.96 43.67 44.82 49.97 61.85 73.74 83.84 78.18
Super Speed 50.12 51.59 53.94 64.43 81.13 97.84 112.04 92.5
Teleport 102.27 102.27 102.27 102.27 122.73 143.18 159.55 N/A


  • Blasters with Energy Manipulation may be able to achieve as much as 312 MPH with Teleport by using Boost Range and Range Enhancements.
  • Some of the enhancements listed above are wasted due to the hard caps of each travel power (except Teleport). Speeds hitting hard-cap thresholds are listed in red.
    • Flight Speed is capped across all levels without any enhancement added, after a buff in Issue 18
      • Afterburner increases the flight speed cap to 73mph with no enhancements slotted; with 3 even-level SOs, the flight speed cap increases to 86.5mph. Afterburner cannot increase the cap beyond 87.95mph.
  • Swift adds 2.93mph fly speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 5.71mph.
  • Swift adds 5.01mph run speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 9.77mph.
  • Hurdle adds 17.83mph jump speed at level 50; with 3 even-level SOs, it adds 29.71mph.

See how Flight Speed is calculated on the Flight Powers article.


Players and critters have maximum run, flight, and jumpspeed penalties of -90%.

Health Regeneration


Maximum total Regeneration for players depends on Archetype and (sometimes) level.

Archetype Regeneration
Scrapper, Stalker 2,200% at level 1

3,000% at level 20+

Brute, Tanker 2,100% at level 1

2,500% at level 20+

all others 2,000%

Maximum total Regeneration for critters depends on rank and (sometimes) level.

Critter Rank Regeneration
Minion 506.64% at level 1

884.20% at level 10+

Lieutenant, Sniper 1,900% at level 1

1,500% at level 20+ (yes, it decreases)

Boss, Elite Boss, AV/Hero, Giant Monster 2,000%


Players and critters have a minimum Regeneration of 0%. It is not possible to cause something to lose health by debuffing its Regeneration to a negative value.

Endurance Recovery


Maximum Recovery Rate depends on archetype. Numbers were tested using the ingame "Real Numbers"

Archetype Recovery
Controller, Dominator, Mastermind 12.51% / second (750% of base)
Defender 10.42% / second (625% of base)
All Others 8.34% / second (500% of base)


Players and critters have a minimum Recovery of 0%. It is not possible to cause something to lose endurance by debuffing its Recovery to a negative value.

Stealth and Perception

Base Perception for all players is 500 feet. Base PvP Stealth and PvE Stealth are 0.


Maximum total Stealth and Perception for players depend mainly on level, with Stalkers having higher Stealth caps.

Attribute PvP Maximum PvE Maximum
Stalker Stealth 480 at level 1

1143 at level 50

49.5 at level 1

300 at level 32+

VEAT Stealth 440 at level 1

857.25 at level 50

47.25 at level 1

250 at level 32+

other ATs Stealth 400 at level 1

571.5 at level 50

45 at level 1

200 at level 32+

VEAT Perception 499.8 at level 1

1260.6 at level 49

all other ATs, Perception 490 at level 1

1153 at level 50


Players have a minimum Perception of 0 and a minimum Stealth of -180.


Note: Melee attacks ignore Range modifiers.


Players and critters have a maximum Range of 500%.


Players and critters have a minimum Range of 25%.

Hit Points

See the Hit Points article.


A character's inventory for inf is capped at 2,000,000,000 for VIP Players and Tier 4 Premium Players, 1,000,000,000 for Tier 3 premiums, 500,000,000 for Tier 2 premiums, and 25,000,000 for all others. It will continue to be earned after that point, but it won't be added to your inventory. (Thus, you can continue making progress towards the inf badges even if you don't have room for it.)


The aggro cap for Tankers is 25 enemies, for all other single characters it is 17 enemies. A character can get the attention of others, but only by shedding the aggro of one of their current enemies, either by defeat or by extension: attacking a non-aggroed enemy will release one of the currently-aggroed enemies from the character's aggro list. A character with pets can aggro more than 17 enemies, since the pets have their own aggro list (the limit is unknown at this time).

AoE target limits

  • AoE debuffs, ranged cones, and melee AoE (PBAoE) powers can affect a maximum of 10 targets.
  • Some large PBAoE powers (such as the nuke powers from ranged damage pools) can affect a maximum of 16 targets.
  • Ranged AoE damage powers can affect a maximum of 16 targets.
  • Judgement Slot Incarnate abilities greatly exceed these numbers, with Ion affecting the maximum of 40 targets.
  • All AoE Status Effects (immobilizes, holds, disorients, et al.) can affect a maximum of 16 targets.
  • Melee cones can affect a maximum of 5 targets.
  • Taunts (including the Tanker inherent, Gauntlet) can affect a maximum of 5 targets.
See also: Patch Notes from 2005-08-31
  • Buff powers are capped at 255 targets. (Increased in Issue 17; previously, different powers had different caps.)