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A Status Effect is an effect that causes the target to behave in a particular way, generally to its own disadvantage. A status effect may be the principal purpose of a power, or it may be a chance or guaranteed secondary effect of a power intended to to something else. Some Status Effects are also referred to as Mezzes.

How Status Effects Work

A power that inflicts a status effect will do so for the duration of the power. If the status effect is only a side effect of a damaging instant attack, the status effect will have a separate duration. The duration of a status effect can often be extended by enhancements to the power or by other means.

Each power also has a magnitude value associated with the status effect. The magnitude is compared to the status protection of the target. If the magnitude exceeds the status protection against it, the target is affected by the status effect. Otherwise, the target is unaffected.

Status effects stack: if a target is affected by more than one power that inflicts the same status, the magnitudes of the separate powers are added together. If the resulting magnitude exceeds the protection against it, the target is affected by the status.

As each new power is applied or wears off, the resulting magnitude is recalculated, and the target is afflicted or freed of the status as appropriate.

Until Issue 13, many status effects forced toggles to shut off. Currently, only toggles that affect enemies will detoggle when affected by status effects. Those that affect only yourself or teammates will suppress instead.

Status Effect Varieties

Target is unable to move or use any powers.
Target may not move, but can still use their powers.
Disorient (Stun)
Target is unable to use any powers, and is able to slowly stagger away.
Target is unable to move or use any powers. Ends early if the target receives damage, is healed, is knocked back, up, or down, or is repelled.
In PvE, confused critters attack their allies. In PvP, confused players have their enemy and ally targeting reticules reversed. In both situations, a confused player's pets will attack allies.
Terrorize (Fear)
Target will tremble in fear. Once every five seconds if the target receives damage, the effect will break for a short time before being re-applied. The target may use this temporary reprieve to either attack once or run a short distance away. This effect did not exist until around Issue 3 when it replaced the Afraid effect in several powers.
Knockback, Knockdown, Knockup
Target is thrown back, down, or up - depending on the power used - and must stand up before they can take any other action. The distance the target is thrown is determined by the magnitude, however all targets take the same time to stand up once they land.
The target is pushed away from the user for the duration of the effect.
The target is instantly transported to a location determined by the user.
The target is granted the ability to fly. The Magnitude of this effect multiplies the target's base flight speed.
Renders the target unable to affect the normal world and also unaffected by it. This status effect is enhanced by Intangibility Duration enhancers.
Only Affect Self
One half of the Cage effect, Only Affect Self prevents the target from using ally or enemy targeted powers as well as preventing summon-type powers.
One half of the Cage effect, Untouchable prevents enemies and allies alike from using powers on the target.
Afraid (Fear)
Causes the target to run away from the source of the effect, often preventing the target from attacking. This status effect only applies to NPC characters and pets. At launch, all powers that now use Terrorize used Afraid. They were changed to the easier to use Terrorize effect around Issue 3
Compels the target to focus attacks on the source of the taunt.
PvE: source of the taunt is moved up in the target's aggro list, and the source's threat generation is multiplied for the duration.
PvP: turns target in the direction of the source, and prevents the target from attacking anyone else for the duration of the effect.
The target will ignore the source of the placate effect, regardless of the aggro list. This effect breaks if the source of the placate damages the placated target. In PvP, the sufferer cannot target the source of the placate for the duration of the effect.

While not actually a status effect, the debuff Movement Slow (Snare) is often grouped with the rest. The target's movement speed is reduced. Movement speed includes run speed, max run speed, jump speed, jump height, and fly speed. Not all powers affect all five. Often, the target's recharge rate or Fly magnitude is reduced as well.

Similarly, "Blinded" is not technically a status effect, and a "break free" Inspiration will not free you from it. When the word Blinded appears in the upper right corner of your screen, it means your Perception radius has been reduced to zero for purposes of seeing enemies. You will still see allies, neutrals and scenery, and can target allies with buffs and similar powers. Only effects that increase Perception, such as Insight (yellow inspiration) will help you end the blinding early.