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This article is about the Primal Earth zone. For the respecification missions, see Terra Volta Respecification Trial.
Terra Volta
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Hero Trial Zone (20-29)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: Jane Hallaway (IP),
Captain James Harlan (FF),
Major Richard Flagg (PI)
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Conjunction Junction, Meltdown, Nervous Dreck, Guardian of the Volts, Danger! Danger!, Scrapheap of History, Power Walker, High Voltage!
Plaques: Authority V, Historian IVV, Researcher VI
Day Jobs: none
Enemies: Devouring Earth, Freakshow, Lost, Sky Raiders
Connecting Zones: Independence Port
Transits: none
Terra Volta VidiotMap


Terra Volta is a Trial zone in CoH. Prior to Issue 16, a hero needed to be at least Security Level 20 to enter.

As Paragon City expanded in the 1950s, its power needs continued to grow. The city's forward-thinking planners conceived of a plan to provide efficient energy to meet the city's projected growth well into the next century.

Construction began in 1955 and was completed in 1959. The first super villain attack occurred 14 hours after the Terra Volta plant went online. The entire project had been plagued and delayed by interference from super villains, setting a precendent of sorts which would be continued throughout Terra Volta's entire history of operation.

Beset from all sides, the city's Heroes and the selfless efforts of its municipal workers are the only force that can keep the Terra volta complex from falling completely under the near-constant attack from multiple villain groups. Meanwhile, the aging reactor continues to pour out power to keep the city running.

Terra Volta Reconnaissance Officer 
(1217, 184, -7115)

You have entered the area known as Terra Volta. This is an extremely treacherous location for Heroes to patrol so you should have back up. We have been unable to establish a foothold here, so you only have what you bring in. See my report for information on the Task Forces assigned to protecting the Reactor Core.
See my report for more information. It should give you an idea what to expect:
*** Approved Use Only ***
History: When Oswald Price began construction on the first electrical power plant in Paragon City in 1955, he chose this location. Local legends marked this small rocky outcrop as the intial landing point of the doomed Novus Cartago expedition of 1602. There have been constant rumors that this location is cursed. Since initial construction, Terra Volta has been plagued by problems and constant Villain aggression.
Hostiles Strength: Levels 23 through 29
Suggested Squad Parameters: 5 to 8-person teams

  • Levels 20 - 29
See Jane Hallaway in Independence Port regarding forming a Task Force to keep Sky Raiders from stealing the fuel to sell on the Black Market or using it for more sinister purpose.
  • Levels 30 - 39
See Captain James Harlan in Founders Falls regarding forming a Task Force to keep Freakshow from destroying the power plant.
  • Levels 40 - 50
Speak to Major Richard Flagg in Peregrine Island about locating the cipher for the new Rikti code.

Identified Hostiles:


  • None


Notable NPCs


  • Carter Engineering (Red - Level 27-29) (Music)
  • Challenger Technology (Yellow - Level 21-27) (Music)
  • Coroman Manufacturing (Yellow - Level 23-25) (Music)
  • Gordon Trench (Red - Level 23-27) (Music)
  • Raysun Petroleum (Yellow - Level 21-27) (Music)
  • Rogers Industries (Orange - Level 25-27) (Music)
  • Savage Waste Disposal (Red - Level 27-29) (Music)
  • Terra Volta Reactor (Red - Level 27-29) (Music)
  • Walker Energy (Orange - Level 25-27) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Conjunction Junction

This junction was the first target of the Freakshow when they started their campaign of mayhem. Statesman and the rest of the Freedom Phalanx were able to stop their plan before it could be fulfilled.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Meltdown

Covert Rikti strike teams have attempted to destroy the Terra Volta reactor on more than one occasion.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Nervous Dreck

Dreck, the leader of the Freakshow, was brought to justice on this spot by Statesman. His time in jail was short, however, as he broke out just two weeks later.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Guardian of the Volts

You stand along the vital corridor through which flows the power of Terra Volta's reactor. This place is a frequent target for attacks by those determined to cripple Paragon City and deserves protecting. If you like your hair dryers, your video games, your mass-spectrometers, or your q-bind amalgimatrix devices to function without pause, you'd better ensure that nothing happens to these power lines.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Danger! Danger!

You stand at the border of one of the most dangerous places in all of Paragon City. Before you lies a seething cauldron of anger, malice, and greed centered around the pumping heart of the city: the Terra Volta Nuclear Reactor. Between the many villains who prowl the streets here there lies the danger of electrocution or radiation exposure, so tread carefully.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Scrapheap of History

Here lie the ruins of the Number 6 Titration Plant, the first of a new design meant to streamline the process of fuel waste reconstitution. It was hoped that the new plant design would improve waste recapture efforts by over 13%. Unfortunately the shiny new installation was too tempting a target for the Freakshow, who saw the effective reuse of fuel waste as somehow offensive. They brought the plant down with a concentrated assault that took the city workers completely by surprise. Since its destruction, that new technique the Number 6 plant was designed to test has since been abandoned in favor of a newer, more efficient recapture method.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Power Walker

The Walker Energy condensate plant stands at the strategic center of the Terra Volta complex, and as such has become a hotly contested site between the Freakshow and the Sky Raiders. Gaining control of this building places one within ideal striking distance to any other location in Terra Volta and so the fighting here is especially fierce.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png High Voltage!

The air crackles with electricity and the odor of ozone fills your nostrils. Power fills the air here and it draws the Freakshow like moths to a flame. Juicers and Tanks bellow and cheer as free electrons dance along their synapses, filling them with a battle lust they long to vent upon you. They challenge you to join them and dance among the volts that skitter across the ground like faerie fire.

Historical Plaques

Transfer Points

Villain Groups