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This article is about the Incarnate origin. For the end game system, see Incarnate System.


Incarnate is a special origin originally not available to players, although heroes and villains who gain the attention of the Well of the Furies may gain Incarnate powers. Incarnates are humans who have been exposed to the Well of the Furies in some way, empowering them with the powers of the gods themselves. As such, they are substantially more powerful than most other superbeings.

Known Incarnates

Initially, there was only thought to be two Incarnates; Statesman, and Lord Recluse. As time progressed, more and more people have been seen with Incarnate powers:

  • Statesman (Marcus Cole) gained the Incarnate powers of Zeus by drinking from the Fountain of Zeus, possibly another name for the Well of the Furies.[1] With his death, his powers were inherited by his murderer, Darrin Wade, using an ancient ritual from Cimerora.
  • Lord Recluse (Stefan Richter) gained the Incarnate powers of Tartarus by drinking from the Fountain of Zeus, possibly another name for the Well of the Furies.[2]
  • According to the Lore of S'silur, an unknown pregnant woman is said to have gained the powers of the Gorgon Stheno, sister of Medusa, and her progeny are the Snakes.[3]
  • Trapdoor received great Teleportation powers from the Well, although no detail about his origin exists.[4] It is possible he was given his powers from impure samples of the Fountain Lord Recluse kept. [5]
  • Tyrant, in his own dimension, drank from the Well of the Furies to gain god-like powers. Having killed Stefan Richter who was with him at the time, he gained the powers of both Zeus and Tartarus. He has currently become the most powerful incarnate in the multiverse, receiving a greater share of the Well's powers.[6]
  • Reichsman, in his own dimension, drank from the Well of the Furies to gain god-like powers.[7] Reichsman somehow kidnapped a number of his counterparts including Statesman and somehow leeched part of their power for himself. The connection of power to other dimensional sources was severed by a Task Force wielding a weapon crafted by Tina Macintyre reverting him to his 'original' power levels. A Strike Force discovered a machine which was transferring the cross-dimensional energies and disabled it with the 'assistance' of Lord Recluse's lieutenants. Recluse later claimed he had the machine destroyed to prevent any Incarnate from making use of the machine.
  • Imperious is said to be an Incarnate, by Ashley McKnight and Montague Castanella when they send you to meet him in Cimerora. Incarnate is said to be an Origin that has been completely absent for quite some time. [8] [9]
  • Ms. Liberty (and by extension, Miss Liberty and Maiden Justice) possesses/possessed the Girdle of Hera, which was said to have powers derived from the Well of the Furies.[10] Both Ms. Liberty and Miss Liberty also possess some measure of superpowers genetically inherited[11][12] from the patriarch of the family, Statesman, who himself derived his powers from the Well of the Furies.[13] It is unknown how strong their connection to the Well is, if any exists at all.
  • Hero 1, or the Honoree, was revealed to have become an Incarnate after accepting Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, proving that drinking from the Fountain of Zeus isn't the only way to become an Incarnate.
    • Hero 1's patron, the Lady of the Lake, is also an Incarnate, according to the Well of the Furies itself.
  • Lady Grey has a lot of knowledge on Incarnates to the point she is heavily implied to be an Incarnate herself. The developers revealed in an AMA that she was either an Incarnate or a Battalion sleeper agent, though the latter would be unlikely given she would have been in a position to take over the Earth well before any super beings were around to oppose her.
  • Madame Bellerose is a European villain, who makes her way into Paragon City during the events surrounding Mot's ascension. It is unknown how she gained Incarnate power, but it is implied that she killed many people to do so.
    • It should be noted that her description says she is "believed" to recently have become an Incarnate, and while she claims that to be the truth, no proof is ever given.


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