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Incarnate Ability Sub-component

Thin lines of Incarnate power flow through the universes, and those who are on the Incarnate path can collect them and reweave them into stronger Incarnate components.


This component is Common.

Used In

Incarnate XP

Each thread can be turned into 50,000 Psychic or Physical Incarnate Experience.

Common Incarnate Components

Uncommon Incarnate Components

Rare Incarnate Components

How to Get

Enemies that are in Incarnate Trials and Dark Astoria (street spawns and inside mission content) have a chance to drop Incarnate Threads. Once per week, you may select 10 Incarnate Threads as your reward for completing any Signature Story Arc. Threads may also be earned from the story arc reward window at the end of story arcs in the Dark Astoria content.

Incarnate Threads are also created with the following Incarnate Components:

5 from Salvage FishScale.png 10 Incarnate Shards
10 from Salvage FishScale.png 10 Incarnate Shards and 1,000,000 inf (usable only once every 20 hours)
4 from Salvage AstralMerit.png 1 Astral Merit
20 from Salvage EmpyreanMerit.png 1 Empyrean Merit
40 from Salvage NoticeOfTheWell.png 1 Notice of the Well
100 from Salvage FavorOfTheWell.png 1 Favor of the Well

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