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A Level Shift is a feature of the Incarnate System that is roughly equivalent to increasing a character's Combat Level. A level 50 character with one Level Shift, for instance, will effectively be fighting as though they were sidekicked to level 51. In visual displays, this is shown as being Level 50+X, where X is the number of shifts granted the character. In addition to the character itself, any pets or even NPC allies will spawn with the Level Shift as well.

Level Shifts apply regardless of content, as opposed to Incarnate Shifts, which are only active while participating in Incarnate Content (such as Incarnate Trials and Dark Astoria).

Difference from Security/Threat Level

Level Shifts do not actually increase the character's Security/Threat Level. For example, when one Level Shift is present, it will show that the character is level 50 (+1). While this is equivalent to Combat Level 51 for the purposes of combat, all other aspects of the game that depend on character level are still calculated for Security/Threat Level 50. This includes rewards (a level 50 (+1) character fighting level 51 enemies will receive the same Inf as a level 50 character fighting level 51 enemies) and any sidekicking (a character sidekicked to a level 50 (+1) character will be Combat Level 49).

Level Shifts can stack with other Incarnate Shifts and Level Shifts; a character with a Level Shift from the Alpha Slot, and two Incarnate Shifts from the Lore and Destiny Slots would appear as level 50 (+3), effectively being Combat Level 53.

Sources of Level Shifts

The following are ways that a level shift can be applied to a character:

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Rare and Very Rare Lore and Destiny Abilities grant Incarnate Shifts, not Level Shifts; because of the similar mechanics, they are often confused with Level Shifts.

NPC Level Shifts

While enemies are normally level 54 at maximum, in certain Incarnate Trials, some may gain Level Shifts to pose more of a threat to Incarnate players: