Incarnate Experience

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Incarnate Experience (Incarnate XP, iXP) is the reward required to unlock Incarnate Ability Slots. Incarnate XP can be obtained from enemy defeats during Incarnate System content (such as Incarnate Trials and Dark Astoria) and also by converting Incarnate Threads directly into Incarnate XP.

Note that Incarnate Experience is not doubled during Double XP Weekends.

Earning Incarnate Experience

Incarnate Experience

  • 50,000 Physical or Psychic Incarnate Experience is awarded for the conversion of one Incarnate Thread.
Minion Lieutenant Boss Elite Boss Archvillain Giant Monster
50 50 100 300 1,000 1,000 5,000 X
50+1 51 201 600 X 4,001 X X
50+2 52 X X X X X X
50+3 53 X X X X X X

Advanced Incarnate Experience

  • Advanced Physical Incarnate Experience is not awarded by any current content. If the current design pattern continues, it will be awarded by a future Incarnate Trial to unlock the Genesis Slot.
  • Advanced Psychic Incarnate Experience is awarded by the Magisterium Trial; it unlocks the Hybrid Slot. Note that this is currently the only way to obtain Advanced Psychic iXP, and can therefore only be obtained once both the Destiny and Lore slots are unlocked, per the Magisterium's entry requirements.