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Incarnate Ability Sub-component

Faint impressions of Incarnate essence can be found almost everywhere. Claim and combine them to form and improve Alpha Incarnate Components.


This component is Common.

Used In

Incarnate Shards can be combined into other Incarnate Component pieces.

Common Incarnate Components

Uncommon Incarnate Components

Very Rare Incarnate Components

Conversion To Common Incarnate Component

While 4 shards can be converted into any common incarnate component it should be noted that once the level 4 alpha slot power of choice has been achieved excess components can be broken down into just 1 shard. Therefore if you have the patience a policy of acquiring each required common incarnate component through the appropriate Task Force or Strike Force (where possible) is more efficient than converting shards to make them.

How to Get

Incarnate Shard Components will only drop for characters who have unlocked the Alpha Slot either through completion of Mender Ramiel's story arc (which itself grants one Incarnate Shard), using an "Alpha Slot Unlock" voucher from Astral Christy, or through earning Incarnate Experience in either Dark Astoria or Incarnate Trials. Note that an Alpha Slot Ability does not need to be slotted, but the slot must be unlocked.

Successfully defeating the Hamidon gives the option of four Incarnate Shards.

As of the April 5th, 2011 patch, any non-gray enemy can have a chance to drop Incarnate Shards. The drop rate has not been stated officially, but based on over fourteen thousand enemy defeats recorded by players, an approximate number is available:

Defeats Drops Rank Drop Rate Assumed Rate
9203 9 Minion 1 in 1023 1 in 1000
4435 29 Lieutenant 1 in 153 1 in 150
868 16 Boss 1 in 55 1 in 50
Elite Boss +++ Missing Information +++
Archvillain / Hero +++ Missing Information +++
845 62 Hamidon Mitochondria 1 in 13.6
Players (PvP) +++ Missing Information +++

Note that Shards do not drop from enemies defeated in the streets of or story content of Dark Astoria.

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