Well of the Furies

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The Well of the Furies appears to be an otherworldly entity responsible for transforming individuals over the eons into avatars of gods, or Incarnates.

While humans may drink from its waters to gain godlike powers, the Well of the Furies may also transform individuals without having them drink the waters; for example, they may be given an artifact of some kind which can empower them.


The Well of the Furies is generally believed to be its namesake; an actual well or fountain upon which an individual drinks from to gain godlike powers. Upon doing so, a link from the Well to the empowered person is permanently formed, which the Well may influence that being as it chooses, whenever it wishes.

There are two known methods of gaining Incarnate powers, both of which have their pros and cons.

The Fast Path

The fast path of gaining Incarnate powers from the Well is the one where the user is granted unimaginable power in a large amount. Those who travel down this path develop a very close link to the Well very quickly. This is why the Well is able to control them.

In Lady Grey's words, "the fate of those who travel down this path is one of constant servitude." As noted above, the Well can seek to control them whenever it wishes, and the risk is increased when those on the fast path seek to increase their own power. If they do not seek more power than what they've been given, then they will have a chance of fighting against the Well's influence.

There are generally four known people on Primal Earth who have followed this path, all of which were ordinary people prior to exposure to the Well of the Furies' power:

Statesman and Lord Recluse were aware of what they were getting into when they obtained Incarnate powers, while Hero 1 apparently did not. While Statesman has been fearful of seeking more power for himself or for others, Lord Recluse is forever seeking more power. However, in Recluse's thirst for more power, is also the knowledge of any way to destroy the link from himself to the Well and still maintain his current power. While Statesman remains in his place with the Well, Recluse seeks to defy it, to destroy it and earn his freedom.

Hero 1, or the Honoree as he is probably more known as nowadays, was not aware of the link from the Well to himself, he is said to be an Incarnate just as powerful as Statesman and Lord Recluse. His method of empowerment is different, with his Incarnate powers unlocked when he either received the fabled sword, Excalibur from the Lady of the Lake, or entered the Lady's waters, or possibly a combination of the two. From his letter prior to leaving with the Omega Team during the first Rikti War, he appeared content with his level of power, and made no further attempts to gain more, believing his power was a godsend from the Lady.

While the Well appears to be dissatisfied or disappointed with the choices Statesman and Lord Recluse have made, the Well has genuine respect for Hero 1, who maintained what little control he has, even in his damaged and corrupted state as the Honoree in the face of the Rikti.

The Slow Path

See also: Incarnate System

The slow path of gaining Incarnate powers from the Well is one where the user gradually gains power instead of being granted a large amount of power all at once. Individuals who take this path have no risk of being controlled by the Well, because the link to the Well itself is weaker. However, individuals taking this path may still be tempted by the power of the Well and swayed onto the fast path, tying their fate to that of the Well's.

This is the path that players take when progressing through the Incarnate System.

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