Dark Astoria

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This article is about the level 50-54 co-op zone. For Dark Astoria as it appeared before Issue 22, see Echo: Dark Astoria.
Dark Astoria
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Map DarkAstoria.jpg

Co-op Zone (50-54)

Trainers: Midnighter Loremaster
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Auspice Avernus, Death's Head Supplicant, Folly's Victim, Life Out of Death, Palace of Stone Leaves, Of Things Unclean, Walker on the Profane Ascent, Witness of Oaths
Day Jobs: Caregiver, Cold Hand of Death, Mortician, Monitor Duty
Enemies: Banished Pantheon, Circle of Thorns, Knives of Artemis, Knives of Vengeance, Talons of Vengeance, Tsoo
Connecting Zones: Peregrine Island, Grandville
Transits: none
Dark Astoria VidiotMap


Dark Astoria was originally known as Astoria.

Dark Astoria is the decayed, urban epitaph to the dark god Mot. Largely unbeknownst to the original founders of this doomed city, a terrible being was entombed here in ages past. The death of the city has been steady, inexorable and irreversible. In recent years, Dark Astoria has been a dangerous place, but now that the last strands of Mot's bindings begin to erode, the city exerts its mysterious pull, drawing the doomed to its streets to struggle or serve.

At long last, Mot has finally been freed and his minions flock to Dark Astoria in greater numbers than ever to revel in his power and witness as he devours all life on Primal Earth.


  • Barca Plaza (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)
  • Dido's View (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)
  • Moth Cemetery (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)
  • Raimi Arcade (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)
  • Romero Heights (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)
  • Toffet Terrace (Orange - Level 50-54) (Music)

Famous filmmakers George Romero and Sam Raimi are presumed to be the inspirations for some of these neighborhoods.

Midnighter Safe Havens

These areas are protected by large runes and thus have no enemies.

  • Fading Nimbus
  • First Light
  • Flicker
  • Illuminous
  • Scintillating Prism
  • The Bulwark
  • The Rose Lamp


Repeatable Contacts

Icon vip.png This used to require a (now obsolete) VIP subscription.

Story Arc Contacts

Icon vip.png This used to require a (now obsolete) VIP subscription.

Notable NPCs

Icon vip.png This used to require a (now obsolete) VIP subscription.

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Auspice Avernus

As Mot rose again into the world of the living, the very earth was sundered in the passing. The offal of its millennial imprisonment rose with it, a mephitic concoction of the most vile nature. From weeping sores and gaping maws flows a fluid of reconstitution, flushing down its titanic mass and forming pools amongst the pockets of flesh and shattered earth. Here, Mot's followers flock, intoxicating themselves on the potent fumes and ecstatically receiving visions of Mot's glory.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Death's Head Supplicant

Behold! Before you lies the glory of Mot. In this place its true body lies exposed; a vast expanse of reconstituting flesh and yawning maws, feasting on life so it can be resuscitated as it perpetually dies and rots anew. Mot's capacity for consumption does not yet equal its appetites, for much of the body is desiccated by centuries of imprisonment or is still bound in ways both arcane and metaphysical. The many mouths that scar its horrid form are, as of yet, still stifled and immature compared to their glory in antiquity. Only one has fully extended to its full voraciousness, but that one is enough to drag all of Dark Astoria into crushing oblivion.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Folly's Victim

Ever watchful of the sleeping god Mot, the Circle of Thorns have stood vigil on these grounds since its imprisonment. Even as the last of Mot's bonds were shattered, the Circle sought to contain its terrible power. Fools or heroes, the Circle's casualties were tremendous as they defied the wrath of the resurgent deity. It is said that the Demon-Prince Stolas was the first to confront the manifestations of Mot. When the Demon-Prince was broken and devoured, the ranks of his minions broke and fled into the streets of Dark Astoria.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Life Out of Death

Mot's hunger is insatiable and its power to feast upon life is prodigious. For sustenance, many innocent people have been spirited away into the haunted streets of Dark Astoria. Not all who have been abducted have met their end, surviving against all odds.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Palace of Stone Leaves

Even with every man, woman and child in Dark Astoria slaughtered, the city never ceased to be a thriving metropolis. The bonds that held Mot in its torpor also prevented the spirits of the slain from passing on. Forced to remain as ghosts among the empty remnants of their city, the citizens of Dark Astoria did their best to resume a semblance of normality. Founded by a powerful Tsoo ancestor spirit, the Palace of Stone Leaves was the nerve center of this ghostly community. Now a refuge protected vigorously by its living Tsoo guardians, it houses the few remaining spirits that were lucky enough to not be swept away and consumed when Mot first stirred from its slumber.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Of Things Unclean

The dead have always cavorted through the streets of Dark Astoria, praying and making sacrifice to their mute master, and for good reason. Even after its fall, Mot's shadow has terrorized the dreams of mankind through all of history, for it is the embodiment of all that is unnatural and vile; death most unclean.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Walker on the Profane Ascent

This was once Moth Cemetery, the hallowed ground within which Mot was sealed. As Mot's titanic will battered against the bonds that have held it for centuries, the very soil of the cemetery has roiled in revolt at the emerging presence of this vile behemoth. The seismic devastation of its passing causes the terrain to bloat, crack and surge skyward as it struggles to stand from below the ensnaring earthen edifice. As appropriate offerings to the all-consuming manifestation of Death, the vainglorious memorials have been churned down into the earth, pulverized against its corrupting flesh, as it twists and writhes to free himself; Mot abides no vanity but its own.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Witness of Oaths

Many false heroes over the years have claimed vindication over the events that transpired in Dark Astoria, unaware that their hollow words would one day be called to account. Screaming and pleading, many have been dragged into the ruined city by the Talons of Vengeance to pay the ultimate price for oath breaking.

Day Jobs

File:Badge dayjob darkastoria.png Cold Hand of Death

You have withstood the oppressive influence of Mot, at great cost to your health and sanity and earning you the mark of the Cold Hand of Death. Logging out within Dark Astoria will increase your defense and resistance to cold and negative attacks for a short time after you log back in.

File:Badge DayJob MonitorDuty.png Monitor Duty

Your time spent protecting your Supergroup's base has earned you the Monitor Duty Day Job. Logging out in your Supergroup base will earn you a Prestige bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob CareGiver.png Caregiver

You have spent a great deal of time working in the hospitals of Paragon City during your free time earning the Caregiver Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob PainSpecialist.png Pain Specialist

Your expertise in surgery and understanding pain has earned you the Pain Specialist Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

Transfer Points

  • The portals from Peregrine Island and Grandville exit at (6235.8, 0.0, 2272.3) and (6191.8, 0.0, 3306.8), respectively.
  • There is a closed-off gate along the west wall of the zone that used to lead to Talos Island
  • The Dark Astoria Beacon location is (3580, 0, 631.5), northeast of the Barca Plaza marker.

Villain Groups


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