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Splash Grandville.jpg

Map Grandville.jpg

Villain City Zone (40-50)

Trainers: Arbiter Apolis
TF Contacts: Lord Recluse
Events: Arachnos Flier
Exploration Badges: Overlord, Sewer Dweller, Guttersnipe, Master of the Airwaves, Passing Fab, Image Crasher, Line Holder, Gutter Bait
Plaques: Arachnos Rising IVV
Day Jobs: Pain Specialist, Pilot, Monitor Duty, Smuggler, Arachnos Official
Enemies: Arachnoids, Arachnos, Circle of Thorns, Crey, Knives of Artemis, Longbow, Nemesis
Connecting Zones: Mercy Island, Port Oakes, Cap au Diable, Sharkhead Isle, Abyss, Monster Island, Nerva Archipelago, St. Martial, Rikti War Zone, Dark Astoria, Recluse's Victory
Transits: Rogue Isles Ferry, Black Helicopter Line
Grandville VidiotMap


Grandville is a high-level zone, appropriate mainly for level 40 to 50 villains, in City of Villains. Grandville represents the culmination of a villain's career, an epic zone featuring "Spider City", a huge Arachnos tower with a web-like supporting structure. Villains can get to Grandville via the Rogue Isles Ferry and Black Helicopter Line.

Arbiter Apolis, the trainer, is located in front of Lord Recluse's tower and statue, along with the Merit Vendor, Jetpack Quartermaster, Fortunata Fateweaver, and Elite Quartermaster. Grandville's only Broker, Wiggy the Brit, is nearby as well.


(Copied from City of Heroes official Web site [1] :

As you emerge into this dark towering metropolis, you will know that you have finally stepped into Arachnos’ parlor. Here you must make an immediate choice, will you become the predator or the prey?

Rising from the gritty streets, slate grey buildings ascend into the sky, blotting out the sun and driving Grandville into the blackness of perpetual night. Among the shadows, the city is a dense jungle of skyscrapers linked together by walkways and bridges. Below are the castaways, infiltrators, and mutated creatures too terrible to mention. Above are the less wild but more cunning hunters, like spiders waiting to pounce.

Originally a prosperous pirate town, Grandville grew into to a thriving business center in the mid 1950s. A small independent island, many corporations found benefit in operating outside the laws of the US and the locals were eager to welcome new investors. Over time, lax regulations and the proliferation of offshore banking drew in even more businesses. Because it is so small, rather than grow outward, the island was forced to build upward, leaving those with the least power cast-off at the lowest levels of the city’s strata. Already fortress like, when Lord Recluse took over the region he chose Grandville as the location for his capital and built himself a massive watchtower complex called the WEB. Now Recluse’s citadel soars above this stratified city, the pinnacle atop a ladder of power.

Passing through the streets of Grandville it is possible to catch an occasional glimpse into the Gutters below. Through imperfect junctions, missing grates, and open sewage pits, a vertigo-inducing drop plunges into the darkness of the Gutter where the dredges of Grandville lurk. Unable to effectively control the creatures hidden here, Recluse has an Arachnos Flier patrol the area, its only goal to annihilate all living things in its path.

Above this dank underbelly, Arachnos officials and local business people live and work in Spider City. With miles of over-walks, railings, and bridges to keep everyone far from the grime below, this is the safest level of Grandville.

The white-collar bureaucrats and Arachnos agents of Spider City go about their lives under the oppressive shadow of the Tangle. This claustrophobic neighborhood extends from Spider City all the way to the very tops of the WEB buildings. With tangles of cables, catwalks, fire escapes, and makeshift hiding places, this brutal area provides a precarious existence to those who can survive its dangers.

The WEB itself is an enormous building complex at the heart of Grandville with an array of cables spiraling outward from the center, a literal web suspended over the entire island. A ring of skyscrapers surrounding the central Arachnos watchtower under this intricate webbing, the WEB truly is the inner sanctum of Recluse’s domain.

Supporting the elaborate vertical construction of Grandville is the secretive Web Fabrication Plant located on a manmade island to the north. Supposedly dedicated entirely to the construction and maintenance of the WEB superstructure, the exact nature of this industrial plant remains suspect.

From the WEB, Over-Governor Elisa Silk handles all the civilian affairs of Grandville. The official Arachnos Keeper of Secrets, Silk is a powerful figure in the Rogue Isles – not even Recluse himself knows exactly what it is that she conceals. Watching over Grandville’s security matters is Marshal Mayhem, a subtle man best known for his complex global extortion schemes.

With the completion of Grandville, Recluse has spun his web and now lays hidden, luring those he seeks to destroy, a patient hunter setting his trap for an unsuspecting prey.




Regular Contacts

Levels 40-44
Levels 45-50

Special Contacts

Unlockable Contacts
Patron Contacts
Strike Force Contact

Zone Events

Major events

  • Every two to eight hours, an Arachnos Flier will launch from the central tower and go on patrol of the zone.

Minor events

  • None.

Important Locations


  • Spider City (Yellow - Level 40-43) (Music)
  • The Gutter (Orange - Level 43-46) (Music)
  • The Tangle (Orange - Level 46-47) (Music)
  • The Fab (Red - Level - 48-50) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Overlord

You've visited the beach outside the Grandville city walls, where Lord Recluse viciously repelled an invasion of Longbow landing craft.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Sewer Dweller

A new low, even for a villain, you've stumbled through the very very bottom of Grandville in the area known as 'The Gutter.'

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Guttersnipe

Life at the bottom is rough, and after visiting Hobo Row in the Grandville's Gutter you can agree.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Master of the Airwaves

Top of the world! You have climbed to the top of the radio tower in Grandville.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Passing Fab

These underground tunnels are the only relatively safe way to get into the Fab. They are used as both an emergency exit from the Fab and as a method of sending in reinforcements straight from Grandville proper, should Longbow try to launch an offensive attack.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Image Crasher

This large display screen fell off its holster after a particularly rough battle between Black Scorpion and Captain Mako. It was supposed to be fixed, but progress kept halting as workers became too distracted by the images on the screen.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Line Holder

Arachnos stationed here are the first line of defense against any Arachnoids trying to break out of the Gutter. Arachnoids foolish enough to attempt an attack from above ground never succeed, though it's well known that most Arachnoids utilize their own underground tunnels to travel.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Gutter Bait

These dangerous catwalks have resulted in a handful of Arachnos soldiers unwittingly falling into the depths of the Gutter, disappearing forever. At first, search and rescue missions were initiated to attempt to recover the missing soldiers, but were soon called off. Arachnos uses the disappearances as a valuable lesson on being alert during patrol.


File:V badge HistoryBadge.png Arachnos Rising

Know your friend—but know your rivals even better.

Day Jobs

File:Badge DayJob MonitorDuty.png Monitor Duty

Your time spent protecting your Supergroup's base has earned you the Monitor Duty Day Job. Logging out in your Supergroup base will earn you a Prestige bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob PainSpecialist.png Pain Specialist

Your expertise in surgery and understanding pain has earned you the Pain Specialist Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Pilot.png Pilot

You have aided Arachnos by piloting its fliers, helping Lord Recluse better mobilize his troops, earning you the Pilot Day Job. Logging out near a Black Helicopter will earn you a Speed Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Smuggler.png Smuggler

You spend your free time smuggling in illicit black market goods earning you the Smuggler Day Job. Logging out near a ferry will earn you a random enhancement, upon each mission completion, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob ArachnosOfficial.png Arachnos Official

Your time spent working with the Arachnos Arbiters has earned you the Arachnos Official Day Job. Logging out in Grandville will earn you Jetpack power, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob CareGiver.png Caregiver

You have spent a great deal of time working in the hospitals of Paragon City during your free time earning the Caregiver Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Pilot.png Grounded

Arachnos is more likely to pound you into dust than let you near one of their fliers. And your license is no good in Paragon City, it seems.

File:Badge DayJob Smuggler.png Gunrunner

You've scored the biggest coup of all; smuggling directly into Paragon City. Unfortunately, it's a long round-trip.

File:Badge DayJob ArachnosOfficial.png Arachnos Traitor

The Arbiters of Arachnos have made you a priority target. They do not like to let their secrets slip.


Transfer Points

Enemy Groups


  • Grandville covers 69,696,516 square feet (2.5 square miles) of navigable area.
  • Its extremes are as follows: north, -5503; east, -639; south, 4223; west, 6527; top, 1300; bottom, -864.5
  • The greatest distance between two navigable points within a horizontal plane is 2.29 miles.
  • The image that composes the map is 512 pixels by 512 pixels. The scale of the map is 1 pixel = 19.042969 feet.
  • The top right corner of the map area is at coordinates (7789.387423, -5523.480316). Note that this area is not directly navigable.

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