Mercy Island

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Mercy Island
Splash MercyIsland.jpg

Map MercyIsland.jpg

Villain City Zone (1-8)

Trainers: Arbiter Diaz, Arbiter Richard
TF Contacts: none
Events: none
Exploration Badges: Cesspool, Snake Charmer, Chum, Fortified, The Next Big Thing, Widower, First Rule, Tiki Fan, Thrill Seeker
Plaques: Lorekeeper I
Day Jobs: Architect, Fashion Designer, Monitor Duty, Marketeer, Pain Specialist, Pilot, Smuggler, Thief
Enemies: Arachnos, Hellions, Infected, Legacy Chain, Longbow, Rogue Island Police, Skulls, Snakes
Connecting Zones: Cap Au Diable, Port Oakes
Transits: Black Helicopter Line, Rogue Isles Ferry
Mercy Island VidiotMap


Mercy Island is the first place a villain goes after leaving the Galaxy City tutorial, or if they choose to bypass the tutorial, or are creating a Soldiers of Arachnos. As a beginner-level zone, most of the enemies are levels 1-8.

Here, villains will meet their first contact, Operative Kuzmin, and begin to make their presence known to the powers that be. They begin in an area called Mercy, which also plays home to their first trainer: Arbiter Richard. Nearby they will find a Quartermaster, Black Market, Tailor, Architect Entertainment and Base Portal. A short distance away they will find the Rogue Isles Ferry and Black Helicopter Transport.

Many new villains will take the opportunity while in Mercy to participate in the Death From Below, a co-operative sewer trial that provides rapid experience and rewards.

During the events surrounding the Destruction of Galaxy City (Issue 21), Longbow invaded Mercy Island and as a result Arachnos lost direct control over the northern part of the island. Arachnos responded with new Arbiters, and a new plan to handle the influx of people from destroyed Galaxy City. Old contacts fell away and are no longer available, and new contacts rose to take their place - some of whom Villains met during their time in Galaxy City.

NOTE: Soldiers of Arachnos must do a single mission from Alan Desslock before they can take missions from Operative Kuzmin.


(Copied from City of Heroes official Web site [1])

In the days before Arachnos, Mercy was a lone town resting on the low banks of a large island. It was home to some fishing outfits and more than a few wintering pirates, but frequent disappearances and tales of bizarre snake-like creatures kept the population to a minimum.

Lord Recluse claimed this lonely spot of land shortly after his rise to power. Fort Cerberus was erected and patrols dispatched to discover the truth of these “snake-men.” The creatures were found in great numbers, but Arachnos’s overwhelming firepower quickly pushed them back into their warrens. Over the next decade, Mercy grew and the snake-men were forgotten. They were far from dead, however. They had simply retreated deeper into the bowels of the earth. Lord Recluse knew full well the “Snakes” remained, but he was content to leave a few survivors for future study and possible use in his plans of world conquest.

The Rikti War and the many opportunities it presented changed Recluse’s focus in the new millennium. The Snakes were forgotten and allowed to multiply. A year after the Rikti defeat, they rose from their warrens and rampaged through Mercy. Arachnos repulsed the mutants, but Lord Recluse mysteriously—and quietly—left the lower end of the island to the Snakes. The creatures had proved quite powerful, and he felt they could be studied and put to use in many of his secret operations.

The Snake-infested area of Mercy also provided Lord Recluse with another useful purpose—a proving ground for super-powered beings. Those with promise are brought here and tested with a series of tasks to determine whether they have what it takes to survive. Those who do are tracked for possible recruitment into Arachnos’ ranks. Those who don’t are left to fend for themselves, becoming prey to the stronger.

However, with the destruction of Galaxy City and invasion of the island by Longbow, much has changed.



Regular Contacts

Level 1-7
└►Fire Wire (Mercy: -2726, 239, 139)
└►Doctor Weber ((Mercy: -1037, 238, 525)
Level 5-7
Level 5-19
Level 15-19

Special Contacts

Zone Events

Major events

  • None

Lesser events

  • None

Important Locations


  • Mercy is the neighborhood south of the wall that, along with Darwin's Landing, forms most of the island. The Mercy Island Arachnos Headquarters is located in the building behind Arbiter Richard. A Black Market truck is located between the doors to the Port Oakes Ferry and the doors to Fort Cerberus. (Level 1-4) (Music)
  • Darwin's Landing, the large neighborhood that forms most of the northern part of the zone, contains Lt. Harris. (Level 5-7) (Music)
  • Fort Cerberus is the small Arachnos fort in the southeastern part of the zone. Ghost Widow's tower is located here; Seer Marino is also located here, in addition to the Black Helicopter Line. (Level 5-7) (Music)
  • Fort Darwin is the north-eastern fort (Level 5) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Cesspool

Many would-be Villains have drunk their fill from the cesspool in hopes it might grant super power. Mostly they go insane.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Snake Charmer

This is the main entrance to the Snakes' underground lair. You really don't want to go down there.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Chum

Just when you thought it was safe...

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Fortified

Arachnos built the wall around Mercy to keep it safe.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png The Next Big Thing

This is the good life. The higher up you get, the bigger you are.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Widower

They say that lonely tower is the home of Ghost Widow, Lord Recluse's phantom servant.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png First Rule

The first rule of Infected Fight Club is that you don't talk about it. At least that's what the RIP told you after you walked in on one of their Infected Fighting Rings in Mercy.

File:V badge TourismBadge.png Tiki Fan

Larry's Tiki Lounge is known for its gambling, drinks, fun, and Tikis. And also for the occasional invasion by giant snake monsters.

File:V badge TourismBadge.pngFile:Badge tourist 01.png Thrill Seeker

You're always looking for new forms of entertainment, and it's said that the Mission Architect technology is entertainment in its purest form.


File:V badge HistoryBadge.png Lorekeeper

You have learned much that is hidden from the eyes of mortal men.

  • V badge HistoryBadge.png Lorekeeper I - This monument is right up against the wall that splits the zone between Darwin's Landing and Mercy. It is 90 yards west of Mongoose. Coordinates (-907, 97, -377)

Day Jobs

File:Badge DayJob Architect.png Architect

Your study of the Mission Architect system has earned you the Architect Day Job. Logging out in the Mission Architect will earn you 2 bonus Mission Architect Tickets, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob ClothesHorse.png Fashion Designer

You spend your free time perfecting your costume earning the Fashion Designer Day Job. Logging out at a Tailor will earn you a discount to Tailor fees, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob MonitorDuty.png Monitor Duty

Your time spent protecting your Supergroup's base has earned you the Monitor Duty Day Job. Logging out in your Supergroup base will earn you a Prestige bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob PainSpecialist.png Pain Specialist

Your expertise in surgery and understanding pain has earned you the Pain Specialist Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Banker.png Thief

Your time spent staging heists on the various financial institutions of the Rogue Isles has earned you the Thief Day Job. Logging out in a Vault will earn you an Infamy Bonus, when you log back in, each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Marketeer

Your time spent supplying the Black Market has earned you the Marketeer Day Job. Logging out near a Black Market will grant you a power that will allow you to teleport to a Black Market of your choice, when you log back in.

File:Badge DayJob Pilot.png Pilot

You have aided Arachnos by piloting its fliers, helping Lord Recluse better mobilize his troops, earning you the Pilot Day Job. Logging out near a Black Helicopter will earn you a Speed Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Smuggler.png Smuggler

You spend your free time smuggling in illicit black market goods earning you the Smuggler Day Job. Logging out near a ferry will earn you a random enhancement, upon each mission completion, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob CareGiver.png Caregiver

You have spent a great deal of time working in the hospitals of Paragon City during your free time earning the Caregiver Day Job. Logging out in a Hospital will earn you a Regeneration Bonus, when you log back in, for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Banker.png Banker

Your time spent working with the financial institutions of Paragon City during your free time has earned you the Banker Day Job. Logging out in a Vault will earn you an Influence Bonus, when you log back, in each time you complete a mission for a short time.

File:Badge DayJob Auctioneer.png Day Trader

Your time spent working at Wentworth's has earned you the Day Trader Day Job. Logging out in Wentworth's will grant you a power that will allow you to teleport to an Auction House of your choice, when you log in.

File:Badge DayJob Pilot.png Grounded

Arachnos is more likely to pound you into dust than let you near one of their fliers. And your license is no good in Paragon City, it seems.

File:Badge DayJob Smuggler.png Gunrunner

You've scored the biggest coup of all; smuggling directly into Paragon City. Unfortunately, it's a long round-trip.


Transfer Points

  • The Rogue Isles Ferry can be found south of the Mercy neighborhood, and can take villains to most zones in the Rogue isles.
  • The Black Helicopter Transport, located in the Fort Cerberus neighborhood, can also take villains to most zones in the Rogue isles.

Enemy Groups