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In game description

Salvage ArchitectTicket.png

You've earned this ticket from having players rate your Architect Missions or from having played content from the Mission Architect. You can exchange these tickets for fabulous prizes at any Mission Architect location!

Earning Tickets

What drops Tickets

Tickets replace drops. Wherever you would get a drop of salvage or recipes or enhancements in the 'real game' you get Tickets instead so that you can buy the salvage, recipes, or enhancements you need. It's been stated that Ticket drops are designed to balance drops and cost so that you'd get a comparable loot reward from playing either the real game or the MA.

It is unknown what the drop table for tickets looks like (nor do players know the exact percentage chance for many of the loot drops in the real game).

Pets, underlings, and spawned entities don't drop tickets. Nor do any foes that con grey or less.

Mission Ticket Bonus

There is a rather large Ticket Bonus for completing the mission (in place of the Influence bonus for mission completes) which is equivalent to the number of tickets earned during the mission after multipliers. According to Synapse, the later missions in an arc offer an increasing bonus multiplier:

  • Mission 1: x1.0
  • Mission 2: x1.05
  • Mission 3: x1.1
  • Mission 4: x1.15
  • Mission 5: x1.2

The more you do in the mission, the larger the bonus. If the mission was just one click, then you'll get no or maybe just one Ticket. If it was a huge kill-all with lots of bosses, the mission complete Ticket bonus is rather large.

So the biggest ticket drops would come from finishing the final mission of a 5 mission arc in which you defeated everything

Architect Day Job Bonus

The Architect day job also gives a bonus to the Mission Complete tickets.

Ticket Cap

Tickets show up in Salvage under the Special tab. The limit to the amount of Tickets you can hold is 99,999. Also, there is a mission limit to tickets. The developer, pohsyb, said that there is a formula based on cap per spawn times spawns per mission which caps the number of Tickets one can earn from any particular mission. The maximum possible award of tickets for any one mission and map is 2039 tickets. Some maps have smaller ticket caps.

Tickets earned over either cap are lost. Tickets over the cap used to count for a series of badges which counted these lost, over-the-cap tickets although these were removed in Issue 15.

Tickets from ratings

When you publish a StoryArc through the Mission Architect, other players can play through the arc and rate it on a 5-Star system. Any rating that is 3 or greater will give the author a number of Tickets equal to 5 times the rating (a rating of 4 gives 20 Tickets, e.g.). These Ticket rewards are account wide and the Ticket Vendor holds on to them to be claimed by one of the player's characters, or, the player can claim the Tickets by clicking on the announcement of Ticket rewards that shows up in the Architect Entertainment global channel.

If someone changes their rating to a higher rating, then the author will receive that higher reward minus the amount already received from that account's previous rating (e.g., if the author received 20 Tickets from a 4-Star vote and that player changes it to a 5-Star vote on another toon, then the author will get an extra 5 Tickets). If a rating is lowered, the author will not lose Tickets.

An account can re-reward tickets on a particular arc after a certain cool down period. In Issue 14 Beta, that cool down was set to one week. This means that after rating a arc which leads to the author receiving Tickets, then one week later the same player can rate it again which will lead to the author receiving another Ticket reward (provided all ratings are 3 stars or greater).

Dev's Choice Rewards Option

Once an arc becomes Dev's Choice, there is an option to turn off Ticket drops when playing it; if this is done, you get the regular loot drops of the real game. Also, you get Influence as the mission complete bonus instead of Tickets.

Prior to Issue 15, Dev's Choice arcs were forced into generating regular loot drops, instead of having a choice to receive Tickets.

Ticket Purchases

Main Article: Ticket Vendor

Many things can be purchased with tickets at a Ticket Vendor located in every AE Building.

Items include:

  • a badge
  • inspirations (randomly rolled for medium and large tiers)
  • enhancements (restricted to Training, Dual, and Single Origin depending on character's level)
  • salvage (randomly rolled for common salvage, or players may choose specific uncommon or rare salvage)
  • recipes (through three weighted random rolls)

As well as unlockable items that players can utilize to flesh out their stories further, like unlockable maps, enemies, costume pieces, and more. The total cost of all the unlockables is 4,375 Tickets. These unlocked items are accessible to all characters on an account while using the editor, not just the character that unlocked the items.