Jetpack Vendor

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Jetpack Supplier
Jetpack Supplier Firebase Zulu.jpg
Coordinates (*6507, 1088, 1726.8)
Level Range 40-50
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Jetpack Quartermaster
Jetpack Quartermaster.jpg
Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2691, -391.6, 1776.4)
Level Range 1-50
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Jetpack Vendors sell Raptor Packs for 10,000 inf. This is the exact same temporary power as the reward from Safeguard and Mayhem Missions, likewise with a toggled-on duration of two hours. If the character already has a Raptor Pack with little runtime left, a new one can be purchased only after deleting the current Raptor Pack power. To do this, right-click the temporary power and select Delete Power. This must be done from the Temporary Powers section of the character's Powers interface window and not from a character's power bar. Jetpack Vendors can be selected on the map as waypoints.

Villains can get a Raptor Pack in Grandville, in front of the Lord Recluse statue, near Arbiter Apolis. Villains of any level can make a purchase, as long as they have the infamy to pay for it.

Heroes can get a Raptor Pack in all of the Shadow Shard zones.