Arachnos Traitor Badge

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The Arbiters of Arachnos have made you a priority target. They do not like to let their secrets slip.

Day Job Bonus

DayJob Flight.png Traveler's Jet Pack Toggle: Self Fly
Your hard work from your Day Job has given you access to a Jet Pack. The Traveler's Jetpack will allow you to fly for as long as there is enough fuel. Logging out in Grandville or The Shadow Shard will earn you additional usage time for your Traveler's Jet Pack.

For every 24 hours, Character gains 3 minute duration up to a maximum of 0.5 hours.

Accolade Requirement

Badge DayJob ArachnosOfficial.png Arachnos Traitor Badge DayJob Pilot.png Grounded
Badge DayJobAcc BroodLeader.png Brood Leaver

Where to Find

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