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Badges are rewards for accomplishing certain tasks in City of Heroes. They track the accomplishments of the character through the game, and some of them do additional things.


Badges do a number of different things.

  • One badge at a time can be "worn" by the character. This places the badge title right below the player's name for everyone else to see.
  • Some badges give extra things to the character. Most of these badges are called Accolades, and there are different lists for each alignment.
    • Some Accolades, earned by collecting specific sets of other badges, grant the character stat boosts or Temporary Powers.
    • Other Accolades unlock costume pieces.
    • Still other Accolades grant rewards that can be used to purchase items in-game.
  • Some badges related to the Invention System grant additional storage of salvage and recipes
  • Some badges related to selling on the Auction House also increase your transaction slots
  • Some badges unlock contacts, stores, or access to special areas of the game world.
  • Gladiator badges unlock gladiators. A bit like collecting Pokémon, gladiators can be used in duels against other players' gladiators in the Arena.
  • And finally, badges are a sub-game in and of themselves. They appeal to the completist through the "Gotta get 'em all" mentality, the same sort of mentality of people who collect stamps or baseball cards.


The vast majority of badges are character-specific. Character-level badges are earned separately for each character and track separately what individual characters have accomplished.

There are two additional types of badges: Account-level badges and Supergroup badges.

  • Account-level Badges are badges that are flagged on a player's account, and are then automatically awarded to any character on the account as they are logged onto. A list of account-level badges can be found here.
  • Supergroup-level Badges are earned by the Supergroup, not the individual members of the group. Thus they belong to the group itself and not to any individual member of the group. If a member leaves the Supergroup, they do not take any Supergroup badges with them, even if they were the one responsible for earning the badges. If they then join another Supergroup, they will then see the badges of the new Supergroup in their lists.

Personal Badges

There are many types of Badges available

Badge Type Alignment
   Earned by visiting certain important locations through the game.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by studying the game's lore.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by completing tasks assigned by special contacts.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by reaching certain milestones in your career.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by completing truly special accomplishments.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by accomplishing specific tasks that unlock creatures to assist you in the arena.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by subscribing to the game for certain periods of time.
   Earned by completing activities related to PvP.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by completing activities related to the Invention System.
   Earned by defeating certain critters in the game.
Hero Villain Praetorian
   Earned by participating in special events.
   Earned by completing Flashback content.
   Earned by selling items at the Auction House.
Hero Villain
Day Job
   Earned by logging out in specific locations.
Hero Villain Praetorian
Architect Entertainment
   Earned by completing activities related to Mission Architect.

Supergroup Badges

See also: Supergroup Badges

Supergroup Badges provide a variety of uses: Exploration Badges that allow Teleport pad zone beacons, and Achievement, PVP, and Defeats Badges that unlock base items.

There are four types of Badges available:

  • Exploration Badges - Earned by visiting certain important locations throughout the game zones while in Supergroup mode.
  • Achievement Badges - Earned by reaching certain milestones as a Supergroup.
  • PVP Badges - Earned by defeating players as a Supergroup.
  • Defeats Badges - Earned by defeating NPCs as a Supergroup.

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