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The Arena was introduced in May 2005 along with Issue 4. It was the only way to engage in Player vs Player until Issue 6 and City of Villains was released. Further expansions to event options were introduced in Issue 14. The arena in Galaxy City became unavailable after that zone's destruction in Issue 21.


Arena Battle Terminals can be found in the following zones. They are generally inside large stadium-like structures. The Arena window can be brought up from anywhere with the /arenalist slash command or by accessing Arena on the menu.

Peregrine Island arena at night


Talos Island
Peregrine Island


Port Oakes
St. Martial (Inside the Golden Giza)


Pocket D


Pocket D has two NPCs who will give players an overview of the Arena system.

  • Note: The NPC models used are randomized.

The Arena Information Agent provides the following helpful speech if you speak with him:

Arena Info Agent.jpg

Welcome to the Pocket D Arena! In this exclusive venue, you can challenge anyone at any time, regardless of whether they are Hero or Villain! From here, you can have one of several kind of matches, but for now, let's focus on getting you into the game!

In this area of Pocket D, you will notice several grey and blue 'Battle Terminals' near the walls. Simply walk up to one, and click on it. This will bring up the Arena Interface. From here, you can do one of two things: start a match, or join a match.

Creating a match - Click the 'Create Event' button. This will bring the match-up window. In the upper left corner of the window, select your game type, be it a Gladiator match, Pentad, or a Custom match. Select how long you want the battle to run, and what level ranges you will allow to enter your game. To increase or decrease the amount of people you wish to have in your game, simply adjust the center slider near the top of the window. Once these settings are made, click the green 'List Event' button at the bottom left corner of the window. If you wish for this match to be made private, and not seen in the match listings, simply select 'Invite Only', right above the 'List Event' button, however you will need to manually invite players into your matches by either typing ''/arena_invite playername, or right-clicking your challenger and selecting 'Invite to Arena Event'.

Joining an event - Simply highlight the match you wish to join, and click the 'Join Event' button. That's it, you're in the match! This will open the match-up window as if you were creating an event, however in this case, you will not be able to change the game settings, only the event creator will be able to modify them.

For more information on our game types, please visit the Games Information Agent located directly to my left.

The Games Information Agent provides the following helpful speech if you speak with her:

Games Info Agent.jpg

I see you are interested in the arena! That's great. I'm here to explain to you the various gametypes we have available for arena participants. I hope this information serves you well. We've got some exciting new additions to the Arena, check them out!

Duel - A one-on-one fight to the finish. Like the good old days.

Team Duel - Two teams duke it out to see who's the best.

Battle Royale - This is a basic free-for-all matchup. Let chaos ensue!

Team Battle Royale - Similar to Battle Royale, however you may create up to 8 teams in this match.

Pentad - The pinnacle of team-based competition, the Pentad is a two team, 5-on-5 matchup that requires each team to consist of one player from each of the five core archetypes. Utilize your strengths and lead your team to victory! This mode can be fought Hero vs. Hero, Hero vs. Villain, and Villain vs. Villain.

Septad - Much like the Pentad matches, Septad matches include all seven archetypes including the epic archetypes. This mode requires each team to consist of one player from each of the seven archetypes. This mode can be fought Hero vs. Hero, Hero vs. Villain, and Villain vs. Villain.

Swiss Draw Tournament - This new arena match type is a two-phase tournament that returns you to the Battle Terminal between matches. During the first phase, each player who enters this tournament will square off against another player. Once a 'Top 8' has been determined, the tournament enters its second phase. The second phase is a single elimination style tournament where only the 'Top 8' can continue. Those who do not qualify are removed from the tournament. The single elimination tournament continues until the last player is standing and that player is declared the winner.

Gladiator - This is our most unique game. The Gladiator match takes your created team of Gladiators and puts them to the ultimate test of strength against a rival player's Gladiators. The controls work similar to controlling a Mastermind's minions. Combat is between Gladiators only; their owners cannot participate in combat aside from controlling their Gladiators.

To create your team of Gladiators, click on any Battle Terminal, and click the 'My Gladiators' button. Select any combination of Gladiators you wish to use. Take note though, each Gladiator has a point cost, and your Gladiator team cannot exceed 2000 points. Further, you cannot use more than three of the same Gladiator for one team, so choose carefully!

Team Gladiator - A team-based Gladiator match. More people equals more mayhem!

Arena Stores

The arenas also have stores located inside, which sell tier one Inspirations, except Awakens. They also sell several temporary powers, usable only in the arena. The temp powers cost 10,000 Influence/Infamy.

Temporary ManifoldResonator.png Jaunt Initializer
Temporary JumpPack.png Low-G Pack
Temporary AntigravityMatrix.png Raptor Pack
Temporary ResonanceDisrupter.png Stealth Suit
Temporary ChromaticGrenades.png Stun Grenade
Temporary FetteringNimbus.png Web Grenade

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