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Deposed ruler of Cimerora
Zone Cimerora
Coordinates (-1140, 102, 4592.5)
Level Range 35-50
Introduced By Ashley McKnight
Montague Castanella
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge cimerorans defeated.png Cimeroran Traitors
Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

V badge Cryst.png Nictus
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Imperious is a hero and villain contact in Cimerora at coordinates (-1140, 102, 4592.5). He is a task force contact. He is also the hero that can be found in the Retake the City mission in the Imperious Task Force as an ally. (Levels 35-50)



Deposed ruler of Cimerora

Imperious was once the ruler of the seaside kingdom of Cimerora, until he was ousted by a splinter group of his own men. The traitors allied with an unknown force who granted them power beyond their imagination. Now, Imperious has taken over a small area of his once proud land and attempts to thwart this unknown force and return the kingdom to its rightful owner… himself.

Initial Contact

The quest that I have for you requires a much larger party than you currently have.

Come back to me when you have a total of six heroes or villains in your group.

See Also

  • Imperious' Cimerorans profile for a list of his powers.

Task Force

See Imperious Task Force


  • Imperious is the Cimeroran version of Statesman, even sporting a similar looking helmet and powers.
  • Imperious was revealed to have met his end in the past when Sister Airlia convinced him to sacrifice his own life to kill Romulus Augustus using a ritual she devised. The same ritual would be used centuries later by Darrin Wade to kill Statesman.