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One of the Winter Horde welcomes you to open a present.

During Winter Events, Mysterious Gifts appear throughout Paragon City and the Rogue Isles, courtesy of Gamester.

Upon opening a present, a hero or villain would find that if they were "nice," they would enjoy a nice reward. If they were "naughty," however, they would find themselves surrounded by the Winter Horde, ready to make their holidays downright dangerous!

Gamester's Presents

"Nice" presents can include additional instances of the Mystery Gift, Present inspirations, pieces of Candy Cane Salvage, or sometimes a Present and a Candy Cane.

"Naughty" presents spawn groups of Winter Horde, whose spawn size is based on team members. Use caution when opening presents away from teammates.

Changed in the 2009 event, when enough (need number)+++ Missing Information +++ presents have been opened in any zone, a Winter Lord (Giant Monster) will spawn (previously, Winter Lord spawns were random occurrences on large teams). When the Winter Lord is defeated, he leaves behind a huge present (marked on the map) and a timer starts counting down. Anyone who clicks on the huge present before the timer reaches zero will be teleported to Lord Winter's realm when the timer reaches 0:00. Here, they face off against Lord Winter and his Winter Guardians and will earn Candy Canes, Reward Merits, and the Lord/Lady of Winter badge for defeating Lord Winter.

Map button Winter.png Entrance to Lord Winter's Realm

Lord Winter Dialogue 

Before combat: "Soon winter will spread across all the lands and my icy grasp will hold everything."
Combat start: "I see that unwelcome visitors have entered my domain! I will give you a chilly - and painful - reception!"
At 3/4 health: "You are more powerful than I thought! Winter Guardian, I call you forth! While you stand, these mortals cannot harm me!"
At 1/2 health: "Again, you force me to summon my Winter Guardian. His presence will protect me from all damage."
At 1/4 health: "Nooo! Winter Guardian, I call you for the last time! Protect me from harm!"


Opening 200 presents earns the Toy Collector Badge, defeating 100 of the Winter Horde earns the Cold Warrior Badge, and defeating the Winter Lord earns the Frozen Fury Badge.

File:Badge holiday05 presentbig.png Toy Collector

You have amassed a vast collection of holiday gifts!

File:Badge winter event 01.png Cold Warrior
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plague Paragon City.
You have defeated 100 of the living snow creatures who plagued the Rogue Isles.
File:Badge winter event 02.png Frozen Fury

You helped defeat a manifestation of the Winter Lord, who brought his cold wrath to Paragon City.

In addition, defeating Lord Winter grants the Lord/Lady of Winter badge.

File:Badge Holiday09DefeatLordWinter.png Lord of Winter
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn Paragon City into an icy wasteland.
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn the Rogue Isles into an icy wasteland.

Candy Canes

Opening presents will also potentially award Candy Cane Salvage, which can be redeemed for a variety of badges, temp powers, and costume pieces from past winter events.

Salvage Candy Cane.png

Special Salvage

A festive piece of peppermint candy to celebrate the holidays. Seek the Candy Keeper in the winter chalet in Pocket D, as he collects these candy canes in return for hard to aquire treasures.

The Candy Keeper

Candy Keeper

Main Article: Candy Keeper

The Candy Keeper allows players to turn in Candy Cane Salvage for a variety of rewards.

Temporary Powers
Costume Items
Invention Recipes

It should be noted that if you already have the badge, then the badge will not display, however the Costume Item or Temporary Power associated with that badge will still show up and you can trade in Candy Canes for them. This is different from Father Time's mission reward menu in which if you choose a reward for which you already have the badge, you'll get nothing.

Present Locations

NOTE: Not all the spawn sites for the Presents have been documented. If you have the /loc for a spawn site not shown in these images, let us know.

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