Lord Winter

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Lord Winter


Lord Winter is a special enemy who appears during the Winter Event. Players may use the Holiday Trial tab of the LFG Menu to be transported to Lord Winter's Realm, where they may face off against Lord Winter in battle.

Lord Winter is similar to Reichsman, in that Lord Winter is in his own category, "Lord of Winter", and possesses Hit Points well above the usual Giant Monster, in the 200,000+ range.

Lord Winter belongs to the Winter Horde enemy group.


The Winter Horde answers to Lord Winter. He has finally revealed himself in an attempt to lure heroes and villains to an icy grave.

In Battle

When Lord Winter's health reaches 3/4, 2/4, and 1/4, each one will summon a Winter Guardian Giant Monster. During the time the Winter Guardian is alive, Lord Winter (along with his summoned pets) becomes One With Winter and is phased, immune to all damage. Defeating the Winter Guardian will switch off Lord Winter's ability and allows him to take damage again.


Before combat: "Soon winter will spread across all the lands and my icy grasp will hold everything."
Combat start: "I see that unwelcome visitors have entered my domain! I will give you a chilly - and painful - reception!"
At 3/4 health: "You are more powerful than I thought! Winter Guardian, I call you forth! While you stand, these mortals cannot harm me!"
At 1/2 health: "Again, you force me to summon my Winter Guardian. His presence will protect me from all damage."
At 1/4 health: "Nooo! Winter Guardian, I call you for the last time! Protect me from harm!"


Defeating Lord Winter will award the Lord of Winter Badge. Female characters get a "Lady of Winter" Badge instead.

File:Badge Holiday09DefeatLordWinter.png Lord of Winter
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn Paragon City into an icy wasteland.
You helped thwart Lord Winter's scheme to turn the Rogue Isles into an icy wasteland.

In addition to usual experience and inf, Lord Winter's defeat gives the following:

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