Mother Mayhem

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Mother Mayhem
Contact Small Praetor Tilman.jpg
Praetor and Asylum Warden
Zone Neutropolis
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
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Mother Mayhem, also known as Praetor Tilman, is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis.  Her level range is 15-20. Mother Mayhem, as Praetor Tilman, does not actually deign to show herself in-zone. Instead, characters can call her directly.

Heroes can find Mother Mayhem in the following missions:

Loyalists can find Mother Mayhem in the following missions:

Both Heroes and Villains can find Mother Mayhem in:


Mother Mayhem
Mother mayhem.png
Praetor of Health
Real Name Shalice Tilman
Gender Female
Archetype Dominator
Affiliation Praetorians
Mother of Mercy Psychiatric Hospital
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Unknown
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Mind Control
Secondary Powers Psionic Assault
Zone Locations Praetoria
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Overview History

Shalice Tilman is the most powerful psychic in the world and the pioneer behind the revolutionary Seer Project. Known throughout the Praetorian Empire as Mother, Tilman devoted her life to taking care of others. When a freak accident involving an unstable psychic killed Shalice Tilman, the world mourned her death. Courageously, her colleague, Aurora Borealis, took Shalice's consciousness into her own, saving the woman beloved throughout the world.

Together the two women can do more to help the world than they ever could apart. With their psychic powers combined, Mother has saved the lives of countless psychics, helping them to become Seers. In turn, these Seers help prevent crime by detecting criminal intent and alerting the authorities before harm can be done. Under Mother's loving eye Praetoria remains a utopia: safe, secure, and pure of thought.

Taken from official bio.

Full History

Born during the Hamidon Wars, Shalice Tilman had tremendous innate mental powers. The sheer volume of refugees crammed into the confines of Praetoria City left Shalice, a telepath, a very confused young girl. At first, she was checked into a hospital, but it didn't take long for the doctors there to discover that she had a psychic gift. They sent young Shalice to a government-run facility for the gifted where she would learn to use her powers in the ongoing war against the Devouring Earth.

The war would end before Shalice was ready to join the Praetorian Guard. She had already earned a nickname among the staff for her particularly potent telekinetic powers: Little Miss Mayhem. When President Cole was elected emperor and dissolved the old governments, Shalice knew that he would need strong allies in the years to come, and she wanted to be one of them.

Cole instantly recognized the value of Ms. Tilman's abilities. He brought her on as his personal advisor, using her to uncover traitors and enemies during the changing of the guard. Under Shalice's watch, the transition to the new government went smoothly. At the young age of 22, Shalice Tilman was rewarded a Praetorship for her efforts--the youngest to achieve such an honor.

As Praetor, Tilman reformed the psychiatric hospitals of the world. Her treatments rehabilitated hundreds of thousands of people who would otherwise have been forgotten in the aftermath of the wars. With the help of an old classmate, Aurora Borealis, she founded the Seer Project, in which unstable psychics underwent treatment that not only saved their lives, but also enabled them to contribute to society. It was during the treatment of one such individual that tragedy struck.

The psychic in question proved to be more unstable than originally believed. During treatment, the patient's psychic abilities lashed out, killing several staff members. Praetor Tilman sacrificed her own life to contain the psychic energy of the patient before it could do any more harm. Desperate to save her friend and mentor, Aurora bravely took Shalice Tilman's psyche into herself.

The two remain merged to this day, serving as a reminder to all Praetorians about the risk unregistered psychics present to the Empire. But most importantly, Praetor Tilman has become a symbol for the devotion both women have to the Praetorian people. As protector of the innocent, healer of the sick, and nurturer of the weak, Praetor Tilman is now known by a new name, a new title that embodies her essence: Mother.

Taken from official bio.

Character Stats

Public Identity: Shalice Tilman/Aurora Borealis
Origin: Mutant
Archetype: Dominator
Primary Powers: Mind Control
Secondary Powers: Psionic Assault
Other Powers: Flight
Signature Powers: Mind Annihilation

During the Minds of Mayhem Trial, Mind Annihilation is used to auto-defeat characters within the Seer Network if they run out of time.



Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Our dear Emperor Cole has requested your aid with little Anti-Matter. Mother has told Anti-Matter all about you, Character. He's asked that I show him favor by sending you his way.

Anti-Matter was known as Praetor Keyes until Emperor Cole stripped him of his rank. Now, he works on various tasks handed down to him by Praetor Berry and Emperor Cole from within his island in Neutropolis.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.


Praetorian contact description

Praetor and Asylum Warden
Shalice Tilman is the most powerful psychic in the world and the pioneer behind the revolutionary Seer Project. Known throughout the Praetorian Empire as Mother, Tilman devoted her life to taking care of others. When a freak accident involving an unstable psychic killed Shalice Tilman, the world mourned her death. Courageously, her colleague, Aurora Borealis, took Shalice's consciousness into her own, saving the woman beloved throughout the world.
Together the two women can do more to help the world than they ever could apart. With their psychic powers combined, Mother has saved the lives of countless psychics, helping them to become Seers. In turn, these Seers help prevent crime by detecting criminal intent and alerting the authorities before harm can be done. There are certain times, however, when Tilman requires outside help in order to keep the land of Praetoria safe from those who would seek to destroy it.

Primal Earth description

This twisted psion is Tyrant's closest advisor and possibly his biggest threat as well. She is organized and has large numbers of minions she has driven to her particular brand of insanity in her special asylums.

Prior to Introduction


Initial Contact

Character, it's been far too long since you and I have spoke. I have such fond memories of you from our time dealing with one of my troublesome little girls. I must apologize for them, as I don't think I ever did. I've made sure that those... girls have PAID for their BETRAYAL of my TRUST.

Ah... you'll have to forgive Mother. I can get very worked up when I'm betrayed by those who have earned my trust. But I know you would never betray me, would you Character? No, that's why I'm coming to you today to ask for your help.

What can I do for you, Mother?

Such a loyal man/woman! I would just love to use you for help in the future after this whole little matter is done.

You may know that Mother rarely relies on outside help. My little daughters normally handle everything that needs to be done. But in this case, I simply must ask for the help of someone like you to help defend Mother and Praetoria from those who would seek to destroy everything we stand for.

I'll do what it takes to help you, Mother.


Mother cares about you, Character.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

Mother doesn't need any thing from you right now, but thank you for asking. But I thought you knew that. Are you trying to sneak something past me? Are you?


Mother communicates telepathically, for the most part. She does not have a store.

Story Arc

The Woman Named DeVore

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Tilman's Embrace

Every now and then, you feel as if some sort of entity is giving you a warm embrace. This is a known side effect of all those who work together with Praetor Tilman. It reminds you of an experience you call...

The Woman Named DeVore

Working with Praetor Tilman wasn't exactly easy in any sense of the word, but it did lead you to bringing in several known criminals within Praetoria. First you arrested several powerful psychics in the Syndicate, then two infamous members of the Resistance. All of it was only due to Praetor Tilman telling you where exactly to find all these criminals.

The psychic you brought in was part of a foreign organization called 'Arachnos', who seemed to be bent on helping the Resistance. It was the arrest of this woman that set Tilman off. It seemed Tilman and Vanessa DeVore, the lead psychic of the Resistance, have some sort of history with each other. Tilman leapt at the chance to attack Vanessa DeVore, requesting your help in doing so.

While Tilman's attitude towards the entire situation was... concerning, she nonetheless was giving you a good lead on bringing in a woman known to hide dangerous members of the Resistance. You attacked Wu Yin, who turned out to be Vanessa DeVore's ex-husband. This attack caused Vanessa DeVore to reveal her position.

You came face to mask with the one of the most influential women in the Resistance, and it was here that DeVore pleaded with you. She explained that bringing her to Tilman would only make the situation worse, explaining that Tilman sought only to absorb DeVore's psychic powers instead of help the people of Praetoria. Yet, allowing DeVore to go free would mean more innocents would likely be hurt. What, in the end, did you decide was for the best? To arrest DeVore and allow her to be in the hands of a possible madwoman, or let her go and believe her promise that she seeks to redeem those in the Resistance?

Part One: Organized Psychics

There are many little rogue psychics within Praetoria, Character. I do try to have each and every one of them visit my hospital so that they may one day serve Praetoria in a better way. But some... some insist on tarnishing my good name, belitting what my daughters stand for! I can't stand for this, Mother won't stand for this any longer. I send my little girls to handle them, and what do I see on my doorstep?

Destruction! Death! Hubris!

Ahem... I get oh so angered at the situation. I am speaking, of course, about the Syndicate and their little psychics. Oh, they thought they could hide from Mother's gaze, but they can't any longer. I sent some of my best girls to bring them in, Character, but oh, it was awful, just awful! The Syndicate slaughtered my precious girls, leaving their bodies in front of my hospital.

Do you think you could deal with these bad psychics for me? I would hate for any of my girls to get hurt, ever again.

Do you know where these Syndicate psychics are?

Oh ho, I do, I do. They keep themselves to their little meetings inside an office building in Berry's city. Yes, three of the worst ones are in there. Howard Milton, Eliza Kushmin, and Franklin Faris. All members of various corporations in Praetoria. Well, until Mother and her daughters found out about who they really were. They've got nothing left to live for, Character, except for the little group of Syndicate. Would you be a dear and make sure these bad psychics get what they deserve? In the eyes of the law, of course.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mother wishes you the best of luck, Character. Know that I am watching you.

Mission Objective(s)

While Praetor Tilman might not be the most balanced of the Praetors, it is still a heinous crime to butcher Seers. Time to make sure these Syndicate answer for what they've done.

  • Arrest Syndicate Psychics.
    • 3 Syndicate heads to take in

You've arrested all the psychics that Praetor Tilman named.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Syndicate Dialogue 

Syndicate 1: I heard Yin escaped from the PPD again.
Syndicate 2: He's with the Resistance now, isn't he?
Syndicate 1: Supossedly. He's not with us, at least.

Before combat:

Syndicate 1: We've got word that Tilman is relying on Powers Division to clean up issues with psychics here.
Syndicate 2: Wonder why she doesen't do it herself?

Combat start:

Syndicate 1: Speak of the devil. We'll send you back to Tilman like we did with those Seers, Character!

Syndicate 1: Tilman's too focused on us. We need a plan, or at least a scapegoat.
Syndicate 2: Yin's gone now, we can't use him. He was our best out.

Syndicate Psychics Dialogue 

Howard Milton:

Before combat: Look, I don't care Tilman is onto us. I killed some of her girls already, I'm not going to risk sticking around for her to get me.
Combat start: Powers Division! I won't be taken in, Tilman won't have me!

Eliza Kushmin:

Before combat: To think, Tilman would have made me into one of those brainless Seers. I'm not staying around for that, I don't care -what- plans we still have.
Combat start: Character, I won't go to Tilman, do you hear me? I won't become one of her slaves!

Franklin Faris:

Before combat: There's got to be something we can use to bring down Tilman... some secret that we can use against her...
Combat start: Character? Maybe we'll use you as a bargaining chip with Tilman!


Mother is so proud of you, Character. I was watching your progress the entire time. The nerve of those Syndicate to criticize me, to slander my name like that! They have no shame, no nobility, no class! When I'm through with them, oh, they will learn to respect Praetoria and its people, believe me, Character.

Praetor Tilman lets out a pleased sigh, calming herself.

But... let's speak of some other things, yes? I sensed a very... powerful force in that office building with you. A psychic force that should not be allowed to run wild, to roam outside of my... tender care. I intend to hunt this force down, Character, for the good of all Praetoria. After all, do we really want a force out there that could be as powerful as me, without having the care that I do for you all? No... no, we don't.

You've done such a good job, Character. I knew you would do it. Didn't I say you could? But you didn't believe me, did you? DID YOU?! YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE MOTHER, DID YOU?! From now on, I want to keep an eye on where you are. You are not leaving mother's sight, no matter where you go. Do you understand?!

Part Two: Running Away

Sometimes, Character, those scoundrels in the Resistance manage to kidnap my dear girls and break them off from my tender embrace. You would never want to be torn from my care, would you, Character? I would never treat you poorly, of course. But some people, they insist on believing that I am some sort... some sort of monster! Lies, hate, anger is poured into their minds, into their very souls, poisoning their thoughts about me. I can see them, feel them, and then... darkness, as if they are no longer there. But Mother... Mother will not stand for her girls leaving her side, Character

There is one such girl, she was such a good dear when she was one of my little ones. But now, she goes by the name Beholder, a part of those terrorists in the Resistance. I have spent some time trying to track her and the man who kidnapped her from my grasp, Hatchet.

And now... I have found them. Trapped like rats in the tunnels. And you... Character... I want you to bring them to justice for all that they've done.

What are their crimes?

You need to know more of their crimes, other than the fact that the man forced one of my own daughters from my side? You would doubt me?!

Mmm... I apologize, Character. It is a very... sour subject, yes? Mother does not mean to yell at you. I never do. Their crimes are many. My... sad, former daughter, Beholder, has wired many of my little girls to have psychic explosions. She betrays her own sisters out of some... some anger towards me! Do you know how many of my girls have died because of her, how many people in Praetoria have suffered? Too many, Character!

Here is the location of her and her little man, Hatchet. I want you to bring them in. Show them that Mother is always willing to bring one of her daughters back into her flock, but is not tolerant of those who would strike at her family.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Please, Character, do not keep Mother waiting. I've spent too long yearning to have my little girl back in my arms.

Mission Objective(s)

Tilman's own personal issues with Beholder are obvious, but you can't allow this woman to wire more Seers to become psychic bombs, not when there are innocents at risk.

  • Bring in Hatchet and Beholder
    • Bring in Beholder
    • Take down Hatchet and his pet ghoul
    • Defeat the former Seers

You've brought in Hatchet and Beholder, ending their reign of terror.



Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

Leave our sister alone!
Mother is death! She's evil incarnate!
She fights for our freedom. We won't let you take her!

Beholder will summon several Former Seers to aid her, after the character has talked to her.

Resistance Dialogue 

Before combat: We got ourselves led straight into a dead end! That prissy legs must've done it!
Combat start: Ohhh a real badger smasher comin' through here!

Before combat:

Resistance 1: We gotta get ourselves those boom chicks that Beholder made, that will get us outta this can.
Resistance 2: Just gotta deal with the worms handed to us for now.

Combat start:

Resistance 2: We're gonna send ya back to psycho-legs in a box, badger!

Resistance 1: What's going on with balders and Deevs?
Resistance 2: Crams my brain to know, that's for sure.
Resistance 1: Deev's got business elsewhere with old balder boy, we gotta make do.

Before combat: I ain't likin' this, old psycho babe is gunnin' for us. We gotta get Deevs on us and stat.
Combat start: Chop down this pucker face badger!

Hatchet and Beholder Dialogue 


Before combat: Hmph. Let Tilman send anyone at us. I won't back down.
Combat start: So, she sent you, Character? You'll wish you never walked into these tunnels.


Before combat:
Need to get out... I can hear her, I can hear Mother, calling my name.
I'M NOT GOING BACK! Do you hear me?! Just let me die in peace!
Combat start: One of Mother's dogs! Leave me be, LEAVE ME BE!
At 50% Life: N-no... No...! Get away!

Contact Small Beholder.jpg


Beholder looks up at you with a weakened plea.

Don't let... don't let Mother take me back. I don't want to go back, I don't. She made me this way... She stole my life, just to have her own pleasures. She MADE me into this... I used to be happy, used to be normal! Just don't send me back to that place, that nightmare!

And the people you've hurt? What about them?

They deserve it for putting up with a government that allows filth like Mother! They could stand and fight with us, but they let it go. And for that, they need to suffer until they get the message. Tilman is a beast who deserves nothing but death!

I won't stop until I get my vengeance... you have to let me go, you have to let me continue my fight against her! Against the people!

You and I are enemies, as long as you continue hurting innocents for your cause.

Then the others will deal with you!


(Those who have worked with her in the past will find a different, tougher dialogue:)

Contact Small Beholder.jpg


You! Character! How... how could you? You and I... we once fought together. You know of my condition... And now you're going to deliver me back to Mother? Why? Why?! Why can't you just let me die in peace, let me die killing those that turned me into this?

We all have to pay for what we've done, Beholder. Now it's your time.

Beholder laughs, coughing hard

I thought we were comrades, Character. You knew my fight against Mother. Knew that I longed for freedom. And now... here we are. You... you stand to bring me in, for her. You know the short time I have left on this miserable planet... and you would have me spend it locked in Mother's cold embrace.

I can't let that happen, Character. I never wanted to hurt you. But you're leaving me no choice. One of us... one of us isn't walking away from this today.

Don't do anything you're going to regret, Beholder

The others will deal with you now!


Icon clue generic.png
A Man and His Ghoul
You defeated Hatchet and his pet Ghoul, 'Marty'. Hatchet stared at you, his eyes defiant, muttering these words before falling inconscious:

'I'm not afraid. Not of Tilman, not of you. And Tilman will see what happens when she meets a man who refuses to stand for her. I promise you.'


You're an absolute darling, Character. Mother is so happy that you've brought these criminals to justice. They won't be harming any more innocents, that much I can guarantee you. I heard those... vile words they spoke about me. I've... I won't bother giving them anything more than a moment's thought. I've been looking into the mind of my sweet, sweet Beholder, now that she's back in my loving care. So full of secrets, brimming with... life. She is such a silly girl, thinking I'd just let her die like that.

Oh, but I do go on. Mother is so sorry, Character. You're so... so admirable for being patient with me. Beholder's mind revealed what I've thought for quite some time. The Resistance is gaining more rogue psychics, thanks in part to that woman, Vanessa DeVore. The wretched... vile... lower than filth... piece of trash... woman... deserving nothing more than to be stomped beneath my heel! She steals my girls, she attacks me, she spreads lies about me!

Ah... but you, Character, you will help me find her, yes? She has caused many deaths, many deaths, all because she can hide her little terrorists from my gaze. We can't continue to let that happen, can we? You have done your mother proud, Character. You always were my favorite, you know that right? RIGHT?

Part Three: Down in the Slums

I've been trying to find that bothersome DeVore, Character. But I believe I may have found someone who may be able to lead us to her. I know very little about this person... only that she seems to not be from around here. I've poked at this little girl's mind to see visions of some chaotic, dangerous place. But I see in her mind the name: DeVore. This woman is in Neutropolis now, near Berry's little Lambda Sector. She seems lost, Character... and Mother is always looking to help those who are lost. Especially those psychics who fall in with the terrorists.

Currently our lost little girl is roaming a little rally those bottom-dwellers in the 'Resistance' dare to hold in Berry's city. I do believe it will get violent, very quickly.

What does this woman look like? And where exactly is this rally?

Here are the rough coordinates, my dear Character. You'll make Mother proud by going to that rally, won't you? The Resistance can't possibly be allowed to take over this part of Neutropolis. Not that they stand a chance against my Character.

The girl you're looking for will stand out. She is from some mysterious organization and wears an odd little.. helmet on her face. You will recognize her, trust me. Mother knows, after all.

Unnecessary Solicitation

That rally won't wait forever, Character. Let those rotten members of the Resistance know that Mother sends her deepest regards.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the shouts of the Resistance in the streets. They've torn this already poor district apart, and, by the looks of it, attacked any PPD trying to recover the area

  • Retrieve Tilman's Woman at the Resistance Rally
    • Capture the Mysterious Psychic
    • 2 'Arachnos' soldiers to bring in
    • Destroy the 'Arachnos' supplies

You arrested the odd woman that Tilman mentioned and stabilized the situation within Neutropolis.

The Lambda Sector


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

The contents of this crate must be destroyed!

Resistance Dialogue 

Resistance 1: We are here to make a stand against Cole, all you sheepies gotta wake up and see!

Resistance 2: This neighborhood belongs to Scott! And to the Resistance!

Resistance 3: Cole's gonna doom you all! Don't listen to his lies!

Arachnos Troops Dialogue 

Fortunata Langstra:

Before combat: This is, by far, the weirdest assignment Ive been sent on.
Combat start: You... you're a Praetorian! One of the ones serving Emperor Cole! Just stand still and let me peek into that head of yours!

Operative Reynolds:

Before combat: Just take it easy. We've got word that Langstra is down. Just do whatever it takes to support these freaks, alright?
Combat start: Praetorian! Fire! Fire everything!

Operative Vars:

Before combat: Get the supplies moving. We've got direct orders from Recluse to do whatever it takes to support the Resistance.
Combat start: I've got sighting on a Praetorian! Taking fire!

Supplies' Guards: Before combat:

Arachnos 1: What do you think has Recluse so spooked about this Cole guy?
Arachnos 2: Beats me. But orders are orders, even if we don't understand them.

Combat start:

Arachnos 2: We were warned about the Praetorians. We're ready to take you down!

Icon clue generic.png
The Seer and Arachnos
You searched the odd woman you detained in Neutropolis for any information on who she was, where she came from, and if she was part of the Resistance. You overhear a message being delivered on her helmet, specifying that more agents of a group called 'Arachnos' were in the area to support the Resistance. Their names are Operative Reynolds and Operative Vars. If they're here to support the Resistance, you'll have to make sure to bring them in and see what exactly this 'Arachnos' group is about.


This little girl you brought me is very interesting, Character, as is the news that she has. It seems she met with our little Vanessa DeVore herself. This 'Arachnos' she's apart of wishes to work together with our most hated enemies, all to destroy our beloved Praetoria. But little Vanessa made a mistake... oh, she made quite the mistake! That was believing this little spider was going to be trustworthy.

The girl's mind was difficult, but eventually I tore through it and revealed all her secrets, along with Vanessa's. This, Character, will be Vanessa's undoing! Oh, it shall! She will know pain, my pain, and anger, my anger!

But I get ahead of myself... Mother shouldn't act in such a way in front of you, Character. Before I sent this 'Fortunata Langstra' to begin training for the Seers, I found a very vital piece of information from her regarding Vanessa's one weakness. That would be a man named Wu Yin.

Part Four: Down in the Slums

Attack Wu Yin

This is all so very satisfying, Character. How much do you know of Wu Yin? Do you know we've arrested him before? Or that he has escaped? All little petty issues, as little Provost Marchand insists that Wu Yin be subject to the law instead of going to my hospital. But oh, this gets better, far better. Wu Yin and our little 'freedom fighter' Vanessa DeVore were once lovers, Character. Oh, the absurdity of it all!

Their little girl, Penelope Yin, is safe and sound in my hospital, while her father and rat of a mother run around. Oh, but I have such plans to get them, Character, such plans. Vanessa's one weakness is Yin. If he is in danger, she will move from her little safety zone. And then... you shall move in to attack her. You will bring her down. Without Vanessa DeVore... the Resistance will not be able to hide from Mother's gaze for much longer.

How do I go about finding Yin?

My girls, my darling girls, have cornered Wu Yin in the tunnels. He travels through them with what remains of his loyal bands of thieves and murderers. I doubt you'll be able to catch him, unfortunately; he's grown rather well versed at various escape methods. But harming him will cause Vanessa DeVore to make a move to aid him. I will feel her force move and, when that happens, I shall be able to tell where she is.

When that happens, Character, you must strike. You will be without dear Mother's help, as that wretch DeVore can hide you from my loving gaze. I do implore you to be very careful, as DeVore is very powerful, especially without your dear Mother there to observe. I want you to arrest her and bring her to me. I will make sure she gets exactly what is coming to her.

Unsolicited Contact

Our little Wu Yin is the first step of this plan, Character. Don't tarry, Mother wouldn't want that at all.

Wu Yin

Mission Objective(s)

Wu Yin has been moving through these tunnels with his band of loyal Syndicate members. You'll have to see if Tilman is right about his new escape methods.

  • Attack Wu Yin
    • Defeat Wu Yin

Wu Yin retreated, but attacking him has forced Vanessa DeVore out into the open!


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

  • Proximity Bombs (Objects)
  • Wu Yin (Elite Boss)

Syndicate Dialogue 

Syndicate 1: Are the bombs placed? Is Mr. Yin going to be safe?
Syndicate 2: For now. But we can't keep doing this. These tunnels are no place for our glory.

Syndicate 1: Is this what we fought for? To lurk in tunnels instead of in the city?
Syndicate 2: Every plan has its setbacks. We will begin again, and Praetoria will, once more, be within our grasp.

Syndicate 1: I heard that Tilman has Kushmin now. I never thought I'd feel bad for that woman.
Syndicate 2: Just keep looking forward, that's all. Tilman, White, Sinclair, we'll take them down, from the inside, one day.

Wu Yin dialogue 

Before Combat: Yes, begin to move the agents. I'm going to get my daughter back, one way or another. Tilman won't keep her, I won't allow it.
Combat Start: Character. This is...a surprise.
At 50% Life: I apologize for this, as I am a man of honor, but I cannot allow myself to be caught here!

Icon clue generic.png
Tilman's Frantic Words
After fighting Wu Yin, you heard Praetor Tilman's words echo in your ears.

'There! I got DeVore's location. Character, this is your time to strike. Let DeVore know Mother's pain, and that every psychic, even her, will come into Mother's embrace.'

Bring in Vanessa DeVore
Be very careful, as DeVore is very powerful...

Mission Objective(s)

The air is filled with a psychic aura. You can tell this must be where Vanessa DeVore is, the woman who hides all the murderers and terrorists within the Resistance.

  • Bring in Vanessa DeVore
    • Defeat Vanessa DeVore

You've handled things with Vanessa DeVore. Time to go back to Tilman.

Unsolicited Contact:

Character! Be a dear and do take in that vile woman!

Notable NPCs

Vanessa DeVore Dialogue 

Before combat: I sense a presence here. One who believes they are just. But are they?
Combat start: Character. You fight on behalf of Tilman. I tell you now, you may be a just man, but your 'Mother' is a monster.
At 75% Life: It is unfortunate that I have to rely on this, but today, Character, I will be forced to kill you.
At 50% Life: You're impressive, Character. I can understand why Shalice looked for your help.
At 25% Life: Hold... Character... I concede... just allow me... a word...

If you let her go: Thank you. Perhaps one day, we will be able to work together to save this city.

Loyalists will have this dialogue:

Contact Small Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian).jpg
Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian)


You're powerful, Character. Very powerful. But do you know who you fight for? Surely, you have seen Tilman's anger, her instability. She is mad, though she tries her best to cover it up.

If you deliver me to her, it will only make things much worse for your dear city of Praetoria, Character.

How is that? You, after all, help to protect those who murder innocents.

I could say the same for you and Tilman, Character. Do you know why Seers seem to have such a short lifespan, but yet, the ones that are free continue to live on? Tilman drains the life from their very minds. That is why she has her network. She is a leech, Character, in every sense of the word. She thrives on attention, on love, on praise, and on minds.

You believe she wants to arrest me for the 'good' of Praetoria. No... her mouth salivates at the thought of absorbing my psychic energies, Character. Her power would be immense, should she drain the power from my mask. Is that what you want to happen?

What I want is to keep the people of Praetoria safe.

And I want to help you with that, Character. I truly do. I understand that you must think many people in the Resistance are monsters. And, perhaps, I would agree with you.

Beholder was a good woman. I tried to save her, to guide her into the proper path. But she made her decision to have her vengeance, despite all the help I gave. I would not force her down a path. To do that would make me no better than Cole or Tilman. I respected her decision and hoped that perhaps one day, learning from my example, she would choose differently.

You say you're going to bring me in, Character, but that will only make things worse. Those who are most loyal to the Resistance will do everything in their power to free me. I believe I will be free, of course. Tilman will not kill me; it would be similar to a starving animal throwing out a perfectly good piece of meat. That, Character, is why my arrest will only lead to more problems.

So you're suggesting I just let you go? Just like that?

I request that you let me go, Character. I promise you that I will do everything in my power to ensure those extremists in the Resistance see the light of our cause, but I cannot say for sure they will change. Cole and his regime have tainted their once pure souls into darkness. I can only do my best to save them, but even I am but a human.

What will it be, Character? Will you bring me to Tilman and allow the beast to have her meal?

Alright DeVore. I'm letting you go. But this doesn't make me part of the Resistance.

Thank you, Character. I'll always remember you for this. Good luck in your journeys.



This has to be done, DeVore. too many people have died because of you. It ends today.. (You knock out Vanessa DeVore and prepare her to be sent to Tilman's Hospital.)

Resistance members have instead the following dialogue:

Contact Small Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian).jpg
Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian)


You're powerful, Character. Very powerful. But do you know who you fight for? Surely, you have seen Tilman's anger, her instability. She is mad, though she tries her best to cover it up.

If you deliver me to her, it will only make things much worse for your dear city of Praetoria, Character.

  • How is that? You, after all, help to protect those who murder innocents.
  • Vanessa. It's alright. I'm in the Resistance
Vanessa lets out a relieved sigh.
You put on quite the performance, Character. I had thought that you turned on us, working with Tilman. I suppose this goes to show that even those of you with the strongest faith can be surprised. What will you do, when you return to Tilman, empty-handed?
You're a powerful psychic. I couldn't apprehend you. Simple as that.
You're a good soul, Character. I do wish more people in the Resistance were like you. Too many have become jaded, darkened by Cole's regime. They've lost hope in their lives, in remembering what is truly good in this world. They only seek vengeance, ugliness, destruction. The memories of those loved ones they once fought for poison their minds now.
I believe some part of Calvin Scott still loves his wife, but his once noble heart has been blackened by the image of Tilman. The memories of his wife now only serve to remind him of the monsters that haunt his dreams. I have seen this in his mind. Character, I believe it is up to people like you to save this city of Praetoria. From Cole... and from those who have lost their way in the fight for freedom.
I'll do my best, Vanessa. You need to get going.
Thank you, Character. I'll always remember you for this. Good luck in your journeys.

Delivery to Tilman

Mission Objective(s)

  • Delivery to Tilman

Contact Small Praetor Tilman.jpg
Praetor Tilman


What happened Character?! Mother gave you a simple request, to retrieve that vile wretch DeVore! And where is she?! She is not in my hospital! She is not in my care, she is not presented in front of me! Have you betrayed Mother?! Gone against me?!

Unfortunately, DeVore was too powerful for me to handle. Without your help.

Praetor Tilman lets out a few calming breaths. She remains silent for nearly a minute before speaking.

...Mother apologizes, Character. I'm sorry you had to see me in such a state. It was... wrong of me to send you into such a dangerous situation without Mother's aid, without Mother's care. I suppose, just like my daughters, you've grown attached to me, haven't you?

A good Mother knows not to yell at her family when it is not due. You've just simply shown that DeVore is someone I need to track down... personally.

You're going after her now?

Praetor Tilman mutters.

Not now. Unfortunately, there are other matters that Mother must deal with. I do believe they involve you, my dear little Character. Just... allow Mother a few moments to let this situation wash over her, yes? Yes... I do believe that would be best.

Alright, I'll do that.


Mother is so happy to see you, Character! Oh, I am just so proud of what you've done! Vanessa DeVore! In my hospital. I do wish I was there in person to give you one of Mother's hugs. You've done a terrific thing today, Character. With DeVore in my hospital... I'll be able to see where all those dirty little terrorists are hiding in due time. It looks like that pesky little Yin is doing his best to hide the members of the Resistance, but he won't last. Ohh no... he won't last.

What do you plan to do with DeVore?

Praetor Tilman laughs for a bit too long before answering you. I'll make sure she's cured, Characterd. She thinks me to be a monster. The poor girl. I'm simply... going to show her Mother's real nature. I think once she sees the real Mother, she'll change her mind about just how vile she claims me to be. But you don't need to worry yourself over that, Character. No... there's still much yet for you to do.

What do you mean?

That little matter of Arachnos coming through. It seems they aren't the only new enemies springing up to attack our dear city of Praetoria. Praetor Tilman lets out a... giggle? Oh, but I've got something to handle. Time Squared, do give me just a few minutes! Little DeVore has just woken back up. I need to properly greet her.

Alright, I'll contact you shortly.


We've had our ups and downs, Character, but Mother has to say it's been an absolute pleasure working with you, wouldn't you say? I do believe we've made Praetoria a much safer place. Hm... yes, a much safer place. I will make sure all those bad psychics you brought in are well taken care of, trust me. Yet, your tireless support of Praetoria is still not yet over, Character. Our dear Emperor Cole has requested your aid with little Anti-Matter.

Mother has told Anti-Matter all about you, Character. He's asked that I show him favor by sending you his way.


File:Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder

You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.

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