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Anti-Matter (Praetorian).jpg
Zone Neutropolis
Coordinates (4691, -20, 2164)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Mother Mayhem
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments
V badge Villain.png Rogue Isles Villains

V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes
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Anti-Matter is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis at coordinates (4691, -20, 2164).  His level range is 15-20. Anti-Matter was formerly known as Praetor Keyes.

Heroes can find Anti-Matter in the following missions:

Heroes and Villains can find him:


Real Name Dr. Raymond Keyes
Gender Male
Archetype Defender
Affiliation Praetorians
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Dominatrix (one-sided)
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Radiation Emission
Secondary Powers Radiation Blast
Zone Locations Neutropolis
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Overview History

+++ Missing Information +++

Full History

+++ Missing Information +++

Character Stats

Prior to Going Rogue:

Public Identity: Raymond Keyes
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Primary Powers: Radiation Emission
Secondary Powers: Radiation Blast
Other Powers: Flight
Signature Powers:

After Going Rogue:

Public Identity: Raymond Keyes
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Defender
Primary Powers: Radiation Emission
Secondary Powers: Radiation Blast
Other Powers: Flight
Signature Powers: Drawdown Hold, Obliteration Beam, Entanglement, Disintegrate (need proper name)

During the Keyes Island Reactor Trial, Anti-Matter will have access to Drawdown Hold, which is a massive range multi-target hold which cannot be resisted. Obliteration Beam is a targeted delayed Area of Effect blast over a giant area which is targeted in green, allowing intended victims the chance to move out of the way, otherwise they will be rooted in place and hit by the beam. Entanglement takes place after Obliteration Beam, and affects random players with short-term contagious debuffs and damage, dealing more damage if players are grouped too close to each other of the opposite color debuff. Disintegrate affects one player which is a scaling DoT attack that deals more damage with each tick. If Disintegrate defeats a player, Anti-Matter regains a portion of his health.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Praetorian contact description

Anti-Matter was once called Praetor Keyes until his title was removed from him by Emperor Cole himself. Many still called him Praetor out of habit, but he has resigned himself to being called Anti-Matter during his, 'time in exile'.

Primal Earth description

Trapped within his powered armor, Anti-Matter used to be Tyrant's primary scientific consultant. He and Neuron were once best of friends and created the Clockwork of Praetorian Earth together. Of late his theories have been more and more radical causing Tyrant to lean on Neuron for research and analysis. Unbeknownst to anyone Anti-Matter had cracked the Portal tech. He is waiting to reveal his breakthrough in order to garner favour from Tyrant and his true love, Dominatrix.

Prior to Introduction

Begone with your simpleton self, fool. Can you not see that I am devoting every last synapse within my brain to alleviate the current situation? Bother me again and I will be sorely tempted to annihilate you.

Initial Contact

Since I'm in direct contact with you, Character, you'll refer to me by my real name, Anti-Matter. I don't have time for the Praetor formalities. I've heard that you are the best amongst those loyal to Praetoria, which is why I have requisitioned your services. The work I am doing here on my island is of the upmost importance to Emperor Cole, therefore it is only logical that it is as important to you, too. I have a vital task that I am about to entrust to you. I am hoping for your sake that you understand the gravity of the situation.


I don't have time to discuss anything other than the matter at hand.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level


No More Missions

Missing No More Missions Dialogue


Story Arc

View from the Other Side

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Anti-Matter's Thanks

Anti-Matter isn't someone who thanks someone very often. He's known for being very difficult to work with and very irritable. However, you managed to actually get him to thank you after a series of events you call...

View from the Other Side

Anti-Matter requested your help in dealing with a situation that was placed on his shoulders: handling the continued problem of Arachnos and Longbow. Your first outing found you fighting off Longbow alongside Interrogator Kang, cleaning out one of Anti-Matter's labs. Longbow was there looking for something, but you weren't sure what exactly it was.

When you returned, Anti-Matter informed you he was put in charge of solely removing the Arachnos soldiers in Praetoria, something he was not too happy with. With Anti-Matter and Interrogator Kang's help, you stopped an Arachnos bombing plot in Neutropolis and apprehended three 'Destined Ones' working for Arachnos. Kang warned you, however, that he was investigating something very big and that he may possibly need your help in the future.

After the plot was foiled, Anti-Matter requested your help in investigating a strange disturbance in his lab. It was there you met a man named Dark Watcher, who asked that you try to forgive Longbow for their ignorance, saying that they only wish to do the right thing, much like yourself. This was a little difficult to handle, given that afterwards you were ambushed by a squad of Longbow.

You didn't have much time to rest after that. Anti-Matter informed you Arachnos has gained control of one of his reactors and were planning to blow it up. He was told to allow Arachnos to blow it up in order to show to the people how dangerous they were so that Anti-Matter's 'project' could be justified. Anti-Matter, however, was not one to allow one of his creations to be destroyed so simple. He requested that you stop Arachnos along with Interrogator Kang, given that any other group in Praetoria that could stop the attack was ordered not to.

You went against the main force of Arachnos and stopped their plot to blow up Anti-Matter's reactor, earning Anti-Matter's gratefulness, even though he surely was going to be punished for going against direct orders.

Part One: The New Team

Anti-Matter mumbles to himself.

Do you know how much work is put on my shoulders, Character. Too much. Cole thinks I'm like that idiot Berry, that I can just wave my hand and make something in a matter of moments. Well, I can't, but what I can do is make something that's good. Look around you at these reactors of mine. They're efficient, powerful, and will stand the test of time.

Now, look at Berry's work in his city. It's already beginning to crumble, and he's simply moving on to his 'next big thing'. He should be ashamed of his work, and yet, he gets all the glory. Is it right? Fair? It isn't. And further, it isn't fair that now I'm tasked to deal with these otherworlders. As if I didn't have enough to deal with. Cole claims Berry is 'busy', but I highly doubt that.

So... who are these 'other worlders'?

Anti-Matter lets out a long sigh.

They call themselves Longbow. They just started spilling out of the tunnels one day, making a mess out of everything. They're some sort of spandex-wearing idealists, spouting about delivering 'justice' and giving the people 'freedom'. All I know is that they're causing me nothing but problems. A group of them have attacked one of my labs. I'd go handle it myself, but I've got ten other things that I'm tasked with doing, of course. It's not like one of my labs is important.

Some investigator or interrogator went down there before to look into it, think his name was Kang or something. I don't need any PPD dying in my labs, that'll just be one more thing that will be held over my head. I need you to go in there and stabilize the situation, Character. I hear that's what you do best.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Look, I've got no time to go over things again. Take notes or something when I talk to you, I'm backlogged enough as it is.

Mission Objective(s)

You're greeted at the door by Interrogator Kang, while in the distance you can hear someone talking about the 'evils of Praetoria'.

  • Kick Longbow out of Anti-Matter's Lab
    • Find what the mysterious group is after
    • Take down the group's leader

You've managed to stabilize the situation in Anti-Matter's lab!


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Notable NPCs

  • Interrogator Kang (Praetorian Police Lieutenant, Ally)
Interrogator Kang is one of the veteran agents of the Ministry of Intelligence. He is known to be one of the best case workers in the city because he was working the job before Seers came along.

Interrogator Kang & Longbow dialogue 

Miscellaneous dialogue throughout the mission

Before combat:

Longbow 1: The people here, they seem happy. Is this right for us to be here?
Longbow 2: Don't be fooled. We've got direct orders from Ms. Liberty to do what we can here, even if the others won't.

Combat start:

Longbow 1: We won't let you Praetorians continue to serve this Tyrant!

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: Some of them doubt their cause. But I wonder, where do they come from? Who is this Ms. Liberty?

Before combat:

Longbow 1: All I'm saying is that their police force, by in large, are using non-lethal weapons. Look at what we're equipped with!
Longbow 2: Don't be fooled, they're corrupt, just like Arachnos. You need to wait and see.

Combat start:

Longbow 1: Here's a Praetorian now! Take them down!

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: Hmph. I think I've seen these 'Arachnos' before. They think that we in the PPD are like them?

Before combat:

Longbow 1: What about jurisdiction?
Longbow 2: What about it? Look, Tyrant and his Praetorians are a threat to everyone, like Recluse. Someone needs to make a move.

Combat start:

Longbow 1: It's one of the Praetorians!

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: These fools, do they even know what they're talking about? They're the ones that are the threat!

Before combat:

Longbow 1: When are we getting back up? From the Freedom Phalanx?
Longbow 2: It's too risky for them to make an appearance just yet.

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: Hrm... Freedom Phalanx. I wonder, are these some sort of foreigners? Perhaps from the East?

Longbow Officer:

Before combat: We need that layout if we're going to move through the tunnels. Direct orders from Dietrich.
Combat start: We've got sighting of a Praetorian, I'm moving in to handle the situation!

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: That communicator of hers is interesting. This Longbow group is working with Arachnos?
Interrogator Kang: All of them seek to bring chaos here to Praetoria. But why? There needs to be a good reason...

Icon clue generic.png
Tunnels Layout
You found what exactly this Longbow group was looking for; a layout of the tunnels system beneath Praetoria. Looking it over, you notice several areas circle with notes from someone, most likely Anti-Matter. The note reads:

'Good spot, no Resistance here.'

'Clean out Ghouls here and move in'

The last spot circled is right beneath Keyes Island, though there is no comment next to it.


My researchers are starting to flood back into the lab. Good job. That's one task off my list of a hundred things to get done by the end of the day. You found information about this Longbow group working with Arachnos? Ugh...

Anti-Matter groans and begins to pace back and forth.

This is going to lead back to me, Character, I know it. Sure, why don't we ask Anti-Matter to take care of it, he's not a Praetor anymore, he has all the time in the world! It's not like I'm still being ordered to do everything else while that brat Berry just continues screwing around. Character, I think I'm going to need your help some more, because if Cole expects me to protect Praetoria on top of everything else I'm doing, then it's going to be up to you to get that part done.

Part Two: Foreign Technology

How familiar are you with Arachnos? Well, I hope enough to fight them, because I have no time to give you a history lesson on what they're about. I've just been given the word that I'm supposed to deal with the Arachnos threat here in Neutropolis. Of course, why not? I've got plenty of time to handle that. At the very least, Cole has Praetor White dealing with the issue of Longbow, though he'll probably just send the issue over to one of the other Powers Division. I'm really the only one of the Praetors who takes responsibility for what needs to be done.

At any rate, there's a report that Arachnos has taken over an office building nearby, claiming they're fighting for the Resistance or some stupidity like that. Do you think you can go in there and handle the situation? Arachnos have already killed several office workers and my intel says they're planning on blowing up that building. The last thing I need right now is for a building to get blown up on my watch.

I'll make sure nothing bad happens.

Good. Now, look, just be careful when you're going in there, alright? I don't need you dying when you and I have a whole slew of things to take care of.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, please tell me you didn't forget what you need to do. I'm in the middle of ten different things right now, I can't really drop any of them to explain to you what you should be doing.

Mission Objective(s)

You saw several injured office workers outside of the building. As you walked in, they all cheered for you and your victory over Arachnos.

  • Fend off Arachnos!
    • Four minutes to de-activate the Arachnos teleporter
    • Destroy the Arachnos bomb!

You've handled the group of Arachnos in the office, but a bomb threat still looms in Neutropolis!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Arachnos Soldiers Dialogue 

Before combat:

Arachnos Soldier 1: You heard the rumors? About another Arachnos operation going on here?
Arachnos Soldier 2: I did, but we can't be concerned about that right now. We've got our orders, back the Resistance, take down Cole

Combat start:

Arachnos Soldier 1: One of those Praetorians! Let's add them to the body count!

Before combat:

Arachnos Soldier 1: When are we getting reinforcements? The lines aregetting kind of thin here.
Arachnos Soldier 2: Sands said once they get the tech back up they'll be sending more in.

Combat start:

Arachnos Soldier 1: We've taken down plenty of Destined Ones, let's get ourservel a Praetorian!

Before combat:

Arachnos Soldier 1: We just need to set the Rikti Bomb and get going. We've got full control over it now.
Arachnos Soldier 2: If you say so. I still believe we need to use some of this new stuff the Praetorians have.

Combat start:

Arachnos Soldier 1: It's a Praetorian! Today's your unlucky day, friend!
Arachnos Soldier 2: You're not walking out of here alive!

Rikti Bomb Guards Dialogue 

Before combat:

Arachnos Soldier 1: Alright. Is this thing armed?
Arachnos Soldier 2: Almost. The guy who gave us these instructions was trained to interpret Rikti, he knows what he's doing. We just gotta wait for the signal.

Combat start:

Arachnos Soldier 1: A Praetorian! Get the bomb armed! Now!

Icon clue generic.png
Arachnos Bomb
You destroyed the Arachnos bomb before it went off, though you found something disturbing on the remains of the device. Looking it over, it appears that there are three more of these bombs planted somewhere in Neutropolis!


You'd think the PPD would be able to handle Arachnos, or that Marchand would be given orders to handle it. But who has to do it? We do. Sometimes things aren't fair, Character. But at least you took care of the Arachnos in that office. That's one less thing for me to worry -

What? Bombs in the tunnels?

No... do not tell me that! Ugh, not in the tunnels! I need those tunnels, do you have any idea how badly that's going to hamper my schedule if those go off?! This isn't going to do, Character. You just hold on a moment. I'm going to find where those bombs are and you, you're going to stop them. For the good of Praetoria, etc. etc.

Part Three: The Destined Ones Emerge

Disarm the Arachnos Bombs

I've got a location on those bombs, Character. From what I've gathered, they're much more powerful than what Arachnos should have. Not surprising. What's also not surprising was Praetor Berry finding out about what I'm investigating.

One thing led to another, and now I'm being ordered to recover those bombs so that I can investigate them further. Of course, he isn't going to do the research. Why not? He just barges into my business, gives me more work, then speeds away. I bet he's going to go make some sort of stupid new application to add to those nPads of his. Everyone will love it, he'll get more popular, and in the meanwhile, I'm here investigating some technology that's powerful for Arachnos but probably idiotic for us to use.

Anti-Matter, the bombs...? Where are they located?

Anti-Matter grumbles.

Berry gets me so irate that I almost forgot about the bombs. Here's the location. Arachnos just left them in the tunnels, they're probably too scared to stay down there, what with all of Berry's failed experiments running around.

I was going to try to find out where those Destined Ones ran off too, but that Interrogator Kang said he was going to pick up the investigation. Think I'm starting to like him. Let me know when you've got the bombs disarmed and those Destined Ones brought in.

Unnecesary Solicitation

I'm already working on something else, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

Somewhere in these tunnels, Arachnos have set three high-powered bombs to go off. If you don't disarm them, they'll rupture the foundation of the tunnels and kill a lot of innocent civilians!

  • Disarm the Arachnos Bombs
    • 3 Arachnos bombs to disarm

You disarmed the Arachnos bombs and received a message from Kang regarding the Destined Ones.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush!

We've got company, take them down!
Powers Division from the top, show them what we're made of!
Kill the intruders, send their corpses back to Berry!

If a proximity bomb detonates a wave of failed experiments will attack the player.

Contact Small Arachnos Bomb.jpg
Arachnos Bomb


You manage to disarm the Arachnos bomb. You see pinned on the side of the bomb notes that seem to be translations of some strange symbols.

Icon clue generic.png
Destined Ones
You received the following transmissions from Interrogator Kang:

'Character, I've found where the Destined Ones are hiding out. I'm sending you the location now and I'll meet you there. Also... I've been doing some investigating onto the origin of Arachnos and Longbow, where they come from, why they're here. I think I'm getting close to something that may be very big. When the time comes, I'd like to know if I can count on you to help me uncover this case. You don't need to answer now. I'll see you soon.'

Apprehend Arachnos Destined Ones

Mission Objective(s)

Interrogator Kang greets you as you enter the warehouse, full of Arachnos and Resistance.

  • Apprehend Arachnos Destined Ones
    • 3 'Destined Ones' to apprehend

You've arrested all of the Destined Ones from Arachnos!


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

  • Interrogator Kang (Praetorian Police, Ally)
  • Pyra (Rogue Isles Villains, Lieutenant, Enemy)
  • Echidna (Rogue Isles Villains, Lieutenant, Enemy)
  • Towering Inferno (Rogue Isles Villains, Lieutenant, Enemy)

Miscellaneous dialogue throughout the mission 

Interrogator Kang, at the mission entrance:

Glad you made it, Character.
Things are starting to connect with Arachnos, Longbow, and Cole.
But first, we need to make sure these 'Destined Ones' don't try to harm anyone else.

Before combat:

Resistance 1: We got ourselves a nicckie for these spider Destined Ones?
Resistance 2: I'm gonna call 'em desties.

Combat start:

Resistance 2: You're outta luck badger, the desties are gonna put you down!

After combat:

Interrogator Kang: These Resistance punks never cease to amaze me with their language.

Before combat:

Resistance 1: Got us word that lotta the others don't like the idea of workin' with the Spiders.
Resistance 2: Yeah, heard that Poppers ain't likin' us workin' with the spiders.

Before combat:

Resistance 1: We getting those badger killers from the spiders soon?
Resistance 2: They said we'd get 'em after we got us some more of them glowie sparks.

Interrogator Kang & the Destined Ones dialogue 


Before combat: This operation better get me off of Arachnos' list, I'm not out to have a 'cause' or anything.
Combat start: You're the Praetorian I've heard about. I'll enjoy making you burn!
Interrogator Kang, after combat: That woman seemed like she was quite insane. Are these the kind of people that Arachnos is employing?


Before combat: Oddest assignment yet... the things I do to get on the good side of Arachnos...
Combat start: You haven't met the likes of me, Praetorian!
Interrogator Kang, after combat: Are these Destined Ones willfull allies or forced to do this against their will?

Towering Inferno:

Before combat: Stuck here in a warehouse, this is ridiculous! Sands is preparing that assault and I'm here, just wasting my time.
Combat start: Perfect, a Praetorian to take my anger out on!
Interrogator Kang, after combat: That... was odd. These seem to be the type of people Arachnos favors in their employ.


Good job on all that, Character. I've got the bombs shipped to one of my labs. I had to pull a few of my assistants off their current assignments to get this work done. I don't think it's very important, but orders from on high say to get at least one of my teams to examine it. Of course, orders are also telling me to have that same team continue to work on their current project. Everyone thinks I can handle the same workload as Berry, which is absolutely ridiculous. He's a speedster, he makes twenty piles of junk in the time it takes me to make one piece of amazing technology. I really think that should say something about our work ethics.

Anti-Matter lets out a sigh.

Anyway, those Destined Ones have been sent to Marchand to deal with. In the meantime, guess what I have to deal with? Another incident in one of my labs, this time from Longbow.

Part Four: Vanguard

I wonder sometimes if Praetor Berry has all these problems. I've gotten reports of an alarm going off in one of my labs. Probably Longbow, from the looks of it. I need you to go check it out, Character. I've got a lot of supplies stored in that lab, dangerous supplies for various tasks, like aiding the PPD, fighting Hamidon, etc. Longbow stumbling around in there will only mean they get powerful weapons, or they blow up half a city block.

How they managed to find their way in there, I don't know. But I need you to make sure nothing bad comes about from their primitive minds poking around in my business.

If it's to protect the people, I'll do it.

Excellent. Now, look, just make sure that they don't destroy anything in there, alright? It'll set back my plans far too much. Not that they aren't already set back by all these tasks that are falling on my shoulders. I suppose this is the price I pay for trying to do quality work instead of quantity.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Not now, Character. I only have time to talk to you about things when you're done, alright?

Mission Objective(s)

The lab is quiet, which means that there's probably a trap waiting for you.

  • Investigate disturbance in Anti-Matter's lab
    • Investigate the disturbance
    • Defeat all incoming Longbow

You spoke with Dark Watcher and discovered the backgrounds of Arachnos and Longbow, though one thing still concerns you. He spoke of a massive attack being launched by Arachnos on one of Anti-Matter's reactors. What could this mean?

Arc Flash


V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge Hero.png Paragon Heroes

Notable NPCs

It should be noted that if you have already done a resistance arc involving Dark Watcher, he has a different dialogue tree.

Contact Small Dark Watcher.jpg
Dark Watcher


Hello, Character. We need to make this quick.

What? Who are you? How do you know my name?

My name is Dark Watcher. I know many things about you, Character. I know that you believe, or at least show you believe, in protecting the people of Praetoria. I know that you would do anything to protect the people, even if it meant working with a lunatic such as Praetor Tilman or consorting with people such as Anti-Matter.

It is because of these things that I appear before you today to speak with you.

And what do you want to speak to me about?

About incursions by Longbow and Arachnos. You may, or may not, be aware that these two groups are not from Praetoria. They are from a place called Primal Earth, another dimension that mirrors this one. There, your Emperor Cole is called Statesman. The planet has not been devoured by Hamidon, but was ravaged by aliens called the Rikti.

Longbow are afraid of Emperor Cole, or as they call him, Tyrant. They've run into him before and believe he intends to destroy our world. That aspect I cannot prove beyond a doubt yet. What I do want to prove to you is that Longbow is not your enemy, only their ignorance is.

They endanger the people of Praetoria. I can't sit by while that hapens.

This is very true. I am working as hard as possible on my end to get them to see not all 'Praetorians' are evil. Many Longbow believe even innocent Praetorian citizens wish to see Primal Earth burn. Obviously, this is causing somewhat of a bad... issue, with us.

The only group from Primal Earth who truly are up to no good are Arachnos, who I'm sure you've run into. They seek to manipulate the Resistance in order to destroy Cole and all of Praetoria. They are the true enemy, to both you and your people. Even now, they plan a massive attack against one of Anti-Matter's reactors. One that I believe only you and one another man, Interrogator Kang, will be able to stop.

The last thing I ask of you is to follow the intuition of Interrogator Kang. He is an intelligent man who is on the brink of discovering something that, I believe, will be massive. I just regret that in all of this, I will be unable to help you with what comes next.

What comes next?

An ambush by Longbow. This will be the last time you face them. I apologize, Character.


Alternate Dialogue if you have encountered Dark Watcher before

Contact Small Dark Watcher.jpg
Dark Watcher


Hello, Character. We need to make this quick.

Dark Watcher? What are you doing here?

I could ask you the same, Character I had believed you were part of the Resistance. I'm somewhat surprised to see you here, working together with Anti-Matter.

Things change, Dark Watcher. What are you doing here?

I'm here to speak with you about incursions by Longbow and Arachnos. You may, or may not, be aware that these two groups are not from Praetoria. They are from a place called Primal Earth, another dimension that mirrors this one. There, your Emperor Cole is called Statesman. The planet has not been devoured by Hamidon, but was ravaged by aliens called the Rikti.

Longbow are afraid of Emperor Cole, or as they call him, Tyrant. They've run into him before and believe he intends to destroy our world. That aspect I cannot prove beyond a doubt yet. What I do want to prove to you is that Longbow is not your enemy, only their ignorance is. I ask that you believe me for the sake of the people of Praetoria, such as miss Penelope Yin and others.

If they see us as the enemy, I have to do something.

This is very true. I am working as hard as possible on my end to get them to see not all 'Praetorians' are evil. Many Longbow believe even innocent Praetorian citizens wish to see Primal Earth burn. Obviously, this is causing somewhat of a bad... issue, with us.

The only group from Primal Earth who truly are up to no good are Arachnos, who I'm sure you've run into. They seek to manipulate the Resistance in order to destroy Cole and all of Praetoria. They are the true enemy, to both you and your people. Even now, they plan a massive attack against one of Anti-Matter's reactors. One that I believe only you and one another man, Interrogator Kang, will be able to stop.

The last thing I ask of you is to follow the intuition of Interrogator Kang. He is an intelligent man who is on the brink of discovering something that, I believe, will be massive. I just regret that in all of this, I will be unable to help you with what comes next.

Final page (possibly a text error and should read 'What comes next?' like the first encounter dialogue)

An ambush by Longbow. This will be the last time you face them. I apologize, Character.


V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After talking to Dark Watcher, you will be ambushed by four waves of Longbow, then a Hero.


You'd think Emperor Cole would give me more support than just a lone Powers Division for my labs, wouldn't you? But no, he thinks I can just rely on you to get everything done. Doesn't feel good, does it, Character? Unfortunately, my hands are tied in terms of helping you. I'm just barely getting done everything that's on my schedule. I can't afford to slip up, not after losing my Praetorship.

Anti-Matter's helmet beeps.

Hold on. I've got an important conference. Talk to me in a bit, Character.

Part Five: Praetoria's Last, Best Hope

This is ridiculous! Character, this is... the nerve... of everyone! Arachnos troops have taken over one of my reactors! Some fool named Arbiter Sands is leading their troops and plans to blow up one of my own creations! Do you have any idea, any idea how catastrophic that will be?! The other two reactors can survive the blast, I designed them to in case one collapsed. But none of Berry's makeshift toys will survive the impact. Of course, I told him to design them that way, but he wouldn't listen! Half of Neutropolis would be wiped away if that reactor explodes!

Do you know who will be blamed for that? I will, at least by the people! But what am I ordered to do? No, not, 'drop everything and stop Arachnos'. No, I'm ordered to work harder on my projects and allow it to happen. The fools! They want to give us a good reason to hate Arachnos, a good reason for my project. But I never even wanted to fall from Praetorship just to work on this project. I never wanted any of this. And I don't want the destruction of one of my creations be what fuels this little war!

I'm on it. We can get the rest of the PPD to help.

We can't, Character. The 'powers that be' have ensured the PPD won't be around to handle the situation. Well, all except one. I've gotten word that Interrogator Kang is on the scene. But that one man doesn't have your abilities. He can't handle this on his own. You need to go down there and stop Arachnos from blowing up my reactors. They have an Arachnos flyer in here and actually disabled our sonic fencing defenses!

They're out there in full force. I'd bring any other Powers Division that you can, or at least go in prepared to fight the full force of Arachnos. Take this device. It will reboot the sonic fencing defenses in the area to destroy the Arachnos flyer. I've been given orders to preserve it, but if worse comes to worse, I need you to blow that thing up.

You and Kang are the only people who can stop this, Character.

Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should call him now to discuss events with Anti-Matter.

Unnecesary Solicitation

Character, you don't have the time to be talking to me right now!

Contacting Calvin Scott 


I've heard all about the situation, Character. You deserve an explanation about why exactly we're working with Arachnos.

I'm listening.

Lord Recluse has promised the Resistance support in the form of weapons and technology. Now, previously, they were our only option. Of course, I know why Arachnos was so gung-ho about helping us. They found out that Cole killed the Praetorian version of Lord Recluse a very long time ago; don't ask me how, or even why Cole did such a thing.

However, we're now starting to receive some support from Longbow and a man called Dr. Sheridan in the form of a Rift Chamber. I can explain everything to you when the time comes.

But for now, if you're going to be saving that reactor, I'll need you to retrieve information that Anti-Matter is working on.

How am I going to do that?

Take this code. Dr. Sheridan says that you should be able to use it to hack into the computer.

The computer should be somewhere at the base of the reactor. You'll be able to find out what exactly Anti-Matter is working on, and we'll be able to gain some support from Longbow.

I'll see what I can do.

Icon clue generic.png
Calvin Scott's Plan
You received a long code to use on one of the computer's at the base of Anti-Matter's reactor. With this code, you'll be able to access information that is stored within the computer.
Anti-Matter's Reactor

Mission Objective(s)

Arachnos have fortified the area around Anti-Matter's reactor to ensure they have it under complete control. Little do they know that the order has been given to let it explode. It's up to you know to protect the lives of every single citizen that lives in Neutropolis.

  • Save Anti-Matter's Reactor and Neutropolis!
    • 30 Arachnos to defeat
    • Defeat Arbiter Kim, Defeat Arbiter Oates, Defeat Arbiter Curry
    • 2 drones to defeat to disable Dr. Aeon's invincibility
    • Defeat Dr. Aeon
    • Defeat Arbiter Sands
    • Re-activate the sonic fence defenses to destroy the flyer

You've saved Anti-Matter's reactor from Arachnos!

Arbiter Sands


V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Interrogator Kang (Praetorian Police, Ally)
  • Dr. Aeon (Lieutenant)
  • Arbiter Sands (Arachnos Elite Boss)
  • Arbiter Kim (Arachnos Lieutenant)
  • Arbiter Oates (Arachnos Lieutenant)
  • Arbiter Curry (Arachnos Lieutenant)
The Arbiters are the living will of Lord Recluse. In the Rogue Isles, an attack on an Arbiter is an attack on Recluse himself. It is one of the few things that Recluse does not tolerate.
  • Operative Beumeller (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Operative Anes (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Operative Fite (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Operative Aizawa (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Operative Shen (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Operative Greene (Wolf Spider Huntsman)
  • Arachnos Flyer (Neutral, Non-combat)

Contact Small Computer.jpg


You put in the password Calvin Scott sent you and find the following information...

The reactor cores help power all of Nova Praetoria, but more importantly, they help to move forward the plans to build the War Walker, incredible machines built by Anti-Matter to wipe out all enemies that stand in our way. Once they have served their primary purpose, they can be used to easily wipe out the Resistance problem. The plans to reveal the War Walkers involves the full support of the people of Praetoria. Then, we shall use the beacon in Neuron's tower to begin the full assault.

Interrogator Kang dialogue 

At the mission entrance:

Character! Anti-Matter may be difficult to deal with, but I suppose it shouldn't be said that he doesn't care for the people of Praetoria.
When this is all over, you and I have some very important business to handle.
Until then, let's move forward and stop Arachnos!


I'm sorry... you need to save Neutropolis now!

Arachnos Soldiers dialogue 

Before combat: Today we serve the glory of Lord Recluse in Praetoria! We will show Cole his true might!
Combat Start: Kill the Praetorians!

Before combat: Today we make our stand. Today we will die for the glory of Lord Recluse!
Combat Start: You can't stop this, Powers Division! Arachnos' might will prevail!

Before combat: They think Primal Earth is weak, that we will fall over and die, but they shall learn to fear Arachnos!
Combat Start: Fire everything! Take them down!

Before combat: Don't let any Praetorians through!
Combat Start: FIRE!

Arbiters dialogue 

Arbiter Oates:

Before combat: How many Praetorians are on the scene? Have that many troops really fallen?
Combat start: An attack on an Arbiter is a direct attack on Lord Recluse!

Arbiter Kim:

Before combat: Get Sands on the line, we've got problems.
Combat start: Powers Division! You face the Arbiters of Arachnos!

Arbiter Curry:

Before combat: We'll be fine. Sands says he's got Dr. Aeon here to provide back-up with his machines, if worse comes to worse.
Combat start: Your life ends here, Powers Division!

Dr. Aeon dialogue 

Before combat:

Stupid drones! Do I have to do EVERYTHING myself?!
...I'm not supposed to do everything myself!
Praetoria... looks pretty nice. This Berry knows what he's doing.

Combat start:

Ah, a Praetorian! This will be an excellent test of my new Aeon Field!
Eradicate this Praetorian!

Arbiter Sands dialogue 

Before combat:

You know, the fact that I had to come down here shows that we're not hiring the go-getters anymore.

Combat start:

See, I thought Praetoria would be great, no annoying 'heroes'. But you're all just called Powers Division here, and you're -just- as annoying.
Rikti bombs fail, occupying the reactor going poorly... this really calls for me to take a nice vacation when we take over Faultline.


Anti-Matter lets out a relieved sigh.

You don't know how relieved I am that the reactor didn't blow up. I've got a lot of people angry at me over this, but I was able to slide the blame over to Praetor White. I told them that I couldn't stop someone from Powers Division from handling the situation. Of course, they've increased my workload for the project and jumped up the date, but it's nothing I can't handle. Well, unless there's another inter-dimension invasion from Primal Earth.

You said someone by the name of Arbiter Sands was there? Annoying... I wish I could've put him down myself. It's too bad about the Arachnos flyer. Well, too bad for Berry. He was the one who wanted to examine it. I'm sure he would've made a fine line of flyers that would break down in two months. Me? I wouldn't bother with it. They're using the same technology that those bombs were hooked up with. All shoddy stuff compared to what I'm capable of, that's for sure.

No Survivors


Invasion Plans

This video contains the invasion plans that Emperor Cole has for Primal Earth. You kept it after Interrogator Kang helped you track down its location. The one part that strikes you each time is when the video mentions that there will be...

No Survivors

Interrogator Kang mentioned many times in your previous work with him that he was investigating a very large case. This was it. You went to a lab to meet with him and discovered just exactly what Anti-Matter was working on all this time: a massive army for Cole to use to invade Primal Earth! It was here you were faced with a grim choice. Do you reveal this information to the people and risk riots and chaos breaking out in the streets of Praetoria, or do you bear this heavy burden on your own shoulders and see if you can stop Cole's plan for this massive war?

Finale: Responsibility

Well, Character, I believe you and I are done with each other. I've been ordered to cut ties with you in order to focus more on my current projects. Normally, I would just tell you to get out of my sight. But, I think you and I have an understanding of each other.

You want to protect the people of Praetoria, and I respect that. I want my creations to be perfect and long-lasting, unlike Berry's piles of junk.

I just have one last message that I received for you. I don't know why this PPD official thinks that I'm some sort of messenger boy. I'm sure that once I regain my Praetorship, none of this will happen again.

What's the message?

It's from Interrogator Kang. He wants you to meet him at this location. He said something about needing your help to finish one of his investigations.

Good luck with that, Character. When I rise back to power as a Praetor, you can be sure I won't forget the help you've given me today.

Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should call him now.

Contacting Calvin Scott 


Character, you've travelled quite the road, haven't you? I commend your efforts in infiltrating the Loyalists. But now it's time to come home.

We have a new assignment for you.

I'll just have to finish up things with Kang. He has something important for me.

Understandable. I admit, I'm not too sure what Kang is going to want with you. But whatever it is, you need to choose to come back to the Resistance. Dr. Sheridan has completed a working Rift Enclosure for us to use. You're going to travel to Primal Earth to help rally all of our allies there to help fight Emperor Cole.

Finish things up with Kang and Sheridan will contact you sometime afterwards.

Will do, Scott.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Anti-Matter turns away from you, talking to several people at once through the feed on his helmet.

Mission Objective(s)

You see a note on the ground from Kang. 'I'm at the back. Prepare yourself. What I've found is going to change everything.'

  • Meet with Kang (Single Player)


  • None

Notable NPCs

War Walkers at the ready.

Interrogator Kang:

I need to warn you, Character. You're not going to like what you see on this recording...
We've been ordered to mobilize by Emperor Cole. The target is confirmed: Primal Earth
Each of the War Walkers can handle at least a dozen super-powered beings from Primal Earth.
We've also designed them to disable the medi-porter technology on Primal Earth.
Once the attack is launched, we predict the war will be over within a week.
No super-powered being on Primal Earth will be left alive.
We need to get this out to the people, Character. We can't allow this to happen!
These people deserve a chance to reform, but Cole... he's going to kill every last super on Primal Earth!

Moral Choice

Players are presented with a moral choice: to aid the Resistance or go over to the Loyalists.

  • Reveal Cole's Invasion with Kang. Reveal Cole's plans of war to the people. Aid the Resistance. The people of Praetoria need to know that their 'glorious' leader plans to launch a full scale war to wipe out an entire dimension of super beings! What about the threat of Hamidon? Or using this army to secure peace in this world? The people must know about this, to help rally against Cole and stop this war from happening! It will be difficult to gather support at first, but with this information known to everyone, it will be the first step of many towards rallying the people to the cause of the Resistance! (This is the final moral choice for the Responsibility line in Praetoria.)
  • Handle the Invasion Yourself. Stop Cole's Invasion without the people knowing. Aid the Loyalists. Letting the people know about this could throw Praetoria into sheer chaos. There could be riots in the streets and more people than ever joining the Resistance. People will die if this is let out. But then again, innocents will die both in Praetoria and Primal Earth if this war goes through. You'll have to prevent this news from getting out and then somehow find a way to stop this war yourself! (This is the final moral choice for the Responsibility line in Praetoria.)
Aid the Resistance
  • Use the Communicator to talk to Jessica Flores
Communicate with Jessica Flores 
Jessica Flores

You access the computer and manage to use it to get in touch with Jessica Flores.

Hello? Hello? Who is this?

I'm Character. This is Jessica Flores, correct?

Yes, this is she. Character? Aren't you, like, one of the big names in the Powers Division? Listen, if you're trying to arrest me for one of my reports...!

I'm trying to give you a report, Jessica. (Send the data through)

There's silence on the line for a few minutes as Jessica watches the footage.

This... Character... this is... this is ground-breaking! If people knew about this, they wouldn't stand for it! Not if we make sure that Cole's propaganda machine doesn't spin it around!

So you'll get this out to the people?

Yes, of course I will! It may take a while, well, it's going to take a while, but I'll make sure this gets in the right hands! I won't be able to just put it out on TPN. I've learned the hard way that Cole's machine knows how to spin things in his favor. But you can trust me, Character. I'll make sure that when this gets released, there's no way Cole can get out from this one!

Alright, I'm trusting you with this, Jessica.

Aid the Loyalists
  • Speak with Kang
Contact Small Interrogator Kang.jpg
Interrogator Kang


Character, what is it?

Kang, we can't let this out to the people

What? Character, we have to, ther is no choice in the matter! Cole isn't planning a war, he's planning a slaugther! How can you support that? Innocents in Primal Earth will die! Don't you understand?!

The people need to know, they need to stand against this!

I understand, Kang. But this will only cause more innocents to suffer!

Then what do you suggest, Character? That we just sit by and let this happen? I've been here before the Seers, Character. I've seen how this country has changed. I won't stand by and let it be tarnished by something like this!

We handle it, Kang. You and I, we try to stop the invasion and keep the people safe

Kang lets out a heavy sigh

Character... I cannot help you. I can't keep secrets from people anymore. The Seers Program, Arachnos, Longbow... I sacrificed my own daugther to help Praetoria. My own daughter, Character! I can't do it anymore. I can't continue to support Cole, to support this government. And I can't let the people continue to think everything is fine when it is not.

I'm releasing this information to the people, Character. With or without your support.

Kang, don't make me do this. I'm trying to protect the people!

So am I, Character. You think you can save everyone from within the system, but you're wrong. It can't be done. I've tried, I've tried so hard to always do what's right, only to see people like Tilman and Berry put their own selfish needs ahead of the people.

I'm giving you one last chance, Character. Let me tell the people, or I'll force you out of my way.

I'm sorry, Kang. I can't let you do this.

The you leave me no choice!



File:Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder

You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.


  • Anti-Matter's Praetorians profile for a list of his powers.
  • Anti-Matter's Primal Earth counterpart is Positron.
  • Although Anti-Matter's appearance remains identical prior to Going Rogue unlike almost all of the other Praetors who all received appearance changes, Anti-Matter was given three different auras (Alpha, Atomic and Gaseous) stacked with each other to give a unique combined aura when in combat.