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The Arachnos Flier, being attacked by a team of villains.


The Arachnos Flier is a Giant Monster as part of the Zone Event in Grandville. It also appears in the final mission of the Statesman Task Force. One appears in Mercy Island as a Transport but it cannot be destroyed in that zone.

Since Issue 12, whenever the Arachnos Flier spawns in Grandville, the channel Villain Zone Event Messages will display the text Arachnos Flyer patrol beginning in Grandville.


Archnos Flier Gamma in transit

The Arachnos Fliers are used primarily for troop deployment. If you see one, run.


Arachnos frequently sends aerial patrols down into the Gutter to curb any hostile activities and to provide valuable combat experience for its troops. Every 2-8 hours (real time) and during dusk (game time), a large transport emerges from the hangar atop the Watchtower and slowly descends to the lowest levels of Grandville. During transit to its drop zones, the transport will have an incredibly powerful shield active, protecting it from all attacks. When it reaches its drop zones, the transport will lower its shields to engage its attacks. Also, 7-12 Bane Spiders will teleport from the ship down to the ground. These troops attack any unallied targets in the area, which typically end up being Arachnoids or player villains. If there is nothing about, the Bane Spiders stand guard for a short while. Pay very special attention to both the squads and the flier; troops occasionally radio for backup.


File:Badge arachnosflier.png Heat Seeker

You have successfully brought down one of Lord Recluses' fliers. Lord Recluse is amused.


Arachnos Flier Gamma at a waypoint
  • The flier is currently working correctly.
  • The Arachnos Flier launches from the tower in the center of Grandville. It will follow its fixed patrol path, landing at four hot-zones. When in transit the flyer has a massive force field making it invulnerable. Once it reaches a hot-zone, it will lower the force field and scan the area for targets. After two minutes of this, it will raise the force field and move to the next hot-zone. After the fourth hot-zone it will leave a shield down, and move out of Grandville entirely.[1]
  • There are four named versions of the Arachnos Flier, each with its own fixed patrol path: Arachnos Flier Alpha, Arachnos Flier Beta, Arachnos Flier Delta, and Arachnos Flier Gamma.

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