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An official guide to giant monsters as posted by EJ "Ravenstorm" Nelson on the official site.


There are many frightening and dangerous entities in our world.

Some are relatively mundane, such as gang members with super powers, or the clunky clockwork robots of the Clockwork King, while others aspire to grandiose villainy and arch-plans, such as the criminals of the Rogue Isles.

But there are some threats that outstrip almost all others, and cause even the greatest heroes (and villains, too, I suppose), pause. The Federal Bureau of Super-powered Affairs calls them "Threats" officially (although they seem to classify everything as a Threat) but they are more commonly referred to among agents by the informal phrase, "Giant Monsters."

Despite the lighthearted slang that conjures up images of radioactive lizards and valleys of lost dinosaurs, the following threats are deadly serious.

I've worked for months to gain access to some of these reports. Some, like Ravenstorm's, were shared with me in a spirit that more knowledge is good for the common hero, and if this information helps protect one green Super Group, it's done its job.

Other pages were secretly acquired by me, personally, or through the help of anonymous sources – revealing the names of those who helped me riffle through the files of Lord Recluse's top aides would mean certain, torturous death.

This information comes from the highest ranks, and should be treated as very reliable.

Photographs were provided by a legion of trustworthy freelance photographers, all of whom risked their lives to document these Giant Monsters.

All of this material is highly confidential. When I get the chance, I will expand upon it and put it out for the public to see.

From the lost files of Jackson Turner

Gm adamastor.jpg Gm arachnos-flyer.jpg Gm babbage.jpg Gm ballista.jpg
Gm caleb.jpg Gm deathsurge.jpg Gm eochai.jpg Gm ghost-of-scrapyard.jpg
Gm ghost-ship.jpg Gm jack-in-irons.jpg Gm jurassik.jpg Gm kraken.jpg
Gm lusca.jpg Gm paladin.jpg Gm sally.jpg