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Neuron (Praetorian).jpg
Praetor of the Sciences
Zone Neutropolis
Coordinates (1682, -51, -643)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
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Neuron, also known as Praetor Berry, is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis at coordinates (1682, -51, -643).  His level range is 15-20.

Heroes face him on the following missions:

Heroes and Villains can find him in:


Praetor of Science Academies
Real Name Steve Berry
Gender Male
Archetype Blaster
Affiliation Praetorians
Neuron Technologies Unlimited
Age Unknown
Romantic Associations Bobcat
Known Family Unknown
Primary Powers Electric Blast
Secondary Powers Electric Melee
Zone Locations Neutropolis
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Known as Praetor Berry, Praetor of Sciences, in Praetoria, Neuron is a genius who steals his best ideas from Anti-Matter, the Praetorian version of Positron. He and Praetor Duncan dupe Anti-Matter regularly to ensure that Neuron ends up with all the credit and none of the mistakes.

Overview History

Steven Berry wasn't born with super powers, he gave them to himself. By using an untested procedure he devised on himself, Steven gained super human mental and physical celerity. He took on the name Neuron and joined the Praetorian Guard, immediately gaining notice from then-President Cole.

Another person who took notice was Dr. Raymond "Anti-Matter" Keyes, Cole's chief science advisor. He was annoyed at Neuron's brash and reckless approach to science, but despite Keyes's warnings, Cole continued to enlist Neuron's aid. In the aftermath of the Hamidon Wars, Neuron continues to steal Anti-Matter's thunder, producing marvelous advances in technology faster than Anti-Matter can keep up. So far, Neuron's successes have kept him in Cole's good graces. To honor his ongoing results, Cole transferred Anti-Matter's title, Praetor of the Science Academies, to Neuron. This slight is something that Anti-Matter has vowed not to soon forget.

Taken from Neuron Official Character Profile

Full History

You tune in your television to Emperor Cole's award ceremony for Steven Berry, president of Neuron Technologies Unlimited.

“To better understand the brilliance of the man once known simply as Neuron, the fastest man on the planet, we must look back to the dark days of the Hamidon Wars where his true colors were revealed.

“Born just before the start of the wars, Steven Berry was always fascinated by science. Unable to pursue a formal education due to the collapsing infrastructure of the world at that time, Steven learned what he could by diligently watching the work of those few intellectuals around him. When the call to supers went out, Steven yearned to help save the world he loved. Such was his dedication to our world that despite not being born with super powers he bravely performed his untried and untested neural accelerator procedure upon himself. The results, I must say, were quite simply amazing!

“Now possessing the fastest mind and body in the world, Steven Berry adopted the moniker ‘Neuron’ and raced headlong into the fight against the Devouring Earth. During his time with the Praetorian Guard, his keen mind and lightning speed saved the day on more than one occasion, disproving the adage that old age and treachery will always overcome youth and speed.

“When the wars ended, Berry teamed up with his old comrade, Dr. Raymond Keyes. Together the two formed a friendly rivalry, pushing one another to greater and greater scientific exploits. Keyes built the original Clockwork that helped rebuild our world. Berry improved upon them, giving us the multitude of kind and beautiful helpers that you see all around the city. Keyes built the miraculous antimatter colliders that power our city. Berry created a universal antidote for the diseases that not so long ago wracked our world’s population. Each bout of intellectual rivalry between these two great minds bore dividends for Praetoria and her citizens.

“And now, I ask you to behold the fabulous exploits of the most celebrated scientific mind of our time! Steven Berry astounds the world yet again with another shocking breakthrough in advanced biochemical research by curing cancer in the very same week that he discovered a vaccine for combating first stage Tellurian Plague. The man of speed conducts a thousand experiments in the time it would take an ordinary scientist to do one. Our world owes much to this magnificent man of science. His tireless pursuit of solutions to our every problem betters us all.

“It is due to his devotion to Praetoria that I, Emperor Cole, hereby elevate Steven Berry from mild-mannered supergenius to Praetor Elect of the Science Academies. With his new title comes new responsibility, responsibility which I have no doubt Praetor Berry will carry proudly and successfully into our bright, bright future.”

Taken from Neuron Official Bio

Character Stats

Prior to Going Rogue:

Public Identity: Steven Berry
Origin: Science
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Electric Blast
Secondary Powers: Electric Melee
Other Powers:
Signature Powers:

After Going Rogue:

Public Identity: Steven Berry
Origin: Science
Archetype: Scrapper
Primary Powers: Electric Melee
Secondary Powers: Super Reflexes
Other Powers: Super Speed
Signature Powers: +++ Missing Information +++insert name of clone power

During the Tin Mage Mark II Task Force, Neuron will have access to +++ Missing Information +++insert name of clone power which allows Neuron to summon multiple minion and lieutenant copies of himself to attack the players. Neuron's Super Speed in addition is permanently active and does not suppress.



Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Praetor of the Sciences

Praetor Berry, also known as Neuron, the fastest man alive, is the man in charge of the Science Academies of Praetoria. Capable of multi-tasking on a level unheard of, Neuron handles the job admirably. Though he is responsible for many great and marvelous breakthroughs, he is also responsible for some of the greatest atrocities imaginable. To him, the end results justify any and all means, and he pursues any and all means.

Prior to Introduction

I haven't scheduled any time to interact with you at this juncture. Come back to me when you've made an appointment.

Initial Contact

I may look rather busy but I assure you, I am giving you the appropriate amount of attention necessary at this time.


Little time for pleasantries, so a simple hello will have to suffice.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I deal with dangerous experiments and their equally dangerous side effects. I need to make sure that you are at least Security Level 15, which it doesen't seem you are. Come back to me when you've remedied that situation.

No More Missions

The results of several recent experiments have changed the course of my future endeavours for the foreseeable future. I have no need of your abilities at this time, but, I assure you that I will keep you in mind for when I do.


Story Arcs

A God Amongst Men

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Cole's Helmet

You kept the Olympian's helmet after defeating him. You keep it as a trophy to remind you of the minor bit of subterfuge that transformed you into:

A God Amongst Men

It began when you met Praetor Berry, the eccentric super hero known as Neuron. You had valuable data recovered from the late Dr. Hetzfeld's laboratory work on Neuron's failed experiments along with delivering the psychic known as Simon Omega. Neuron saw fit to include you in his latest task, which was to build a copy of Emperor Cole, codenamed: The Olympian. All he needed was a cybernetic brain to be unwillingly donated by his rival, Anti-Matter. When you went to steal the brain, however, the containment crate it was in malfunctioned and destroyed it, so you grabbed the next best thing and escaped.

With the wrong brain installed, Neuron's experiment went haywire. You were forced to destroy it rather than let it run lose and potentially go on a killing spree in Neuron's Reach.

Neuron decided that he was going to abandon the artificial brain angle and use Simon Omega's brain instead. He needed a Limbo Device, however, to prevent Omega's consciousness from gaining control of The Olympian. You took such a device from the Syndicate who were using it to mask themselves and their out of town guests from the Seers.

Neuron installed the brain and was so confident that it would work he wanted to do a live fire test. You suggested that he organize a Resistance attack. While he busied himself with that you took it upon yourself to ensure that the Olympian would fail. After all, a world filled with Cole clones didn't need people like you, and that just would not do.

You spoke to Anti-matter, extending the olive branch of humiliating Neuron in order to secure his aid. With Anti-matter's help you were able to have The Olympian's Limbo Device be set to reverse polarity at a critical moment, thus driving it into a fit of madness.

As the Resistance attack on the Magisterium commenced The Olympian arrived, started fighting, and then went berserk. Neuron came unhinged and in a panic agreed that you were the only viable person to send to stop The Olympian before things got completely out of hand.

Your arrival was heralded by exclamations and cheers from the people. You faced off against The Olympian who was now too weak to stop you, thus saving Praetoria City and proving to the world that you are a god amongst men.

Part One: A Mind For Detail

I'm making the next generation of soldier to keep the order in Praetoria. I call it the Olympian Somethingorother, and you're going to help me complete it. The last part that I need to get this to work is a cybernetic brain, and I know that Anti-Matter is working on one right now. I need you to get that brain for me. In the meantime, I'll start working on deciphering the mental patterns from this Omega dude so I can add them to the brain you're going to get for me.

Get the cybernetic brain

I personally know that Anti-Matter is prototyping this brain at this lab. Use this passcard, go find the brain and then bring it back to me.

Neuron gives you a passcard to get into the lab without a hitch.

Icon clue generic.png
Anti-Matter Labs Passcard
This passcard appears to be Azure level access. You imagine that is fairly high access or you wouldn't be able to walk into the lab and steal the new prototype.

Unnecessary Solicitation

With the passcode you can walk in, grab the brain, and leave. It'll be easy.

Mission Objective(s)

Using this passcard you should be able to get to the brain safely, then get out with no one the wiser.

  • Steal Brain from Anti-Matter's Lab
    • Steal A.I. Brain
    • Quick! Find a brain! ANY BRAIN!
    • Escape before Anti-Matter arrives!

You stole an artificial intelligence brain for Neuron.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Anti-Matter's Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Anti-Matter's Clockwork Dialogue 

Passive: WRK.WRK
Once the crate explodes: ARM.WPN/FND INT

Containment Crate 138878975 Dialogue 
Containment Crate

The crate has a passcard reader on it. There is also a blinking yellow light.

Slide passcard

The light turns red.

Error! Containment Breach!

Sealing in three... two... one...

Open it, quick!

Warning: Catastrophic Containment Failure!


Containment Crate 138897875 Dialogue 
Containment Crate

The crate has a passcard reader on it. There is also a blinking green light.

Slide passcard

The light turns solid green.


Open it and grab the brain

You quickly but carefully remove the containment cylinder from the liquid nitrogen bath and seal the crate again.


Balloon.png WARNING!

(Anti-Matter will arrive in 5 minutes!)
Containment failure in Artificial Intelligence Storage.
Security breach detected.

Anti-Matter Dialogue 

Before combat: NEUROOOON!!!
Combat start: Character? You will DIE for your trespasses!

Balloon.png Welcome back, doctor Keyes.

I hope your day has been cheerful.
The ambient temperature is exactly 25 degrees Celsius.
I regret to inform you that you still have no messages or calls from Ms. Duncan
I also regret to inform you that there has been a containment breach in the artificial intelligence lab.
Additionally, there is a security breach in the artificial intelligence lab
The two incidents are almost certainly related.
Is there anything more I can do to ensure you are comfortable during your time here?

Icon clue generic.png
Destroyed Cybernetic Brain
When you opened the containment crate there was a violent chemical reaction which destroyed the contents of the crate in a powerful explosion.
Icon clue generic.png
Cybernetic Brain
This is a similar cybernetic brain to the one you were sent to recover. Since the other one is destroyed, it will have to do.


Excellent, excellent. Put it over there, I'll get to it in a second once I make some adj... Done. Alright, let's get on to installing that brain...

Mmm Hmmm, ok, odd. This is the best Keyes and his grumpy old men could come up with? This thing is almost identical to last month's Warworks prototype. I mean, they didn't even modify the container, or upgrade it with blinking lights. It's gotta have blinking lights, it makes people think it's working really fast.

Hrmmm, well, I'll see how it works out and then fix any bugs in the system as they come up.

You seem like a decent member of the Powers Division. I think you deserve a bit more of my attention than usual.

Part Two: A Matter of Recognition

I've finished installing the brain into the prototype Olympian. Yes, do you like the name? I thought it up myself, Cole heartily approved of it.

I'm going to need to run a battery of combat tests to make sure there aren't any bugs in the system. There shouldn't be, I've gone over everything once already. I'll need you to accompany The Olympian in his first combat exercise. It learns by watching and doing, so seeing you in action will accelerate its learning curve, much like a child mimicking its parents.

Help test The Olympian

Everything is set up in one of my labs. Go and meet The Olympian down there, the combat test should be set up right about now.

The Olympian

Unnecesary Solicitation

I'm ready, just waiting on you.

Mission Objective(s)

Your instructions are to navigate The Olympian through a combat test course.

  • Help Test Neuron's Latest Experiment
    • 4 target dummy groups to destroy

You stopped the berserk Olympian prototype.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Neuron's Clockwork

Notable NPCs

Neuron's genetic engineering experiments at recreating Marcus Cole have reached a viable state, though its power pales in comparison to the Emperor.

Contact Small Praetor Berry.jpg

Mission Entry:

Neuron: Begin by taking the test subject to the target dummies and attacking them.
Neuron: Once it recognizes that they are hostile, it will attack as well.

After defeating last target group:

Neuron: That went well, now for the next test...
Neuron: Wait... what is the code doing?
The Olympian: Broadcast Message: Do not panic.
The Olympian: We are not conquerors, we are liberators.
Neuron: !
The Olympian: Please stay in your homes.
Neuron: !!!
The Olympian: Avoid contact with super powered entities.
Neuron: Character! What did you do to this brain!?
The Olympian: Cooperate and together we will work toward a brighter future...
The Olympian: Targeting: Freedom Corps!
Neuron: No no no, I can stop this... one more second...
Neuron: Character it's gone into combat lock.
Neuron: You need to shut it down. NOW!


You know... Character, I don't ask for a lot. I mean, really, I don't.

Right now, I'm working on a vaccine for the constantly mutating Tellurian Plague, two new never before conceived of alloys... make that three, and debugging a prototype soldier that, once operational and in mass production, will make super heroes like you and I obsolete. And can Doctor Keyes and his entire research staff even do one thing right and build the brain that I need for this creation so I can have it stolen? No, they can't. So guess what? Now I get to make once from scratch.

I'm almost done.

You aren't sure you followed anything that Neuron said after '...will make super heroes like you and I obsolete.' There is no way that you are going to live in a world where someone of your potential is going to be second string to some lab grown mass produced Cole clone. Perhaps there is something you can do about that while still culling favor from Praetor Berry.

I've rarely met someone who can keep me interested for very long, but you are certainly worthy of my attention... For now.

Part Three: Something Out of Nothing

Alright, so, trying to map Simon Omega's brain waves to that cybernetic brain, and combine it with the Warwalker A.I. was way too complex. I'm going to take a huge shortcut, and just take his brain and put it in the next clone.

I'm going to need your assistance again though, Character, or this could take a few extra hours of my time and that would push way too much stuff out of the schedule.

I'm going to need you to steal a Limbo Device.

Steal Limbo Device

Unfortunately the only Limbo Device I have been able to keep track of, and that won't get me visited by Ms. Mayhem is in the hands of the Syndicate. From what I've gathered they're using it to mask the movement of some allies who are from... out of town we'll say.

They're meeting at a warehouse down by the private airport in Lambda Sector. As Praetor of Technology I give you full right to do whatever it takes to get that device. Now get going, I'm almost done with the equations.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm not waiting on you, I got a hundred different things I could be working o... Ninety-five things I could be working on.

Mission Objective(s)

With a Limbo Device with them the Syndicate won't be able to sense your arrival until it's too late.

  • Seize Limbo Device from Syndicate and Allies
    • Steal the Limbo Device from the Syndicate Suit

You got the Limbo Device and busted up a meeting between the Syndicate and some possibly troublesome allies.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Sword Master Dialogue 

Before combat: There are many such places across the city that we can ferry supplies in and out of
Combat start: Powers Division!

Arachnos & Syndicate dialogue Dialogue 

Before combat:

Suit: By retaining our services you and your troops will be able to move without fear of detection by Tilman's Seers.
Fortunata Seer: Whatever it is you have, or are doing, it has certainly blanked my foresight. Most unsettling.

Combat start:

Suit: No! How did they find us!?
Fortunata Seer: It seems your services are not without their flaws!

Icon clue generic.png
Limbo Device
The Limbo Device blocks all forms of precognition or telepathy within a short radius. The Syndicate were using it to mask their guests from the Seers. Unfortunately, the loss of a Seer's precognition is readily noticeable, and so triangulating the position of a Limbo Device is actually fairly easy. The tricky part is dealing with whomever it belongs to.


Who? Oh, lots of black and red?

Yeah, that's Arachnos. Don't worry about them, they're not a problem. Let me see the device.

Part Four: Fixing Things

Talk to Anti-Matter

Now that I have the Limbo Device I'm able to keep Omega's brain under total control.

Testing? Pfft, why bother, a field test always provides far more tangible results than some controlled environment. Controlled tests are for the feeble minded who can't handle more variables than they have fingers.

We just need the right situation to do the test.

(Suggest orchestrating a Resistance attack.)

An attack... yes. On the Magisterium!

Hmmm, it'll take even me a while to organize all the factors involved. I'd hate to have the emperor discover that I was the one responsible for an attack on the Magisterium and yet I can't entrust you with the necessary information for such a thing.

This might take me a few hours...

As far as you can tell, Neuron's confidence in his second attempt at the Olympian is not misguided. As is, this thing is going to work, and it is probably going to work flawlessly... that is, unless you do something about it.

It occurs to you that there is one man who can help you not only knock Neuron down a peg, but also elevate yourself in the eyes of the people: Doctor Raymond 'Anti-Matter' Keyes.

With his help you could humiliate Neuron and force Cole to cancel the Olympian Project due to public outcry, thus securing your role as Praetoria's champion.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm going to be busy setting things up for the fight. Surely you can think of something useful to do rather than waiting around. Don't be lazy like Bobcat.

Like talking to Anti-Matter about sabotaging Neuron's creation and making both of you look good in the process? Sure.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Anti-Matter

Contact Small Anti-Matter.jpg


Character... It was you who broke into my lab, destroyed my prototype cybernetic brain, and then stole another. Give me one reason why I shouldn't liquidate you where you stand!

(Explain the situation to Anti-Matter)

Olympian? That fool, Neuron, thinks he can replicate Cole and make Praetoria safer?

You say he's orchestrating the unveiling of his creation at the Magisterium, but you want it to go tragically wrong? To see that would be more than enough repayment for your earlier transgressions.

He's using a Limbo Device in order to internalize the psychic powers of the host? Well then, we'll simply invert the device's energy signature. With the device's signature inverted the host's psychic powers will reach out far and wide, driving him insane.

This will be only the start of Neuron's humiliation. With an insane berserk Marcus Cole on the loose, it will be up to you to swoop in, be the hero, stop the clone, and reveal to the world just how insane Neuron really is.

No problem

Here. Take this uplink to IVy and install it. With IVy under my control I'll be able to covertly modify the necessary lines of code without him ever detecting my presence. All evidence will point to the fact that Neuron has no idea how anything actually works and that his success is only at the tremendous cost of countless trials and errors.

(Take the uplink and leave)

Icon clue generic.png
Remote Uplink
Anti-Matter gave you a remote uplink to install into IVy so that he could access her systems and then hack into Neuron's computer systems.
Install Program in IVy

Mission Objective(s)

  • Install Program in IVy

Contact Small IVy.jpg


Hello, Character, how may I assist you?

(Install the uplink)

Character... What are you

IVy shuts down for a split second and then reactivates.

Hello Character, how may I assist you?


I'm sorry Character, but all of my processors are in use at the moment. I am interacting with the main computer to conduct an important task.

After a few moments IVy again shuts down and then restarts almost immediately.

Hello Character, how may I assist you?

Oh, just woindering where Praetor berry is.

Praetor Berry instructed me to send you to him once you returned.


Talk to Neuron

Mission Objective(s)

  • Talk to Neuron

Finale: Fight of the Century

I'm just finishing up the last details of our little show. According to my sources, the Resistance has taken the bait and are organizing an offensive into the Magisterium as we speak. Within the hour The Olympian will swoop down and save Praetoria. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between him and Cole. They won't even be able to scratch him.

What about the real Cole?

Cole is out of town on business, don't worry, nobody but you, me, and the emperor will ever know what truly happened here today.

And the other Praetors?

Praetor White and Praetor Duncan are busy trying to redeem themselves in Cole's eyes after that debacle with the Destroyers.

Tilman is too busy trying to hunt down DeVore to be bothered by a Resistance attack, and Sinclair and I have an understanding when it comes to secrets.

Sounds like everything is accounted for.

Nothing is left to chance... Wait, yes, nothing is left to chance.

Ah, look, it appears that the attack is commencing...

(Watch the fireworks)

Badge question mark.png


Neuron taps a couple virtual keys in front of himself and The Olympian zips out of the side of the tower and into the air.

Meanwhile, TPN has started broadcasting a breaking news story, a terrorist attack on the Magisterium! Pandemonium is in the streets as Resistance fighters pour out of the CTA and from tunnel entrances all around the Magisterium courtyard. The Clockwork and PPD in the area put up a valiant defense, but are soon ruthlessly cut down by concentrated heavy weapons fire. Over the din of combat comes the voice of John Houston, TPNs most infamous investigative reporter.

"This is John Houston reporting from Praetoria City. A massive Resistance offensive has just begun in the Magisterium. The terrorists have overrun the entire area and are currently besieging the various ministry buildings. Weapons fire continues to report all over the area and there is still no sign of Praetor White or Praetor Duncan. Even the handful of Powers Division seem incapable of stopping the onslaught. One can only guess what important business drew Praetoria's greatest defenders away and enabled the Resistance to make such a concerted and devastating assault on the very heart of Praetoria City... Jimmy, over there!"

The camera swings to look at the base of Cole's Tower where a horde of Resistance fighters surge up the stairs taking pot shots at the statue of Emperor Cole. Suddenly a figure drops down from the heavens and lands in the midst of the fighters, scattering them. A hail of blue energy erupts from the Resistance's weapons, but they bounce harmlessly off of the figure.

The camera zooms in and it is clear that the figure is Marcus Cole, or rather, to everyone else he is, to you he is nothing more than a fake, a badly made copy that, momentarily, will be destroyed by your hands.


John Houston shouts enthusiastically.

"It's Emperor Cole! Thank the heavens, the crisis has been averted!"

The Resistance fighters retreat from Cole and he calmly steps after them, down the steps in front of Cole's Tower. Rallying behind the emperor come the PPD, their morale rebolstered by his timely arrival. And then...

Cole stops. A quiet seems to wash over the Magisterium and only John Houston's sobs of joy can be heard. Then Cole goes completely berserk attacking anyone and everyone he can see.

Neuron cries out.

No! NO! What are you doing? What's going on!?

Oh no, oh no, oh no... Character, this is bad. Very bad! Oh I just thought of twenty... no, fourty ways that this could go bad for me...

That wasn't supposed to happen, I gather?

Of course it wasn't supposed to happen! Look! He's, he's slaughtering everybody! Everyone watching TPN right now is going to think that the Emperor has gone completely mad.

No no no! He threw the car, why'd he throw the car?

Neuron is sweating, he looks to you with teeth clenched, panic in his voice.

I can't go down there to stop it, that would implicate me in the entire plot. I can hear Cole now, 'Very convenient that you showed up when the clone of me went insane and blew up the Magisterium, Stephen.'

Someone has to stop him before it's too late!

Whose strong enough?

Nobody. I made sure that they couldn't react in time to steal the moment of glory... The only other person who could even stand a chance of it is you but...

Wait, that's it! You can stop him! You stopped him before you can do it again!

I dunno, that was a cyborg, this is totally different.

Trust me! I've crunched the numbers, you can do it! You must do it!

Reluctantly agree.

Badge question mark.png


Are you ready to face The Olympian? I've calculated that you have a much higher chance of victory if you bring some friends. He is a clone of Emperor Cole after all.

I'm ready.

Mission Objective(s)

Your arrival is met by the surprised shouts of the citizens proclaiming that they are saved.

  • Unveil The Olympian
    • Defeat the Olympian!

You saved Praetorian from the berserk clone of Marcus Cole!

The Olympian


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Neuron's genetic engineering experiments at recreating Marcus Cole have reached a viable state, though its power pales in comparison to the Emperor.

The Olympian Dialogue 

Upon Aproach:

All of you!

Combat start:

You, Character!
You did this to me!


Ok, ok, ok, major disaster has been averted, now the political spin doctors are the ones who need to work this all out. I know, the Resitance, yeah, they made some guy who looked like Cole to sow confusion, but you saw through the ruse because you knew Cole wasn't in the city, and then you stopped him. Yeah, that's why you could defeat him. It had nothing to do with me making a clone of the emperor for his army...

I am so dead.

Pride in Your Work

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


The Sleeping Emperor

You remember walking into Neuron's lab and there, floating in a stasis tube, was the spitting image of the Emperor, Marcus Cole. But you knew that it was not him. It was a being called The Olympian, a genetic copy of Marcus Cole created by Neuron. That he looked identical to the Emperor was not a coincidence, it merely showed that Neuron's belief was to take:

Pride in Your Work

After defeating The Olympian on the steps of the Magisterium, Neuron was in a panic. He knew that Emperor Cole would be very displeased in the rather public failure of Neuron's latest test, and that sentiment was an understatement. The political spin doctors had already been announcing that what had transpired was actually a Resistance plot that you had thankfully uncovered, but the Emperor's displeasure was still great. He ordered Neuron to halt The Olympian program and destroy the subject.

Neuron disagreed with the decision and proclaimed, to you and you alone, that he would do no such thing. Such was his pride in his work that he could not see that what he did completely undermined the Emperor's authority. He sent you in to destroy The Olympian as he was instructed, but had no intention of destroying his research data.

What Neuron didn't realize is that, like him, you also take pride in your work.

Finale: Following Orders

Cole has informed me that my project is to be cancelled immediately. He has no idea what he is throwing away here! We're so close to success, I just need a little time to figure out exactly what went wrong. I'm sure it's something to do with the Limbo Device, but I don't know exactly what.

Ask what he's going to do.

Cole only need know that the current version of The Olympian is destroyed, but my research will continue. When I have finally overcome whatever critical flaw I overlooked, then Cole will realize that I did the right thing.

Go in and disconnect that flawed chunk of flesh from the nutrient vat. It is of no use to me any more.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Cole has requested that The Olympian be destroyed immediately. The hubris of that man believing that he knows better than I when science is concerned!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Disconnect The Olympian (Single Player)
    • You enter the lab where The Olympian is currently in stasis.

Choices and Futures

Praetor Berry has ordered you to disconnect The Olympian, according to Cole's wishes.

Even though he himself still plans on developing it further...

Perhaps you should show Praetor Berry that if you can't have that power, -no- one can.

Or... you could inform Cole about Berry's schemes, earning favor with the Emperor himself...

Moral Choice

Players are presented with a moral choice: to side with the Resistance or aid the Loyalists.

  • Destroy Berry's Cloning Lab. Destroy all data and material related to The Olympian. Side with the Resistance. The power of The Olympian is too great to be in the hands of someone like Neuron. The only person you can trust with that kind of power is yourself. If you can't have that power, then nobody should have that power. That is the only way to ensure your own safety and that of the people of Praetoria. (This is the final moral choice in the Power storyline.)
  • Inform Cole of Berry's Scheme. Gain favor with the Emperor and expose Berry's betrayal. Aid the Loyalists. Cole's orders were clear, but Praetor Berry's devotion to science is clearly more important to him. What the Empire needs are loyal men and women who follow the orders of their Emperor; not self serving children who think only of themselves. By warning the Emperor of where Berry's true loyalties lie you will prove your own loyalty to Cole and thus gain the trust of the most influential man in the world. (This is the final moral choice in the Power storyline.)
Side with the Resistance

Mission Objective(s)

  • Disconnect The Olympian (Single Player)
    • 4 bombs to arm

Thanks, Character. I don't know what the world would do without you.

Aid the Loyalists

Mission Objective(s)

  • Disconnect The Olympian (Single Player)
    • Contact Emperor Cole
    • Speak with Emperor Marcus Cole

Thanks, Character. I don't know what the world would do without you.

You begin to contact Emperor Cole...
You've sent a message to Emperor Cole.

Contact Small Emperor Cole.jpg
Emperor Cole


Considering recent events I assume that your message is of significance.

It is, my lord.

Please, you are one of Praetoria's greatest defenders, you have both my respect and my admiration. Dispense with the titles and call me Marcus.

Marcus, Praetor berry has chosen not to follow your orders.

I see. Stephen Berry has ever been difficult to control. It is, unfortunately, one of his many and varied flaws. That you suggest we must now add disloyalty is concerning to me. Do you have proof of this?

The Olympian will be destroyed, but the data will not.

I see, and I can understand his desire to keep his research, but there are two reasons why I stand by my decision. First, I believe The Olympian project was too dangerous. It was powerful but was uncontrollable.

Second, I gave Neuron a direct order based on what I had observed. That he chooses to ignore the latter despite the former is greatly concerning. It tells me he has grown blind with pride.

Marcus, if you wish, I will carry out your order.

It is not a matter of me wishing, Character, but rather of me hoping. That you would do the right thing is of great comfort to me. I shall deal with Stephen and The Olympian.

I shall have to remind Praetor Berry that he should not grow too prideful. Too many have already forgotten how hubris nearly destroyed us all.



File:Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder

You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.


Badge time.png This article or section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.

Prior to Issue 18, the following was the description for Neuron:

Neuron is the creation of his own twisted scientific experiment. He gave himself complete control over his body's nervous system. Once he and Anti-Matter worked together as friends but of late a rift has formed between them. Neuron's creation of Siege and the favour that garnered him with Tyrant is the primary cause of discord between them.

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