Vanessa DeVore (Praetorian)

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This article is about the Praetorian Resistance trainer. For the Primal Earth archvillain or the First Ward contact, see Vanessa DeVore or Vanessa DeVore (Contact).

Vanessa DeVore
Vanessa DeVore (UN).jpg

Carnival of Light Leader
Gender Female
Affiliation The Resistance
Carnival of Light
Zone Locations Underground Nova
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Vanessa DeVore is a Praetorian trainer in Underground Nova in the Resistance Hub. Her coordinates are (-4135.1, 512.0, -228.7). Only player characters of the Resistance alignment will be able to enter the Resistance Hub.

Vanessa DeVore is a Praetorian Earth Resistance fighter, and is the leader of the Carnival of Light. She is the Praetorian counterpart to Primal Earth's Vanessa DeVore, the leader of the Carnival of Shadows.


Vanessa DeVore is the mother of the Resistance. It was her warning of what was to come in Cole's new world order that unified a small group of important military leaders into what would a day become The Resistance. Without DeVore's immense psychic power the Resistance would have been tracked down by Mother Mayhem's Seers and smashed by the PPD.

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The mysterious Vanessa DeVore is a powerful psychic who formed the Carnival of Light from the desperate remains of powerful sorcerers and renegade telepaths who saw Emperor Cole for the evil he truly is. It is her mental powers which masks the Resistance from Praetor Tilman and the Seers. She helped form the Resistance from scattered and aimless groups opposed to Emperor Cole's totalitarian regime. She chose Calvin Scott to lead the violence prone Crusaders into battle with the Praetorian usurpers, and on the other hand she has carefully cultivated the Wardens to overthrown the empire from within and ultimately take over.


Praetor Tilman's storyarc reveals Vanessa DeVore's ex-husband is Wu Yin, with their daughter being Penelope Yin.

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