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Bobcat (Praetorian).jpg
Lazy Cat Girl
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-409, -349, -1311)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Dr. Hetzfeld
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
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Bobcat is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (-409, -349, -1311).  Her level range is 15-20.

Heroes can find Bobcat in the following missions:

Heroes and Villains can find her in:



Created during the tail end of the Hamidon Wars, genetic hybrids were made by a variety of military and privately owned laboratories in an attempt to create super powered soldiers to fight the Devouring Earth. Bobcat is one such experiment that merged human and feline DNA. Left abandoned and forgotten after the war she eventually escaped from the lab and roamed the streets of Praetoria City until Neuron found her.

Initially feral and incredibly bad tempered, she quickly grew accustomed to civilized life. She has taken up a near permanent residence in Studio 55, using her influence as a Praetor's girlfriend to remodel the club as she sees fit.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

There's someone I want you to meet. Here is their contact information. I think you would be inclined to work with them.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.

Old model


Lazy Cat Girl

During the tail end of the Hamidon Wars, genetic hybrids were made by a variety of military and privately owned laboratories in an attempt to create super powered soldiers to fight the Devouring Earth. Bobcat is one such experiment that merged human and feline DNA. Left abandoned and forgotten after the war she eventually escaped from the lab and roamed the streets of Praetoria City until Neuron found her.

Initially feral and incredibly bad tempered, she quickly grew accustomed to civilized life. She has taken up a near permanent residence in Studio 55, using her influence as a Praetor's girlfriend to remodel the club as she sees fit.

Prior to Introduction

Do you know me? I sure as heck don't know you. Why don't you go talk with someone else who cares, got it?

Wrong Alignment

Go talk to someone else, can't you see I'm busy here?

Initial Contact

Oh... I could really use a friend like you right now. My jerk of a boyfriend, Stephen, is all but ignoring me lately... I should dump him, I deserve better, don't you think? I mean, I'm cute, and pretty, and I could totally get any guy I wanted, right?

The only time he even talks to me is when he wants me to do some work. Pffft, what do I look like to him? An employee? I'm his girlfriend!

He's cheating on me, huh? I know he is, nobody works that many hours... Hmph, well, I'll show him just what he threw away!

But enough about that insensitive jerk, right now I need to just get out and dance so I can forget about him. Hey, you should come dance with me!


Hey, you look like someone cool! Ooops! I was wrong. Go away.

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I do the most important work for Neuron, which is why he picked me and not you. Maybe if you were as important as me, like say Security Level 14, then maaaaaaybe I might let you help. Until then, scram!

No More Missions

What? No, there's nothing more to do right now. Well, I don't know, maybe there is, but I don't really care.


Story Arc

Best Friends Forever

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


VIP at Studio 55

Being friends with Bobcat has its perks, one of which is being on the VIP list at Studio 55. You never have to wait in line thanks to you and Bobcat being:

Best Friends Forever

You first met Bobcat at Studio 55, lounging on a couch. She'd mentioned how upset she was at Neuron for making her go and do stuff, like she was some sort of employee. She said she'd introduce you to Neuron if you helped her out with what he'd asked her to do. The task at hand was the apprehension of a Syndicate psychic named Jon Shen. You questioned the Syndicate about his whereabouts, and after being duped into taking out one of his rivals, you located the man and brought him in.

Bobcat continued to voice her opinion about how little Neuron, her on-again-off-again boyfriend, respected her. She vowed to prove to him that she was worthy of nothing but respect. After deciding that Neuron was really interested in Jon Shen's wealth, Bobcat suggested robbing the Imperial Bank of Praetoria. You went along for the ride, after all, it was her idea and who are you to argue with the girlfriend of a Praetor?

The bank robbery went splendidly, Bobcat's presentation of the cash to Neuron did not. Flustered, the poor thing pouted on her couch and asked you to apprehend another psychic since that seemed like the only thing Neuron was interested in. You tracked down another Syndicate boss by the name of Melody Graves and captured her, along with the bizarrely dressed woman in red she was having an argument with. Both women were apparently strong psychics.

Neuron's reaction to this latest catch was a little more positive, thus giving Bobcat a little more confidence in herself. Realizing that Bobcat just wanted to be useful, Neuron instructed her to use her excellent hunting prowess to track down an elusive telepath by the name of Simon. You and Bobcat tracked the man down in the slums of western Neutropolis, and after a tough battle apprehended him. With Neuron pleasantly surprised, Bobcat took him back and proclaimed that you two would always be best friends forever.

Part One: You Scratch My Back...

Ugh... I can't stop thinking about him... Character, what I really need is to go hunting, work out some of this pent up aggression! Unless you can think of a better way...

Bobcat sits up and stretches her arms way over her head and yawns then lies back down.

No, no, I'll go hunting later...

Suddenly she seems perturbed about something and then sighs and looks at you.

Dangit! He wanted me to go hunting for him, and now that's what I wanted to do, but if I do it then it'll be doing what he wants... Ahhh! I hate him so much...

Wait, what if you went hunting for me instead? Then he would be happy with me and I wouldn't be doing what he wanted. I'll tell you what, Character. If you scratch my back, then I'll scratch yours. You want to be introduced to Jerkface, then I'll make sure it happens, but first you gotta help me.

Help Bobcat


Bobcat leaps up from the couch and gives you a hug.

You're the best! So here's what needs getting done. The Syndicate has been using their money and power to move a lot of illegal material, or something, around the city. They recently splintered and now the survivors are scattering like mice, trying to take as much wealth and power as they can with them. Professor Insensitive says that he wants me to hunt down one of their leaders. He's a psychic by the name of Shen. Apparently he carries around a sword. I know, cute, huh?

Bobcat giggles and extends her claws.

I have to admit, it might have been fun, but no, I'm not going to cater to Neuron and his ideas that he can boss me around. I'm his girlfriend, I get to boss him around!

You may want to bring along an ally, word on the street is that Shen has rallied a lot of manpower in the wake of the Syndicate Corporate Wars.

Hunt Down Shen

Unnecessary Solicitation

If I were going with you I'd start by hunting down some of Shen's little mice and make them tell you where he's hiding. Oh, on your way out can you tell the bartender to bring me another drink? Thanks handsome.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Hunt Down Shen
    • Defeat 5 Syndicate

You learned of Shen's location, Kantir Corporation.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Icon clue generic.png
Shen's Location
According to the Syndicate street trash Jon Shen is currently in the Kantir Corporation.

Hunt Down Shen

Unnecessary Solicitation

+++ Missing Information +++

Mission Objective(s)

The Syndicate always seems to know that you are coming.

  • Hunt Down Shen
    • Find Shen

You learned that the guys in the street lied to you, sending you against one of their rivals instead of to Shen's true location.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Syndicate Dialogue 

Syndicate 1:

I understand, sir.
Yes, sir. No sign yet.

Syndicate 2:

I've got a little something for Character, right here.

Vincent Case dialogue 

Before Combat: Get me out of here!
Combat Start:

It's Character!
Stop him!

At 75% Life: One hundred thousand to whoever kills Character.
At 50% Life: One million!
at 25% Life: My annual salary if someone stops him!
Defeated: Wh... why?

Hunt Down Shen

Unnecessary Solicitation

Awww, my poor handsome man, did the bad Syndicate lie to you? I've learned that people seldom lie when you threaten to gut them like a fish. Mmm, fish.

You really like running around and doing stuff, don't you? Well I don't, so I think we can make a good team. Let me get your number so I can call you when I've got work to do.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Hunt Down Shen
    • Defeat 10 Syndicate

+++ Missing Information +++

Hunt Down Shen

Unnecessary Solicitation

You found Shen? Mmmm, good job my strong, noble hunter... Heh heh, you're fun to tease.

Mission Objective(s)

So this is where Shen's hiding out. Comfy.

  • Hunt Down Shen
    • Defeat Shen
    • Find Mission Exit

You defeated Shen and probably every last Go Ganger in Imperial City.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Balloon.png (At the mission entrance)

Character, how nice of you to invite yourself in.
Allow me to extend to you a warm welcome.
Kill him!

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! You will be ambushed by several horde of Syndicate soon after entering the mission; similar hordes occur throughout the mission.
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! Jon Shen will call for reinforcements during combat; this will result in a huge horde of Syndicate arriving. Note they will follow you down the elevator.

Jon Shen dialogue 

Before combat: Character is coming. Remember, honor is a thing of the past, now we fight to survive!
Combat start Character, your death will secure my place at the head of the Syndicate!
At 75% Life: You hit me? Impossible!
At 50% Life: Everyone! I NEED EVERYONE!
At 25% Life: I don't care if it takes eighty-eight men to kill you, Character! You will die!
Defeated: Father... I... I failed you.


Bobcat spots you and her tail flips playfully as you approach.

You got him! Oh, I knew you could do it my big handsome man!

I'll make sure Neuron gets his little play thing and then maybe fish for a kiss before he goes back to work. Ugh, did you know I can't even get him to come here to Studio 55? He says it's too boring, all the sitting around and wasting time watching people. Pffft, he has no idea what he's missing.

You notice Bobcat watching one of the Canary Dancers. She catches you catching her and smirks.

What, I can't look?

I really like how you get out there and do a good job, you know that? It makes it so much easier on me.

Part Two: ...I'll Scratch My Back

Shen's on his way to Captain Workaholic's lab. He told me that he was very proud of my work, blah, blah, blah...

Bobcat's ears press down and she fumes.

Proud!? Are you kidding me?! Does he think I'm a little kitten!?

Bobcat relaxes and smirks, reflecting on her words.

Well, I am cute, aren't I? I'm going to prove to Neuron that I don't need him to be proud of me. I want to show him that I don't need him. Why shouldn't I be a Praetor... like Domi? I could be ;;The Praetor of Cuteness;;! Hey, that's not a bad idea. I mean, I'm really good at it anyway, why not get rewarded for it? I mean, more so than normal.

Listen, you helped scratch my back, so now I'm gonna scratch yours. What can we do to show Neuron that I'm my own kitty?

Ask what Neuron wanted with Shen

Shen? Oh, he's got a bunch of money or something...

Wait! Is that it? Is that what Neuron wants? Money? If I have a lot of money maybe he'll want me too!

Bobcat gives you a mischievous look.

Are you suggesting we rob the Imperial Bank of Praetoria? That. Is. So. Hot! / This town won't know what hit it! I can see the TPN news cast now. Two femme fatale bank robbers rob Imperial Bank! Oh! I have the perfect outfit!

Unnecessary Solicitation

I have this totally hot outfit I'm going to wear for this! / I have this totally hot outfit I'm going to wear for this! Oh! You could get a matching outfit! We would be so cute!

Let's go rob a bank


Mission Objective(s)

You and Bobcat arrive at the bank. She gives you a smile and a wink.

  • Rob The Imperial Bank of Praetoria
    • Steal money from vault
    • Find Mission Exit

You and Bobcat just robbed the Imperial Bank of Praetoria.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork

Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Bobcat has donned this 'cute' disguise in order to hide her identity during an adrenaline filled bank heist. Love makes people do strange things, especially when you are as strange as Bobcat.

Bobcat Dialogue 

At the mission entrance: How do I look?
At the mission objecttive: We got the cash, let's scram!

I always wanted to say that!

Clockwork Dialogue 

Before combat:
Combat start: If PPL RBR then CWK ATT

PPD Sergeant Dialogue 

Before combat: This is the PPD! Nobody move!
Combat start: They're Powered!

Icon clue generic.png
Sack of Cash
A big sack full of stacks of cash that you and Bobcat stole from the Imperial Bank of Praetoria.


That was so much fun! Now that we have all this money, what should we do with it?

Oh yeah, I was gonna try and get Neuron's attention with it. Give me a second, I need to call him with the good news.

Part Three: Hunter/Huntress

Bobcat looks annoyed after her phone call to Neuron. Her ears are flattened against her head, arms folded, nose crinkled, eyes scrunched, and mouth pressed into a sour looking frown. When she sees you an ear perks up, but she keeps the sour look, obviously trying to get some empathy out of you.

So, Neuron is being so unfair about this. He even called me dumb! Can you believe that?! Do you think I'm dumb?

He said I should give the money back and he'd pull some strings to make sure nothing bad would happen to me. Pffft! I don't need him to help me...

So, he did tell me that he wanted Shen because he was psychic, not rich. So that gave me an idea!

Kidnap a Psychic?

Bobcat's demeanor completely changes as you mention kidnapping a psychic. Her eyes widen with her smile and her tail flits to and fro.

You read my mind! Are you psychic, Character? Because if you are I think I'd kidnap you and keep you all to myself. Ha ha! It's so much fun teasing you.

Once we get a psychic then Neuron will have to realize that he's making a big mistake treating me the way he does. Now, I know what you're thinking, but we can't just go and kidnap a Seer. Neuron wants someone without all that metal junk in their head.

I think we should get another Syndicate guy. Neuron's always needing spares.

Question Syndicate

Unnecessary Solicitation

I have to go take that money back...let me know once you've gotten someone suitable.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Question Syndicate
    • Defeat 10 Syndicate

You learned about a powerful psychic in the Syndicate named Melody Graves.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Icon clue generic.png
Melody Graves
Melody Graves is said to be a Syndicate Suit. If that's true then she will undoubtedly be psychic, as all the Syndicate leadership appear to be skilled telepaths, a trait that helps keep their organization out of sight and mind of the Seers.

Kidnap Melody Graves

Unnecessary Solicitation

If she's psychic that should be fine.

Mission Objective(s)

Kidnapping a psychic... yeah, this didn't go over so smoothly last time you tried it.

  • Kidnap Melody Graves
    • Defeat Ms. Graves

You kidnapped Ms. Graves and one of the strange women dressed in red who appeared to also be a telepath.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

Bosses Dialogue 

Before combat:

Fortunata Seer: Join us, or die. It's that simple
Ms. Graves: Bow to you? Don't make me laugh.

Combat start:

Ms. Graves: I see you called for aid.
Fortunata Seer: I see you... wait, what?

Icon clue generic.png
Lady in Red
Melody Graves was having some heated negotiations with a mysterious lady in red who was accompanied by a group of well equipped individuals with a spider motif.


Two psychics? Oooh. Neuron is going to be so happy with me... er, I mean, us.

I can't wait to give him the good news!

Finale: I Choose Crazy

Bobcat is in a funk again, you can only guess that Neuron didn't appreciate her gifts to him once again. Not even your arrival seems to put her in good spirits.

I don't get it. I bring him gifts and he just gets this look like I am the dumbest person in the world, and then he says it! You don't think I'm the dumbest person in the world, do you?

Neuron told me that it was obvious I was trying to be helpful, but I wasn't doing what he needed. He told me that he's looking for a powerful psychic, some guy by the name of Simon. At first I was excited to get another chance, but now I don't know... I don't think he'll care, even if I brought him Praetor Tilman.

Bobcat visibly ponders this course of action for a moment and then shakes it from her thoughts.

Ask about Simon.

Simon? Oh, the psychic he's looking for? I dunno, nobody can find the guy. Supposedly whenever one of the Seers tries she gets false images.

Bobcat ponders this for a moment and then perks up.

I bet I could find him. I mean, heck, I haven't even tried yet, but I'm the best when it comes to stalking prey. We'll go find Simon and then Neuron will have to treat me nice. If he doesn't, well, he'll start finding his research assistants left as presents outside his door.

Unnecessary Solicitation

When you're ready to go let me know and we'll jet.

Thanks, Character, you're a really great friend.

Go to the slums in Lambda Sector)


Mission Objective(s)

Just your luck that the Resistance decides to start a firefight a few minutes before you arrive.

  • Find Simon
    • Find Bobcat
    • Capture Simon

You captured Simon


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • Ramble Girl ((Strange) NPC)
  • Homeless Man (NPC)
  • Bobcat (Ally)
  • Simon (Elite Boss)

Contact Small Homeless Man.jpg
Homeless Man


Hey, what're you doin' here? You come to watch the fireworks?

The man gestures out to the slums where there is the sound of fighting between the Resistance and the PPD.

This man seems to have his head on fairly straight, he's not who you are looking for.

You helped me find Louis

Oh, yeah. What's goin' on?

I'm looking for Simon

Simon, that crazy guy? Man, don't go near him, he'll tell you stuff about yourself that you didn't think anyone knew about. Heck, he told me about how I was going to die.


Contact Small Simon Omega.jpg
Simon Omega


You seek me, Character, I am Simon. I am Omega. I have seen the end, but not the beginning. Perhaps this is the beginning of the end for me, but for you I cannot yet say.

Enough babbling, come with me.

The future says that we must fight, and I believe this is the battle I have foreseen.

(Fight Simon)

Bobcat Dialogue 

When found: I can smell him, he's nearby!
After talking to Simon:

I don't like him at all!

Simon Dialogue 

Before combat: So, Character finally comes to fulfill the visions. I foresaw your arrival a long, long time ago. But it is not here where we will finally decide which of us lives or dies.

Icon clue generic.png
Simon is obviously a powerful psychic. Whatever Neuron wants with him you are pretty sure it won't be pretty. He'll likely fetch a better return than giving him up to Praetor Tilman. She's a little... intense.


Bobcat looks very happy.

He loves me!

He said I did perfectly!

You aren't certain if it was intentional, but just as Bobcat said that, she purred.

I told him all about you. He said he knew exactly who you were and he said he wanted to see you in person to talk business. I know, boring huh?

Oh, and hey, way to keep things from your best friend! He said he saw your handiwork on the television... well, he said monitors, but I assume he meant on television. I didn't realize you were a celebrity, Character. If I'd known that earlier I might not have wanted to get back together with Stephen. Heh heh, teasing you is so fun.

Life is so good right now; I have my boyfriend back, I got to bloody my claws, and my new best friend is a celebrity. If you ever need anything you let me know. We are definitely best friends forever.


File:Badge villain praetorians.png Dimensional Warder

You have made yourself legend by defeating the Praetorians, an evil version of the Freedom Phalanx from an alternate dimension.

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