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An Ambush is a special mob of enemies intended to take players by surprise. Typically they spawn close to the player, already aggroed.

  1. Upon accepting a mission from a contact, enemies of that type may appear nearby.
  2. After obtaining the objective (such as a glowie or hostage) within a mission, enemies may appear in areas that were previously cleared.
  3. Outside the exit door of a just-completed mission, enemies may appear and surround you. This type of ambush is often followed by a clue and another door mission.

When ambushes occur on the regular (non-instanced) maps of the game, other players may fight them (willingly or otherwise) if they are in range of the spawn.

If the involved characters move quickly and leave an outdoor ambush behind (accidentally or otherwise), the mob will remain in the area and attack any other characters they spot. Since the mob is scaled to the level of the mission, they may be substantially higher than the usual enemies of that zone. Leaving behind an overly-powerful ambush is considered poor manners Hero-side, but a fine joke Villain-side. On the other hand, it can be friendly to invite other players to a badge-granting ambush, such as the Kronos Class Titan.