Interrogator Kang

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Interrogator Kang
Interrogator Kang.jpg
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-2233, -30, 255)
Level Range 8-15
Introduced By == Level 8 ==
Provost Marchand
Introduces == Level 8 ==
Alec Parson
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
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Interrogator Kang is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (-2233, -30, 255).  His level range is 8-15.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

I want you to talk to a guy down at M.I.C.I.R. by the name of Parson. Real bright guy, has helped me crack more than a few cases that stumped everyone else. He's a big robotics buff. He's been working some cases on hacked Clockwork, I figure he could use your help, especially when it comes to getting those Clockwork out of Resistance hands in order to study them.

This contact I've introduced you to can probably move you along down the path you've chosen.



Ray Kang was on the Praetoria Police force day one. He's seen it all, from the revelry in the aftermath of the Hamidon Wars, through the reconstruction efforts, the birth of the Seer Program, the rise of the Syndicate, and the arrival of the Destroyers and Resistance. Kang has watched his city transform from utopia to warzone and he will do whatever it takes and sacrifice whatever is needed to return it to the utopia he helped build.

Prior to Introduction

Powers Division hasn't mentioned anything about you to me, Character. You must be assigned to work with someone else, probably with another Powers Division member.

Initial Contact

My name is Kang, Raymond Kang. I work for the Ministry of Intelligence as an interrogator. Ask around - when I have a question, it gets answered.

But hey, I've got way more important things to talk about than myself.


Hello there, what have you been up to lately?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

I'm working a dangerous case. Character, come back when you're Security Level 8.

No More Missions

I don't need your help right now, Character. I've got a lot of 'clients' I need to meet with, but if anything alarming comes from our conversations, I'll be sure to get in touch with you.


Story Arc

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.

Sacrifices Must Be Made

EdNote.png Editor's Note:

WARNING: Completing this Story Arc removes access to some Warden contacts within Imperial City.


An Old Kang Family Photo

Interrogator Kang gave you a photo of himself and his daughter, Anna. It's hard to see that the young girl in the picture is now a Seer, working to keep Praetoria safe. Kang gave you the photo to remind you that in order to keep Praetoria safe:

Sacrifices Must Be Made

It all started when Interrogator Kang asked for your help in tracking down a notorious murderer that the media dubbed "Cutter Cain". The murderer had been killing Seers for weeks and somehow managed to avoid detection. But his luck ran out when the Seers detected the thoughts of an apparent accomplice of his as they grabbed another Seer. You stormed their hideout and arrested a gathering of Resistance and Syndicate members. Unfortunately, the Seer they'd taken had already been killed.

The bust wasn't a total wash. You found some Pharmatek Global medical equipment in the hideout and learned that Cutter Cain used a device to mask himself from the Seers. Kang informed you that such devices are known as Limbo Devices, and that Pharmatek Global is registered to have such a device. You visited Pharmatek Global to see if the device was still in their possession. You discovered that not only was the device no longer there, but that the Syndicate apparently had stake in the facility. You learned from the Syndicate leader, Maxine, that she gave Cain the Limbo Device in exchange for Cain freeing her sister, Emma. Emma was in bad shape, however, after being removed from the Seer Network, so you escorted her out, fighting Syndicate security teams as you did so.

Kang learned from Emma that Cain's hideout was somewhere down in the tunnels. Before you could go searching, however, Kang learned that the Seers had detected the Limbo Device being activated in Logos. You hunted the back alleys of Logos searching for the device and found it stashed inside of a dumpster. After deactivating it the Seers pinpointed Cain's location and directed you after him. Cain fled into the tunnels where the Resistance tried to stop you. Eventually you cornered Cain and realized that he was really Dr. Steffard, one of Praetoria City's most astounding neuroscientists. With him he had a handful of former Seers that he had removed from the Seer Network and they didn't want to go back. You apprehended Steffard and the Seers, bringing them into custody. It was then that you learned that Kang's own daughter, Anna, was one of the Seers who Steffard had freed from the Network. It was then that you truly understood what Kang meant when he said, 'We all have to make sacrifices. Some simply have more to sacrifice than others'.

Part One: Hush, Little Girl


Some sicko is wandering the streets. It likes to cut things, and it's taken a liking to cutting up on Seers. TPN nicknamed him Cutter Cain, but nothing so far indicates that this monster is male, or a man for that matter.

The PPD have been spinning their wheels for weeks on this case, Character. Forty Seers missing... but only two dozen bodies have shown up, so far. Cain's holding them somewhere, and then dumping the bodies around the city when it's done with them. We've gotta find where Cain's victims are being kept and get to them before its knife does!

  • Help Stop Cutter Cain.

We've got no perpetrators, no suspects, nothing! The Seers can't find Cain, and they never see it coming. Until now...

Cain finally slipped up. Got someone to help out and that someone got his mind read by one of our Seers, right before she disappeared.

We picked out this address from the Seer's last thought transmission. It's a warehouse in Logos. Character, I want you to get to that warehouse and rescue that Seer before she ends up like the others.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Autopsies confirm that the victims were alive when the implants were chopped out of them. That Cutter Cain takes pleasure in torturing its victims means there is that much extra time to save them.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: N_Warehouse_15_Layout_03_01

The air carries a bitter cocktail of medical disinfectant mixed with blood.

  • Rescue Seer from Cutter Cain
    • Search for Clues
    • Find the Seer

You stopped the kidnappers, but were too late to save the seer they kidnapped. However, you did find a clue that could prove very helpful.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

Resistance Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Resistance Fighter: That wasn't pretty...
Resistance Fighter: You should've glimpsed Cain's first chop-job.

Contact Small Seer 0228.jpg
Seer 0228


You can tell you are too late before you even check for a pulse. The poor Seer lies crumpled on the ground. At least she seems to have found peace, despite the damage Cutter Cain and his Resistance friends did to her before she slipped away.

  • Leave

Icon clue generic.png
Seer 0228
You found Seer 0228, but she was already dead. It looks like someone took a knife or a scalpel to her and tried to dig out the cybernetic implants in her head. The disturbing thing is by the look of agony frozen on her face she either woke up during the process, or was awake the entire time.

Cutter Cain? Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Cutter Cain?: Doc said not all the canaries want to fly.
Cutter Cain?: If this works then we may have found a chink in the armor.

Icon clue generic.png
Doctor Who?
One of the kidnappers mentioned following the doctor's plan. You questioned them, but didn't get much more out of them other than he wasn't Cutter Cain. You resolve to let Interrogator Kang handle the question and answer session, but it's obvious that there is someone else pulling the strings here.


You found some equipment from Pharmatek Global, huh?

That would be a good logical next step. Before we do that, however, I want to see what information we can get out of those perpetrators you brought in.

So far all I've learned is that Cutter Cain is male, and he's a doctor. Looks like TPN wasn't too far off.

We're going to have to keep in touch if we're going to have any hope of solving this case. Here's my cell number. Call me whenever you get a lead. With coordination we will find Cutter Cain.

Part Two: Finders Keepers


According to one of the Syndicate thugs you brought in, Doctor Cain is using some sort of device to block Seer precognition. That's how he surprises them.

I had Alec Parson over at MICIR do some digging and it appears that there is such a device. It's called a Limbo Device. Praetor Tilman had them outlawed years ago.

I'd bet my salary that Cain got his from Pharmatek Global, along with the rest of his equipment. I want you to visit the Pharmatek Global facility here in Logos. They supposedly have a Limbo Device for research purposes, make sure they still have it.

  • Visit Pharmatek Global

Doctor Cain, is working with the Resistance and the Syndicate. His motives don't seem to be about murdering the Seers but rather to find a way to remove their cybernetics without killing them in the process. This is of value to both the Resistance and Syndicate. According to one of the Resistance terrorists you captured, Cain already has a few successful cases under his belt.

My suspicion is that Doctor Cain is selling Seers to the Syndicate, and having the Resistance help with the heavy lifting. In return, both groups benefit: The Resistance has less Seers to deal with, and the Syndicate get new recruits into their organization.

Find those Seers and he has nothing to sell, he'll get desperate, and then he'll make a mistake.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care of we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_30_Layout_07_01

You feel a half dozen minds briefly touch your own. The Syndicate are here and they know you're coming.

  • Investigate Pharmatek Global
    • Defeat Maxine
    • 5 Minutes Until Security Arrives!
    • Find Former Seer
    • Escort the Seer out

You rescued a former Seer and discovered that Cutter Cain is none other than Doctor Steffard, and he has the Pharmatek Global Limbo Device.


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate

Notable NPCs

Emma, former Seer
This woman was a former Seer. Her cybernetic implants have been removed and she is no longer a part of the Seer Network. The safety parameters provided by the network to reinforce self control are no longer in place, and she is in great danger to not only herself, but anyone around her.
Maxine is one of the top Syndicate killers. Her psychic mastery over her own body turns her into a lethal killing machine.
Metzger is a veteran of the Hamidon Wars, a former soldier of fortune, an security consultant for Pharmatek Global in Praetoria City. That he is a member of the Syndicate is actually, not all that surprising.
Tanya isn't known so much for her fiery temper as much as she's known for turning people who hurt her friends into charcoal.

Maxine Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Maxine: Prepare to kill the intruder.

Combat Start:

Maxine: Your death shall be but one of many by my hands.

50% Health:

Maxine: Did I underestimate you, Character?

25% Health:

Maxine: She's not getting plugged back in!

Contact Small Maxine.jpg


Character, please, don't take my sister back there!

  • Where's the Limbo Device?

We gave it... gave it to... Cain.

Icon clue generic.png
The Limbo Device
Maxine told you that she gave Cutter Cain the Limbo Device in exchange for freeing her sister, Emma.
  • Tell me about Cutter Cain.

A... Good man. Saved my sister... from... Mother Mayhem.

  • Who is your sister?

She... she was a Seer. Cain... he saved her. Rescued her really. Please... don't take her away from me... again.

  • Outside of the Seer Network she's dangerous.

How... can you... be sure of that?

Look... look at me, at the... Syndicate. Our power... it is in check.

  • Your power is used for selfish ends. Theft, kidnapping, murder...

And how... is that... Any different... than what... Mother does... with her Seers...?

Maxine passes out.

Maxine Dialogue 

Maxine: Uff!

  • If you can't see the difference, then I pity you.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After the timer runs out, waves of Syndicate will begin arriving every minute or so.

Syndicate Ambush Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Metzger: Everyone on me!

Combat Start:

Metzger: Open fire now!

Sword Adept: Stop them!

Brawler Adept: Stop them!

Sword Adept: Stop them!

Sword Adept: Stop them!

Brawler Adept: Stop them!

Brawler Adept: Stop them!

Brawler Adept: Stop them!

Pistol Adept: Stop them!

Former Seer Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Former Seer: Go away... GO AWAY!
Tanya: Don't worry... You're free now. Like me.

Combat Start:

Tanya: You're dead, Character. No way you're getting out of here alive!

Upon Rescue:

Former Seer: H... Help me.

If Lost:

Former Seer: Hey! Character!

When Found:

Former Seer: Please... Help.

If Recaptured:

Former Seer: Get AWAY FROM ME!

At Exit:

Former Seer: Thank you, I think...

Icon clue generic.png
You found Maxine's sister, Emma, in Pharmatek Global. She was confused, frightened and very upset. Her removal from the Seer Network obviously had an extreme traumatic effect on her.


So Cutter Cain does have the Limbo Device.

Cain has no doubt gone into hiding now that we've started hitting close to the mark. Luckily your provided us with someone who has been there before. We have some Seers trying to calm her down right now, but I think information will be forthcoming.

Ah, there's a call now.

I've sacrificed a lot for this city, Character. I'm not going to let it get burnt down, not by us, not after we came so close to losing it all. There are too many things at stake right now for us to go back to the old ways. Those were dangerous times, when people like us were needed more than ever. Well, I think those times are coming again, but I'll be glad to have you right next to me when they do.

Finale: Hide and Seek


The Seers went through the mind of the Seer you rescued and she recalls some time down in the tunnels. I was about to send a few squads of PPD search teams down there to look for signs of Cain, but then one of our Seers went offline in Logos. Cain's struck again.

We've managed to triangulate a position for the location of the Limbo Device blocking the precognition. If you can find and deactivate the Limbo Device then the Seers will be able to find Cutter Cain and you can take him out!

  • Find the Limbo Device

Locating the Limbo Device is the easy part. Grabbing Cain will be the tricky part.

Once you've disabled the Limbo Device the Seers will be able to direct you to his location.

Find the Limbo Device

Unnecessary Solicitation

Find that Limbo Device and deactivate it before Cain can reclaim it and escape.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find the Limbo Device
    • 10 dumpsters to search

You found the Limbo Device and deactivated it. Almost instantly you hear the Seers direct your thoughts toward tracking down Cutter Cain.

Icon clue generic.png
Deactivated Limbo Device
You found the Limbo Device inside of a dumpster. Deactivating it was as simpl as flipping a switch. So much trouble with just a flick of a switch.
Arrest Cutter Cain

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Seers have pinpointed Cain's location. He's fled into the tunnels. You've got to catch him before the Seers lose him.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_06_01

You can feel the Seers urging you on, you must be getting close to your quarry.

  • Arrest Cutter Cain!
    • Stop Cutter Cain

You arrested Dr. Steffard and recovered the Seers he had removed from the Seer Network.

Cutter Cain


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

The man named Cutter Cain really is a doctor. Dr. Steffard to be exact!
This woman was formerly a Seer. Her cybernetics have been surgically removed. This is dangerous as she could become unstable and lash out with her power at any moment.

Cutter Cain Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Former Seer: We're trapped!
Cutter Cain: Be calm, everything will be alright.

Icon clue generic.png
Dr. Steffard
It turns out that Dr. Steffard is the nefarious Seer murderer 'Cutter Cain'. You caught up to him in the tunnels under Imperial City with a host of Seers that had their cybernetic implants removed. He didn't put up much of a fight.


Cutter Cain was Dr. Steffard... I can hardly believe it.

I spoke with Steffard briefly, to try and learn why he did what he did. He was trying to give the Seers a chance to live their own lives. Part of me agrees with him, but the safety of Praetoria requires that we all sacrifice for the greater good.

I told you I had a daughter, didn't I, Character?

Her name was Anna. She was one of the Seers that was kidnapped by Steffard... He successfully removed her from the Seer Network.

Character, there is nothing more that I want than to see my little girl again, to hear her laugh, to hug her, to ask her how her day has been... but she is a Seer. To try and change that would violate everything I believe in, and I believe in Praetoria, Character.

We all have to make sacrifices. Some simply have more to sacrifice than others.