Seer 1381

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Seer 1381
Seer 1381.jpg
Unwilling Seer
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (-861, 213, 2290)
Level Range 8-15
Introduced By == Level 8 ==
Doctor Steffard
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers
V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
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Seer 1381 is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (-861, 213, 2290).  Her level range is 8-15. She is on top of a building; use the stairway to get to the rooftop.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

  • None


Unwilling Seer

This Seer appears to have disconnected from the Seer Network.

Prior to Introduction

Don't... trust...

Initial Contact

The Seer standing before you is different than the others. She's lacking her mask. A glazed look is in her eyes but you can clearly see a bead of sweat rolling from her forehead down her cheek. She appears to be concentrating intensely on something.

And then suddenly she looks directly at you with wide, pleading eyes.



Too Busy

The mind can only handle so many tasks at once, Character. As a former Seer I know this all too well, so please, take my advice and finish some of your tasks before taking on more than you can handle.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

You're unable to make contact with Seer 1381.


Story Arc

You Can't Go Home

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 1 Reward Merit.


Seer 0001's Mask

You picked this mask up off the ground after defeating Seer 0001. Sometimes you think about it and then catch yourself imagining what the face of a nearby Seer looks like under her mask. Are her eyes open, or closed? Is she in a waking dream, or more like sleep walking? It reminds you of when you met Katie Douglas, a Seer who had awoken from a fifteen year dream and realized:

You Can't Go Home

When you first met the woman known as Seer 1381 she had removed her mask and was concentrating desperately just to remain conscious. The woman begged you to help release her from the Seer Network and directed you to the facility of her signal's origin. When you returned the woman was very confused at how old she was, and had no idea who or where she was. She kept rambling on and on about a lady in her dream.

With only her Seer numerical designation to work with, you agreed to search the PPD archives for information about her. You learned that the woman's name was Catherine Douglas, and she was thirty years old. She had been a Seer for the last fifteen years of her life. Of her family you could only find that her father, Henry Douglas, was listed as an inmate at the B.A.F. for the last fifteen years as well.

Catherine, or Katie as she preferred to be called, used her psychic powers to teleport you into the B.A.F. where you rescued her father and escaped in the nick of time. Reunited with her father, Katie learned that he had not seen nor heard from her mother these past fifteen years, but he had never given up hope.

Katie, it seemed, was becoming more and more cognizant of her psychic abilities, and after some thought she realized that her mother must also be in the Seer Network. Her powers of insight discovered that her mother's location had been known to her the entire time. The lady in her dream was her mother, and had helped her leave the Network. She had also given her a clue as to where she was being held and Katie again teleported you to the location, only this time she came with you.

But what Katie was not prepared for was that her mother did not call to her for help, instead she was trying to warn Katie away. This became apparent when Katie's mother, Seer 0001 attacked you both and had no recognition that Katie was her daughter. After defeating her, Katie received a final thought from her mother, explaining that her last act of self was to free her daughter from the Network so she could live life. Katie took the message to heart repeating her mother's words: Survival is not the same as living. With what precious time that is fated you I would see that you live free rather than survive caged.

Part One: I Dared To Dream


Please... I need your help...

This Seer has somehow removed her visor and you can tell she is spending a considerable amount of willpower to talk to you.

I have seen... The thoughts of others.

You are a good person in their eyes... and so that is why I ask you... to help me. Character, please, I need you to help me.

  • Help Seer 1381

I'm, I'm trapped. But if I concentrate, as I am now, then I can see what's trapping me... it's some sort of signal, in my head.

No... it's nearby. Somewhere in Four Gables... underground, very clean. Past the guards, there are some big glass tubes with numbers on them. My number... it's 1... 3... 8... 1. Turn it off. Please, before... before it pulls me back in.

Those Loyalists who are truly loyal to the safety and peace of Praetoria would do well to speak with Provost Marchand about events that are happening.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Taking... every... bit... of my strength... Hurry!

Contacting Provost Marchand 


Character, good to hear from you again. How can I assist you?

  • A Seer is asking me to break her out of the Network.


  • What do you want me to do about it?

Tilman will handle it, the Seers are her jurisdiction...


No, I have a better idea...

What is it she's asking you to do?

  • (Tell Marchand what Seer 1381 said.)

Perfect. Here is what I want you to do.

Deactivate her Stasis Chamber as she asks, but, before you do so I want you to upload a tracking program into her signal feed.

With the tracking program we'll be able to monitor her position and innevitably she will find her way to the Resistance.

Finding the Resistance is top priority, Character, losing a Seer from the program is worth the chance to end all this fighting.

  • Yes sir.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_Bio_30_Layout_01_01

The facility isn't heavily guarded. That means there's probably an alarm.

  • Release Seer 1381 from the Network
    • Release Seer 1381 from the Network
    • 2 Minutes Before PPD Arrive!
    • Find Mission Exit

You deactivated Seer 1381's stasis chamber, thus enabling her to finally free herself from the Seer Network.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

Yep, there's the alarm.

T.E.S.T. Ambush Dialogue 

Before Combat:

T.E.S.T. Provost: This is Whiskey-two-one.
T.E.S.T. Provost: Beginning our sweep!

Combat Start:

T.E.S.T. Provost: Target Acquired, form on my position.

Before Combat:

T.E.S.T. Leader: Whiskey-two-one, report.
T.E.S.T. Leader: All units, shoot to kill, over!

Combat Start:

T.E.S.T. Leader: I have the Tango.

You found the stasis chamber belonging to Seer 1381. With a few keystrokes you deactivate the monitor signal which is keeping her in the Network.


I... I'm old... How did I get so old?

This woman doesn't appear to be a year over thirty.

Where is she? Where is the woman who showed me the door? The door out of my dreams?

Character, I have touched the minds of so many people during my time as a Seer, but I could never get to really know them. I'm glad that we met, because I consider you to be my first, and best friend. If you ever want to talk just think of talking to me and I'll contact you telepathically. Pretty cool, huh?

Part Two: Half Life


Character... What... What year is it? I'm so confused, how long have I been in that horrible dream?

  • Answer her questions as best you can.

I... I'm thirty years old!? But... No... I...

Where's my family? Where's my dad!? Why didn't he come find me?

Character, please, help me find my family, somebody, anyone who knows who I am.

I'm so scared.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you found out who I am, Character? Have you found out what happened to my parents?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Office_30_Layout_01_05

Your arrival at the PPD Precinct is hardly even noticed, one officer even holds the door open for you as you enter.

  • Search PPD Archives
    • Search PPD Records
    • Find mission exit

You discovered Seer 1381's real name, and the whereabouts of her father.


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Catherine Douglas - Seer 1381
You searched the PPD archives for Seer 1381 and found a reference to a file listing out her record as a Seer. According to the record she was inducted into the Seer program at the age of 15. She's been a Seer half her life, her entire adulthood has been spent locked in her own mind.

You search for Catherine's family. There is no record of a mother, but you do find that her father, Henry Robert Douglas, was arrested 15 years ago and was sent to the Behavioral Adjustment Facility. As far as you can tell by the records, he never left.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After finding the clue you will be ambushed by a squad of Praetorian Police lead by Sergeant Colins. In addition, all of the PPD in the building will turn hostile.

Sergeant Colins Ambush Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Sergeant Colins: Someone's snooping through our database, follow me!

Combat Start:

Sergeant Colins: What're you doing? Stop right now!


That's right! Katie! Everyone called me Katie! It's been so long since someone said my name I forgot what it was... That's weird, huh?

So, you said you found out where my dad is?

Character, you've changed my life forever. For that, I can never repay you, but I will always be in your debt. If I can do anything to aid you, let me know and I'll do my best.

Part Three: Throw Away The Key


My father is in jail? Why? What did he do? What did I do!?

This is not FAIR! I didn't do anything wrong!

Why is this happening to me? I just want to see my dad.

  • Rescue Katie's dad

What? You can't do that... Can you?

You're gonna bust my dad out of jail?

For the first time you see Katie Douglas smile. She starts to cry and hides her face in embarrassment.

Thank you, Character. I bet I look pathetic... a thirty year old woman crying about her dad...

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'll teleport us there, seriously, I can totally do it.

Contact Small Seer 1381.jpg
Seer 1381


I've been recalling a lot of the training they uploaded into me, and I'm pretty sure I can teleport you. I know, crazy, huh?

All I need is to know where I'm sending you and I should be able to just, I dunno, put you there in a blink of an eye.

Alright, trust me Character, ok? If you don't trust me I'm gonna know and then I'll get nervous and I might screw this up.

Alright, now, picture the BAF clearly in your mind and I'll teleport you there.

Do you have it? that it? Are you ready?

  • Yes, I can see it clearly in my mind. (Enter Mission)
  • Are you sure about this? You've NEVER done this before.
You wuss / scardey cat! Come on.
Don't be afraid, you'll be perfectly safe, I promise!
  • Alright, fine, let's do this. (Enter Mission)
  • No, I'm pretty sure this can only end in more tears. (Leave)
  • Wait. I'm not ready yet. (Leave)

Mission Objective(s)


She did it! Katie teleported you directly into the BAF... Maybe she does know what she's doing.

  • Rescue Henry Douglas from the BAF
    • Escape with Henry Douglas!

You rescued Katie Douglas' father from the BAF.

BAF prisoner


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • BAF Prisoner x3 (NPCs)
This pitiful soul has been imprisoned for Cole-knows how long in the Behavioral Adjustment Facility
  • Henry Douglas (NPC)
Henry Douglas has been contained in the BAF for the last 15 years. He is a shell of a man, but perhaps a spark of hope yet remains in him.

BAF Prisoner Dialogue 

Before Combat:

BAF Prisoner: Uhhh...

Combat Start:

BAF Prisoner: You... you're here for me?
PPD Trooper: Powers Division? Wait, are you with the Resistance?

Upon Rescue:

BAF Prisoner: No! They'll hurt me!

Before Combat:

BAF Prisoner: Sleep is good.
PPD Trooper: Good, that means everything is working properly.

Combat Start:

BAF Prisoner: What's... happening?
PPD Trooper: No outsiders allowed, not even Powers Division!

Upon Rescue:

BAF Prisoner: No no no!

Before Combat:

PPD Trooper: It looks like the chemicals are kicking in.

Combat Start:

BAF Prisoner: Who... who are you?
PPD Trooper: No one is allowed in here!

Upon Rescue:

BAF Prisoner: Stay away.

Henry Douglas Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Henry Douglas: What's going on?
PPD Trooper: How can we tell it's working?

Combat Start:

Henry Douglas: Who... Who are you?
PPD Trooper: Powers Division? Wait, are you with the Resistance?

Upon Rescue:

Henry Douglas: Please, get me out of here.

If Lost:

Henry Douglas: Hey! Character!

When Found:

Henry Douglas: I thought I lost you.

At Exit:

Henry Douglas: How will we escape?

PPD Ambush Dialogue 

PPD Suppressor: Stop them from escaping!

Balloon.png The PPD were closing in on you and Henry Douglas from all directions. You were starting to wonder if Katie really could teleport you back and then, you were standing in front of her.

Henry immediately realized that the Seer standing before him was his daughter, Catherine, and the two had a tear filled reunion. They have a lot of catching up to do.


Katie smiles at you and then grimaces, squeezing her eyes shut tight. She pushes her fingertips against the bridge of her nose and exhales sharply.

Ow! Ow ow ow! Massive headache...

Ok... I'm ok, it's over. Whew. That - was - intense.

I think the teleporting did it, man, I need to be really careful with my powers, that hurt bad.



Dad's ok, Character, but he said they took mom and me fifteen years ago and this is the first he's seen or heard from either of us since.

Character... I... I know where my mom is. At least, I think I do. I need you to help me find her.

  • Help Katie find her mom

While you were in the B.A.F. I was thinking, a lot. Remember that lady in my dream, Character? The one who opened the door for me to leave? And I was talking about her after you freed me?

That was her. That was my mom. I couldn't see her, but now I know for sure that it was her. And I think I know where she is.

Don't you see, Character? If I'm psychic, and my dad isn't, then that means my mom must be psychic. She's a Seer, like I am. Now I just need to find her.

Let's see, she was contacting me in my dream. She woke me up. She showed me the door out...

That's the key, Character, the door! When the door in my dream closed, she was on the other side! She wasn't showing me just the way out, she was showing me where she was!

I know where to find her!

Katie Douglas

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come on, Character. My mom needs your help!

Contact Small Seer 1381.jpg
Seer 1381


Ready to get teleported again?

  • Are you sure you're okay?
I'm fine now, I'm okay.
  • Alright, let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)
  • Let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Where are we even going?
I don't know what it's called, I just know where it is. Hang on.
  • Let's go! (Enter Mission)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)
  • Wait, wait, wait. I forgot something. (Leave)

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tech_Bio_45_Layout_04_01

This facility is massive.

  • Help Katie find her mom
    • Find Katie's Mother

You learned that Katie Douglas' mother, Alice Douglas, was Seer 0001, the first Seer.

Seer 0001


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

Notable NPCs

Seer 0001 is the first Seer created to defend Praetoria city. She is also Katie Douglas' mother.
  • Katie Douglas (Seers Lieutenant, Ally)
Katie Douglas, aka Seer 1381, has broken free of the Seer Network. She is now on a race against time to save her family before time runs out for her.

Katie Douglas Dialogue 

At Entrance:

Katie Douglas: Let's find my mom and get out of here.

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! At 75%, 50%, and 25% health, Seer 0001 will call numerous allies to her, and will vanish until the ambushing Seers have been defeated.

Seer 0001 Battle Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Seer 0001: Threat detected.

Combat Start:

Seer 0001: You should not have come here, one-three-eight-one.

75% Health:

Seer 0001: Withdraw...
Katie Douglas: She went invisible!
Katie Douglas: Stop this.
Tracker: Restrain subjects.
Katie Douglas: She called for help!

(once the reinforcements have been defeated)

Seer 0001: Attack...
Katie Douglas: There she is!
Katie Douglas: Mother, why are you doing this?

50% Health:

Seer 0001: Withdraw...
Katie Douglas: She's gone again, we have to deal with these others first.
Tracker: Restrain subjects.

(once the reinforcements have been defeated)

Seer 0001: Attack...
Katie Douglas: Mother, please stop!

25% Health:

Seer 0001: Withdraw...
Tracker: Restrain subjects.

(once the reinforcements have been defeated)

Seer 0001: Attack...
Katie Douglas: Mother, please...

Upon Defeat:

Katie Douglas: Mother!


Character... It's ok. I'm alright.

My mom... she... she was already gone. She was gone a long time ago. I understand that now.

Her last act of love was to free me from the Network. But I misinterpreted it as a call for help. She didn't close that door in my dream to show me where she was, she did it to try and keep me away.

Katie grimaces and puts a hand to her forehead.

Before she left she told me, 'Survival is not the same as living. With what precious time that is fated you I would see that you live free rather than survive caged.'

Mind Freedom

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Seer 1381's Mask

Katie Douglas no longer needed her Seer mask where she was headed. So you picked it up as a memento to remind yourself that those who are free don't seem to:

Mind Freedom

Katie Douglas had been a Seer for half of her life. She had vowed to free the other Seers so that they would no longer be slaves to the people of Praetoria. It was at the Seer Subnet Facility where you were faced with a choice: Let Katie release the Seers from the Network but in the process cripple the PPD, giving the Syndicate and Destroyers free reign over the city, or stop Katie Douglas and keep the city safe, but validate the idea that just because you are born different it is okay to be enslaved.

Freedom for All


My mother was trying to tell me that time is precious, and that we never know when it's going to run out or be taken from us.

Character, I sacrificed half my life just because I was born different from other people. Every Seer in this city is forced to do the same. Help me put an end to this madness!

  • Help Katie Douglas

There's a Seer subnet facility not far from here. I'll teleport us there when you are ready.

Nobody should have to suffer for the benefit of others.

Those Loyalists who are truly loyal to the safety and peace of Praetoria would do well to speak with Provost Marchand about events that are happening.

Unnecessary Solicitation

When you are ready to go, I will take you.

Contacting Provost Marchand 


What in Cole's blue eyes is going on?!

I've got reports of a raid into the B.A.F., a prisoner escape, numerous T.E.S.T. teams and Seers injured or killed.

And worst. Tilman is breathing down my neck about Seer 0001 winding up dead.

When I said 1 Seer is worth the risk, I meant the one you were helping, not one of Tilman's favorite pets!

  • I was following your orders, sir.

Marchand grumbles his displeasure.

Whatever she is planning next, if it is going to cause further damage to the Seer program, stop her. But if it looks like she might lead us to Calvin Scott or another high priority target in the Resistance echelons, then you let her do as she pleases.

You understand?

  • She's planning on deactivating a Seer subnet facility.

If she threatens more of Tilman's pets, then stop her. If not, then I don't care either way.

  • Understood.

Contact Small Seer 1381.jpg
Seer 1381


My mother wanted me to be free, Character, but why should I be the only one? I'm going to free the others, let them live their lives how they see fit.

  • Let's go!

Mission Objective(s)


This facility resonates psychic power. If they didn't see you coming before, they certainly are aware of you now.

  • Deactivate Seer Subnet (Single Player)

Thanks, Character. I don't know what the world would do without you.


Badge DefeatSeers.png Seers

A choice: Free the Seers or aid the Loyalists?

Katie Douglas: These women...they're all like me. Living mindlessly, not knowing their former lives...
Katie Douglas: They deserve a real life, Character. One where they have a choice.
Katie Douglas: This is our chance give back the life that Praetor Tilman stole from us!