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Stature Levels are (with the exception of the first Stature Level) groups of 5 level ranges. Stature Levels are most commonly used to demarcate Task Forces, Strike Forces, Safeguard Missions, Mayhem Missions, and Ouroboros Flashback missions.

Stature Levels (using Ouroboros Stature Titles):

Level Range Hero Stature Level Title Villain Stature Level Title
01 - 15 Protector of Innocents Soldier
16 - 19 Guardian Malcontent
20 - 24 Keeper of the Peace Insider
25 - 29 Champion Wiseguy
30 - 34 Defender of Truth Undesireable
35 - 39 Vindicator Criminal
40 - 45 Justice Incarnate Captain
46 - 50 Hero of the City Made

Hero Contacts

Stature levels are also used to separate groups of hero contacts by origin. A hero can not get more than one contact from an origin's stature level group. Badges awarded for completing specific story arcs are available from all contacts within a specific origin's stature level group.

Stature Level Level Range Magic Contacts Mutation Contacts Natural Contacts Science Contacts Technology Contacts Other Contacts
0 - 5
Gregor Richardson
Prince Kiros Nandelu
Antonio Nash
Derek Amberson
Susan Davies
Rebecca Brinell
Jonathan St. John Smythe
Rick Davies
Caitlin Murray-Davies
5 - 10
Laurence Mansfield
Paco Sanchez
Genevieve Sanders
Ron Hughes
Juan Jimenez
Linda Summers
Detective Jose Brogan
Vic Johansson
Rachel Torres
Kip Cantorum
Samuel Pierce
Henry Peter Wong
Negotiator Badge Paula Dempsey
Null.png Maurice Feldon
Null.png Tony Kord
10 - 15
Badge stature 02.png Haley Philips
Null.png Hugo Redding
Null.png Dr. Trevor Seaborn
Sanjay Chandra
Alfonse Rubel
Wilson Zucco
Lorenzo DiCosta
Wes Schnabel
Willy Starbuck
Tristan Caine
Jill Pastor
Kyle Peck
Carla Brunelli
Athena Currie
Everett Daniels
15 - 20
Kong Bao
Vitaly Cherenko
Virginia Hoffman
Thao Ku
Badge stature 03.png Olivia Chung
Null.png Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Null.png Pavel Garnier
Null.png Juliana Nehring
Sgt. Suzanne Bernhard
Cho Ge
Karen Parker
Warren Trudeau
Wyatt Anderson
Maggie Greene
Jake Montoya
Colleen Saramago
Fareed Abdullah
Tom Bowden
Guy Denson
Mark Freeman
20 - 25
Badge stature 04.png Dr. Cheng
Null.png Oliver Haak
Null.png Piper Irving
Null.png Josef Keller
Null.png Andrea Mitchell
Null.png Cain Royce
Jim Bell
Dennis Ewell
Tyler French
Amanda Loomis
Hinckley Rasmussen
Lt. Manuel Ruiz
Oswald Cuthbert
Wilson Eziquerra
Barry Gosford
Justin Greene
Rondel Jackson
John Strobel
Polly Cooper
Kevin Cordell
Georgia Fields
Justine Kelly
Melanie Peebles
Kirsten Woods
Badge stature 05.png Claire Childress
Null.png Andrew Fiore
Null.png Vic Garland
Null.png Jake Kim
Null.png Lt. Col. Hugh McDougal
Null.png Wilma Peterson
25 - 30
Badge stature 07.png Miriam Bloechl
Null.png Laura Brunetti
Badge stature 06.png Ashwin Lannister
Null.png Laurie Pennington
Christine Lansdale
Lorenzo Tate
Eliza Thorpe
Collin Larson
Marvin Weintraub
30 - 35
Allison King
Peter Stemitz
Jose Escalante
Merisel Valenzuela
Badge stature 09.png Phillipa Meraux
Jenny Firkins
Lou Pasterelli
Badge stature 08.png Tina Chung
Null.png Neal Kendrick
35 - 40
Badge stature 11.png Cadao Kestrel Colleen Nelson Badge stature 10.png Gordon Stacy Ginger Yates Anton Sampson Steven Sheridan
40 - 45
Madeleine Casey Indigo Badge stature 12.png Tina Macintyre Janet Kellum Badge stature 13.png Maxwell Christopher Angus McQueen
45 - 50
Harvey Maylor Badge stature 14.png Crimson Unai Kemen Badge stature 15.png Maria Jenkins

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