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Contacts assign characters missions, and most will sell standard enhancements (Training, Dual, and Single Origin, depending on contact level) and inspirations, although usually at higher cost than the store.

Types of Contacts

There are several types of contacts that are available in the game. For the following, unless otherwise specified, there are contacts of the type available for both sides of the game.

  1. Origin Contacts - For heroes only, there is the main, origin-specific "chain" of contacts. These are the oldest contacts in the game, and are the ones that characters must be "introduced to" to get missions from. In each "tier" of Stature Levels, a hero can receive one contact for each of the five origins. In most cases, multiple contacts exist for each origin/level combination, but a given hero will only ever receive one, and the mission selection within that tier is always the same. For example, a hero may recieve Miriam Bloechl or Laura Brunetti as their 25-29 Magic contact (but never both), but will be offered the same missions regardless. Contacts will introduce one contact from each of the other origins in their tier if the hero does not yet have one, and will also introduce a contact of the same origin in the next stature level.
  2. Villain Core Contacts - For villains only, there are the core villain arc contacts. These exist in each of the villain zones after Mercy Island, and must be introduced to the character by a Brokers in the same zone. For the most part, these contacts give out the core villain storyline.
  3. Zone Arc Contacts - These are contacts that are part of the story arc of a specific zone. The majority of these exist in hero zones, The Hollows, Faultline, Striga Isle, and Croatoa; however, the initial contacts in the cooperative zones, Cimerora and RWZ, also act this way. To start the arc in a zone, the character just needs to be of high enough level to enter the zone, and to then visit the first contact for the zone to start the zone's arcs. Each subsequent contact is only unlocked by introduction.
  4. Unlimited Mission Zone Contacts - Available in The Hollows, RWZ, Cimerora, the Shadow Shard zones, and the first three PvP Zones. These contacts never run out of missions to give, though the ones in The Hollows, Bloody Bay, and Siren's Call can be outleveled.
  5. Detectives (heroes) and Brokers (villains) - The first time a level five or higher character visits one of these, they unlock the scanner or newspaper. After that, they hand out Safeguards/Mayhem Missions after every 3 or 5 newspaper/scanner missions that the character completes within the same zone. They introduce characters to a contact of their current level range to whom they have not already been introduced.
  6. The Police scanner (heroes) and the newspaper (villains) - These give unlimited simple missions in the character's current zone, as long as the character is within the proper level range for the current zone.
  7. Task Force/Strike Force and Trial Contacts. These contacts give out a story arc that can only be started by a team of people, and can only be completed by at least two people (some require more than the minimum of two, due to activities within the story arc). Starting a TF/SF or Trial locks a character out of all other story and mission contacts in the game, though stores (as long as they are not unlockable stores) and service contacts (like the Auction House) are still available.
  8. Single Mission Contacts. These contacts have one mission or mini-arc to give out when a character reaches a certain level, generally to unlock something: stores, capes, auras, costume slots, etc. No introduction is needed, just walk up to them once high enough in level.
  9. Event Contacts. Only available during events, with one exception (DJ Zero).
  10. Unlockable Contacts - Villains have another source of missions, unlockable. These require obtaining certain badges before they will offer their mission(s) or story arc(s). Some contacts require only one badge, while others require a full list. Currently, badge-unlocked contacts only exist for villains, unless the contacts within badge-unlocked zones like Cimerora and Ouroboros are counted.
  11. Epic Contacts - These are contacts that give the extra story arcs for hero and villain epic archetypes. Hero Epic ATs get only one such contact for their career, either Sunstorm or Shadowstar. Villain Epic ATs get a chain of different contacts. In either case, the epic contact generally have available a mission arc for the player every five levels.
  12. Patrons - Villains only. Once a patron is selected for a villain, the patron himself has several story arcs to hand out to the character.
  13. Introduction Contacts - These are the contacts that have been added to he game to introduce a feature of the game, or otherwise give the player an introduction to specific features in the game. Such arcs exist for most features for both sides of the game. Features with such introduction contacts include the University and Invention System for heroes and villains, the Midnight Squad for heroes and villains, Cimerora for both factions, Architect Entertainment for both factions, and Ouroboros for both factions. Each side also has a single arc to give background information on the various origins in the game.


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