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Architect Studio Manager
Architect Studio Manager.jpg
Studio Manager
Zone Atlas Park, Mercy Island
Level Range 1-50
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Architect Studio Manager is a City of Heroes and City of Villains contact who can be found within the Architect Entertainment buildings in Atlas Park and Mercy Island.


Contact Introduced By

Architect Studio Manager is open to Heroes and Villains from level 1. He will contact players himself once they reach level 6 if they have not visited him beforehand.

New Contact(s)

  • None


Studio Manager

The Studio Manager handles all of the day to day's business of Architect Entertainment. He makes sure everything is running according to plan and helps direct the 'talent' where they need to go. He works closely with all departments and is often considered the face of the company to those who visit.

Too Low Level

Heroes and Villains are never too low to speak to Architect Studio Manager.

Contact Unlocked


The Studio Manager of Architect Entertainment has contacted you...

On behalf of Architect Entertainment, we'd like to invite you to a VIP tour of our facilities in Atlas Park/Mercy Island. Please come and visit us and experience the ultimate in entertainment.

This contact has now been added to the active tab of your Contact window.

Initial Contact

Hello, I'm the Studio Manager for Architect Entertainment. I make sure each facility is functioning to its highest potential so that you, our 'talent', gets the most out of your visit.


  • Welcome to Mission Architect.
  • Come and see the ultimate in personal entertainment.

Too Busy

You've got other real life issues you need to take care of before I can give you a tour.

No More Missions

I've shown you all I can. I recommend you head upstairs and start working on some stories for all of us.


Architect Studio Manager does not have a store.


Tour of the Facilities

Take tour

Speak with Architect Greeter

Architect Entertainment
Tour of the Facilities


On behalf of Architect Entertainment, a joint venture of Aeon Corp and Crey Industries, I would like to welcome you to the ultimate experience in sensory stimulation. I can tell by the look on your face that you're as impressed with these two corporations as we are. It gets even better. We're led by the futurist, Dr. Aeon himself.

If you have a few minutes, I'd like you to take a tour of our facilities. What do you say?

Mission Acceptance

Brilliant. First, you should meet with our highly qualified Greeter Staff. They're located down here in the lobby and they'll direct you anywhere you need to go.

Why don't you go say 'hi'? Don't worry; they're trained to be polite.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I know you might find the tour somewhat boring, but trust me, it's worth your effort. Please go speak with the Architect Greeter. she's right over there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Architect Greeter

Contact Small Architect Entertainment Greeter.jpg
Architect Entertainment Greeter


Hi, Character, and welcome to Architect Entertainment, where we make your dreams a reality.

I'm here to help direct you to the various features of our facility.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

Once you're done, I'd recommend you head upstairs to speak with our Architect Instructor to continue the tour

What is Architect Entertainment?

Architect Entertainment is a company founded by Dr. Aeon, CEO and Chief Visionary of Aeon Corp. With his futuristic ideas and the financial support of Crey Industries, the Architect Entertainment Corporation has come to life for your enjoyment. What you see around you is the culmination of years of scientific research and hard work.

Here at Architect Entertainment we allow you, Character to create your own virtual adventures. When you're ready to show your arc to the world, you can publish it up to our powerful Arc Server. This will share your arc with every other Architect Entertainment facility from Paragon City to the Rogue Isles. Yes, that's right, heroes and villains can enjoy the same adventures.

Architect Entertainment locations

You can find an Architect Entertainment building in the following areas of Paragon City and the Rogue Isles


Speak with the Instructor

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, the Architect Instructors are upstairs in the main lobby.

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Architect Entertainment Instructor.jpg
Architect Entertainment Instructor


Hi, Character. I'm here to help you through the various elements of the Mission Architect.

The Architect computer behind you will walk you through the creation of your story. It's broken up into three pages. Page one, Story Settings, is where you pick the story giver, name your story and write a short description for others about your story.

Page two, Mission Settings, is where you pick the map and the enemy group you want in that specific mission. You can have up to give missions in an arc.

The final page, Mission Details, is where you pick the specific encounters and objectives you want that mission to have. You can have multiple objectives in a single mission. You can even have mission details that aren't required for the mission to complete.

Feel free to ask any other questions on how the process works.

Once you're done here, go talk to the computer tech. He's supposed to give you more information about the machine itself.

Ask a question

What would you like to know? Odds are I've heard it before.

Icon clue generic.png
Read this contact's article for more information.

Speak with the Technician

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, the computer tech is a little odd, I'll admit, but no one knows the system better then he does. He's upstairs by the computers in the main lobby.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with the Technician

Contact Small Architect Technician.jpg
Architect Technician


Sorry, I don't speak human very well... You are human aren't you? I can never tell.

Sometimes these people look human, but sometimes they're from other planets and timelines and who knows where else. I swear, you think there'd be a law... oh, I think my internal monologue is broken again.

Hello, INSERT NAME. I'm here to explain the Architect technology. My name is, INSERT NAME. I hope you're having a nice INSERT TIME OF DAY.

The computer next to me allows you to create a virtual experience for yourself and others to enjoy. Once you've created your story, the hologram contacts behind me will transform into the story giver of your choice. Speak with any of these contacts to start your story.

Man, I said 'story' a lot in that last sentence. I should look at rewriting my speech...oh, there I go again.

Once you've spoken with the story giver, you'll need to step into our holo-beam and have your body translated into a data stream. This data stream is loaded into our story database, which we call the Arc Server. While in the server what makes up your consciousness will receive stimuli similar to what you may experience within this reality.

We track all activity while you're embedded into the arc server and so we have the ability to alter or adjust any needed parameters while you're in there. Once you leave the Arc Server your data stream is reconverted back to your current form.

I hate that they make me say, 'reconverted'. That's so not true. The form that comes out of the data stream is not the same that went in. It's gained knowledge and experience that the previous form didn't have, but apparently the concept of multiple selves weird out the 'talent'. I wonder if I should tell them about the cascading personality syndrome some of our original 'talent' had back in alpha. No, best not. I'd likely get written up again.

Thank you for your time, INSERT NAME. I hope you've found this information beneficial. Please speak with the Assistant Manager in Studio B.

Speak with the Assistant Manager

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, the Assistant Manager is my right hand employee. They watch over Studio B, while I handle the remaining areas of the building. You can find her through the door at the base of the holo-beam.

Please go to Studio B. You'll find the door to it just under the staircase.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with the Assistant Manager

Contact Small Architect Assistant Manager.jpg
Architect Assistant Manager


Ah, did you just speak with the Computer Tech? Yeah, he's a little strange. He was a hire straight from Crey Labs... if you know what I mean. If you don't, well it's likely for the best.

I'm glad you've found me in here. This area we call Studio B, but I like to think of it more like a library. We keep it quiet in here. No powers. So, if you want to work on a story and don't want to be bothered with all those effects going off around you, this is the place to be.

If you have any questions, there's an instructor in here too.

I think your next stop is the Restoration Room... visiting of course. I wouldn't do anything to you. We've just met. The Studio Manager wants you to have an idea of where it's located. It's back out the door you came through and to the right. You take the elevator to it.

Have a good day, and keep it down. People are working.

Speak with Restoration Tech

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I know you might find the tour somewhat boring, but trust me, it's worth your effort. Please go to the Restoration room. You'll it just under the elevator doors of the main studio.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Restoration Tech

Contact Small Architect Restoration Technician.jpg
Architect Restoration Technician


HI! We don't see many people coming in through the front door. You must be on a tour. This is the Restoration Room. Whenever you get defeated while playing an arc, this is where we reconstitute your body. It's kind of like a hospital, but more like a teleportation unit. It all connects up to our Arc Server. We monitor all your vitals while you're in the mission so nothing bad happens, at least that's what I'm supposed to say. You have no idea how many bugs we had to work out before we got approval to use it. We non-organics are the worse.

Anyway, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of you. Not that you're going to hang around and chat with us, I mean you could if you wanted to. This is a pretty boring job. It's not like being a ticket vendor... I just watch a bunch of dials. Seriously, a Rikti monkey could do this job.

The Studio Manager left a note that you're supposed to go back out to the main studio and talk with our Ticket Tech.

Speak with Ticket Tech

Unnecessary Solicitation

Character, I know you might find the tour somewhat boring, but trust me, it's worth your effort. Please go to the store and speak with the ticket technician. He's at the top of the column of light just as you exit the elevator in the main studio.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Ticket Tech

Contact Small Architect Ticket Technician.jpg
Architect Ticket Technician


Welcome... Welcome... Welcome... Come one, come all, give us your tickets and we'll give you the world!

...cough... cough... Oh, sorry. I was just practicing. I'm not actually a ticket vendor. I'm just a tech really, but I'm hoping for a promotion. I put in for one to the Studio Manager, but he says they need techs to work out the kinks in the vending system... I guess that's true, but I've got CHARISMA! I can't waste it on fixing computers. You mind if I 'practice' my vending skills on you? Thanks. Okay, here it goes...

The world of Architect opens all possibilities to those who build and experience its potentiality. Our store is the synergy of your effort given form.

If it's recipes, salvage, enhancements or even a classic reward roll you want, we are the perfect storm of advancement just for you.

Mission Architect is a meritocracy, the more you play, the more tickets you collect. These tickets are stored as salvage. Bring these tickets here and buy, buy, buy.

How was that? I'm working with a vocal coach, but I think it was pretty good.

Of, if you actually want to buy stuff, you should go talk to the real vendors over there. Thanks for the session.


Well, I think that pretty much covers it. I hope you enjoyed the tour and actually learned your way around.

I recommend heading back upstairs and firing up the mission computer. I'm excited to see what sort of missions you end up creating.

Remember, if you have any questions, just speak with an Architect Instructor.