Empyrean Merit Salvage

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Special Salvage

You have been awarded a reward token for completing Endgame content. Empyrean Merits can be spent on various Endgame Rewards, or traded for Astral Merits.

How to Get

Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.

Awarded for completing Incarnate Trials, once per 20 hour period, per Trial. With the selection of trials as of Issue 24, a character can earn fourteen Empyrean Merits per day. New Incarnate Trials released in future Issues will increase this number.

Used For

  • In the Incarnate Window, converts to:
    • 1 Empyrean Merit to 20 Incarnate Threads
    • 8 Empyrean Merits to 1 Rare Thread type Incarnate salvage
    • 30 Empyrean Merits to 1 Very Rare Thread type Incarnate Salvage
  • Can be spent at the Incarnate Merit Vendors

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