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Inherent Powers

Inherent powers are permanent powers that a hero or villain automatically gains without having to select them during training. There are inherent powers that are archetype-specific, origin-specific, and open to all characters. Not all inherent powers are available at level 1.

For more information on inherent powers, refer to Inherent Powers.

Pool Power Sets

Starting from level 6, your hero or villain can choose new abilities from the power pools rather than their primary or secondary power sets. You may choose abilities from up to four power pools.

For more information on pool power sets, refer to Power Pools.

Hero Power Sets

Blaster Power Sets

Controller Power Sets

Defender Power Sets

Peacebringer Power Sets

Scrapper Power Sets

Tanker Power Sets

Warshade Power Sets

Villain Power Sets

Brute Power Sets

Corruptor Power Sets

Dominator Power Sets

Mastermind Power Sets

Stalker Power Sets

Arachnos Soldier Power Sets

Arachnos Widow Power Sets

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