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Tammy Arcanus
Zone Founders' Falls
Coordinates (3778, 4, 712)
Level Range 35-40
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups

Badge villain banished.png Banished Pantheon
Badge villain cot.png Circle of Thorns
Badge villain clockwork.png Clockwork
Badge villain council.png Council
Badge villain crey.png Crey
Badge villain devouring.png Devouring Earth
Badge villain freakshow.png Freakshow
Badge villain hellions.png Hellions
Badge villain nemesis.png Nemesis
Badge villain outcasts.png Outcasts
Badge villain new rikti.png Rikti
Badge villain skulls.png Skulls
Badge villain skyraiders.png Sky Raiders
Badge villain family.png The Family
Badge villain trolls.png Trolls
Badge villain tsoo.png Tsoo
Badge villain vahzilok.png Vahzilok

Badge villain warriors.png Warriors
Badges Numina's Compatriot
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Numina is an Hero, a Task Force organizer in Founders' Falls, one of the Surviving Eight and a member of the Freedom Phalanx.

Heroes find her:

Villains face her:



Numina, old model

Numina was born Tammy Arcanus, daughter of Tommy Arcanus of the Midnight Squad. Tommy delved so deeply into the metaphysical that his very being was affected, and Tammy was born with magical powers. Early in her super-powered career, Tammy joined the Midnight Squad. In the 1960s, she and her team were sent into a series of caverns surrounding the Earth's molten core. It was there that the Red Threat, a Soviet villain, intended to destroy the world.

To save the Earth, Tammy possessed the body of the Red Threat. She minimized the damage, but her body was destroyed. Her consciousness survived, trapped within the Red Threat until he was killed in prison during the Rikti Invasion. Tammy's astral form was at last free. She renamed herself Numina and threw herself into the war against the Rikti. In the war's aftermath, Numina uses her abilities to nurture the next generation of heroes.

Numina is one of the Surviving Eight, dedicated to helping Paragon City rebuild after the Rikti War.

Numina's sidekick is Infernal although he has become a full-fledged hero in his own right as a member of the Vindicators. She is helping him become acclimated to Primal Earth.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Tammy Arcanus
Origin: Magic
Archetype: Controller
Primary Powers: Mind Control
Secondary Powers: Empathy
Other Powers: Flight
Signature Powers: Ethereal

Task Force

See Numina Task Force


Numina Concept Art
  • Numina was created by City of Heroes forum member Belle who won the "Create One Of The Surviving Eight" NPC Contest.
  • Numina first appeared in Top Cow's City of Heroes #3.
  • Numina's Praetorian Earth counterpart is Diabolique.

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