Barracuda Strike Force

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The Barracuda Strike Force was added in Issue 15 along with the Dr. Kahn Task Force. Barracuda can be found in the southeast corner of the square around the statue of Lord Recluse in Grandville.

Thus Spoke the Reichsman
Contact Barracuda
Zone Grandville
Minimum Size 4 players
Coordinates (2559, -392, 1934.5)
Level Range 45-50
Merits 30
Badge Badge 5thColumnVillainBadge.png Arbiter
Enemy Groups Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
V badge Phalanx.png Freedom Phalanx
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department
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E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 20 Reward Merits.


Too Low Level

Some of those chumps with you are real chumps.

Make sure everyone on your team is level 45+

Not Enough People

I got some work for you, but you're gonna need a team of at least 4 people if you want to pull this one off.

You need to have at least 4 people on your team to start this strike force.

Team Member Out of Zone

I ain't gonna give you the low-down until you're all ready to hear it. Make sure all of your teamies are here and then we can talk.


Agree to form a strike force

Thus Spoke The Reichsman
Part One: Things Thought Forgotten


I got an opportunity for you, Character, and I'm sure you're gonna help me out. This squint, Roderick Mueller, has a job he needs a little help with, and you're gonna give him the help he needs. Don't worry; he's gonna take good care of you for your help, and you're gonna take good care of me for cluing you in on this opportunity.

Mueller's got a line on some info he needs. The only problem is, that info is hidden in that Omega Team time capsule they got there. The capsule's been moved to under City Hall, so this Mueller wants you to go in there and swipe that info.

Whadda say, Character? You in?

Mission Acceptance

OK, Mueller's got a flyer waitin' that will bring you and your crew to Paragon City. It's a simple job, get in, get the info, get out.

Once you finish whatever his deal is, make sure you come back and let me in on a piece of the action. You'll do that, if you know what's good for you. Otherwise... Well, there ain't gonna be an otherwise, is there?

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Arachnos flyer is waiting for you outside of Grandville. Head to Atlas Park and steal that file from the time capsule!

Mission Objective(s)

They probably thought that City Hall was a good place to hold something valuable. Well, you're about to prove that assumption wrong.

  • Rob City Hall
    • Rob the time capsule
    • Defeat guards
    • Take down Ms. Liberty to protect your flier
    • Get to the chopper!

Mueller will be happy to get this hands on that information. He just better make it worth your while.




V badge Longbow.png Longbow
V badge PPD.png Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

Holo Man dialogue 

Before combat: "Keep an eye open; I hear some villains are going to try to rob this place."
Combat start: "I don't know what you're after, Character, but you won't get away with it. Watch as I take you down... in 3D!"
At 75% Life: "Ouch! That's no way to treat a star!"
At 50% Life: "I'm pretty sure this wasn't in the script..."
At 25% Life: "I'm calling for reinforcements! You won't escape!"
Defeated: "Noooo... I've been cancelled!"
After defeating a player: "That's what you get when you take on Holo Man!"

Ms. Liberty dialogue 

Before combat: "Where can those pesky robbers be?"
Combat start: "Robbing the time capsule? How low is that, Character?"
At 75% Life: "You won't get away with this!"
At 50% Life: "You may hit hard, but I'll stop you."
At 25% Life: "No! I can't let you dishonor the memory of the Omega Team like this!"
Defeated: +++ Missing Information +++
After defeating a player: "Those villains always think they can get away with something. Well, they were wrong this time."

Icon clue generic.png
Security Codes
This file contains some security codes. You're not sure why Hero 1 would hide this info in the time capsule or why Mueller would want it, but recovering them pays well and that's all that really matters.


You done good, Character. Mueller's got the stuff and we all got a nice payday. He says he's got another job for you. Come talk to me when you're ready for it; I'm sure it will pay even better.

Accept the job

Thus Spoke The Reichsman
Part Two: Wrong Place, Reichs Time


OK, we got a chance to make even more dough with that squint Mueller. He's got another little job that I can throw your way for the usual consideration.

Now that you got him that location and those security codes, he wants to go use them. That means he's gotta go to a secret base under Boomtown, which means he needs some help. Serious help. And you guys are about as serious as they come. So, what do you say? You up for heading into a dangerous situation with ol' Mueller?

Mission Acceptance

Yeah, that's the ticket. You know the drill; we've got a flyer waiting to take you guys off to goody-goody land. We should be able to land you close enough to the objective that you'll be able to get in before anyone in Boomtown can notice. Once you're in the base, the fun begins.

Here's a reminder for you. Mueller's gonna go with you, since only he knows exactly what he's after in that base. Try to make sure he comes back in one piece; he's our payday at the end.

Unnecessary Solicitation

The flyer is waiting to take you and Mueller to Boomtown.

Mission Objective(s)

The security codes you found opened this place right up. Now it's time to find whatever it is Mueller wants.

  • Rob Freedom Phalanx Base
    • Lead Mueller to the secured storage
    • Defeat the base's leader

Mueller's great plan resulted in you freeing the leader of the 5th Column! That didn't work out so well for him. And, worse, you didn't get paid. Oh, and Reichsman's release seems to have reinvigorate these guys and it sounds like they're gearing up for some kind of invasion. That's probably bad for someone.

It's time to go talk to Barracuda and see how you can salvage something out of this situation. That Reichsman needs some payback, and you should have a line on where he's going to be...




V badge Longbow.png Longbow
Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Roderick Mueller dialogue 

On spawn: Ah good, Character. Your team is all here. Clear a path to the containment area quickly, if you would.

Numina dialogue 

Before combat: I have sensed a disturbance here. Something very bad will happen unless we prevent it.
Combat start: You meddle with things you cannot comprehend, Character. Surrender now and do not bring matters to a head.
At 75% Life: Your ignorance will not save you from the consequences of your deeds!
At 50% Life: Even if you strike me down, you won't find the rewards you desire.
At 25% Life:
Defeated: Choke on the ashes of your victory.
After defeating a player: It is better this way, for everyone.

Mueller frees Reichsman

Roderick Mueller

Oh, excellent. It is exactly as I thought. Quickly, open it!


The Reichsman returns.

Roderick Mueller

It is true... You have been imprisoned here.


You are responsible for freeing me? How kind of you.
Who are you and these others?

Roderick Mueller

I am Roderick Mueller, herr Reichsman, and these are some mercenaries I hired to help me.
Now that you are free, I have a service to ask of you.


A service? I think not. I serve only the 5th Column. Instead, I shall dispose of you all!

After Reichsman's Fist of Tyrrany attack... don't remember exactly what happened.

...You find yourself locked inside a 5th Column jail cell...

Schadenfreude dialogue 

Before combat: Those stupid villains didn't know what they were doing. With the Supreme Leader free, nothing will stop us from rising again! Barracuda is the only possible one who might be able to learn what is happening, and we'll soon put a stop to her.
Combat start: Your feeble attempts at resistance are futile, Character! You will fall before the glory of the 5th Column!
At 75% Life: If only you could read the files in our computers, Character. If you knew what was there, you wouldn't even dare to attack me!
At 50% Life: The Supreme Leader is powerful beyond your comprehension. Even now, the energies of the very dimensions themselves empower him, making him more potent than any foe you've ever faced! You cannot win.
At 25% Life: You fight well, Character, for a piece of decadent scum. But our strength is legion!
Defeated: No, no, we cannot falter now. Not when we're this close.
After defeating a player: Thus is the fate of all who would resist the might of the 5th Column.

Icon clue generic.png
Dimensional Experiments
These computer files detail the various experiments performed by 5th Column scientists on the subject of alternate dimensions and paranormal energy. Your first read of the documents reveal that they are working on some kind of device to help Reichsman, but the details are buried under a lot of scientific mumbo-jumbo. It's going to take a detailed study to get to the bottom of exactly what they're attempting.


What? Mueller's information led you to free Reichsman and then he got blown up for his trouble? And you guys didn't get paid? That gets me steamed, Character. I hate not getting paid for your hard work!
I'm sure you ain't happy about this situation either. What say we get a little revenge against this jumped-up fascist bozo who took out my contact and left us with nothin' in our pockets. Let me look over this info, see if I can get an angle on him. Come back when you're ready and we'll find a way to get ours... even if we have to take it out of his hide!

Go talk to Lord Recluse

Return of the Reichsman
Part Three: Sweet Revenge


I can't believe we got cheated out of our payment by that Reichsman clown, Character. We gotta do something about this, especially since it sounds like those 5th Column chumps are gunning for us. I've been reading over that information you found, and it sounds like Reichsman is planning something big back in Boomtown. We can get our revenge by messing with Reichsman's invasion.

So Lord Recluse is going to be all hot and bothered about some clown invading Paragon City. That's like someone stealing his thunder. Maybe you should go talk to him and get some troops to keep the 5th Column rank and file busy while you deal with Reichsman. If you work it right, you can even get him to pay you for your 'help'.

Mission Acceptance

Hey, watch yourself. The info in those files you found says this Reichsman is one bad boy. He's doing something to increase his power. Don't be shy about living to fight another day, if you know what I mean.

Talk to Lord Recluse

Unnecessary Solicitation

You should talk to Lord Recluse in Grandville as soon as possible.

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Lord Recluse.jpg
Lord Recluse


This situation you describe is most troubling, Character. I cannot have the 5th Column infesting Boomtown, not when I have plans of my own for the area. I thank you for bringing this problem to my attention before it became a major thorn in my side. But what to do, what to do. I am not yet ready to move against Paragon City but I fear that those heroes will misread my intentions if I send any of my lieutenants to deal with the 5th Column.

Tell Recluse you'll lead the attack

You are offering to take the lead on dealing with this Reichsman, Character? How... noble of you. Oh, I am certain you have reasons of your own for this kind offer, but far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth. If you take a flier to Boomtown and help deal with this little 5th Column problem, I will make sure that your efforts are backed by some of my troops. See what you can do to stop this Reichsman and the 5th Column, and I'll make it worth your while.

Tell Recluse you're heading to the flyer

You are an interesting man, Character. I shall have to keep an eye on you in the future. I trust that if you can't crush this petty invasion head on, you will be clever enough to find some other way to go about it. In fact, I almost hope Reichsman proves to be a challenge as I am curious as to what other plan you might formulate to defeat him. I wish you success in this endeavor, Character.

Foil the 5th Column in Boomtown

Unnecessary Solicitation

The 5th Column is still running around in Boomtown. You'd better get on that flyer and stop them.

Mission Objective(s)

The 5th Column sure moved fast. If you start knocking some heads, you can probably get that Reichsman to come out from wherever he's hiding.

  • Defeat the invading troops
    • Defeat der Unterfuhrer
    • Defeat Oberst Shaumstein
    • Beat Reichsman

This guy came in response to you beating up on the invaders. You wonder what will happen if you keep taking these 5th Column goons down...
Well, that sucked! How are you supposed to get your revenge against a guy who's unstoppable?

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Reichsman cannot be beat in this mission. It is on a timer, so eventually, the mission will end.




Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

Der Unterfuhrer dialogue 

On spawn: Finally, something challenging to fight.
Combat start: I so want to destroy this city.
At 75% Life: Oberst Shaumstein has placed me in charge of this section of the invasion, and I won't let you stop me from executing the plan!
At 50% Life: You are skilled. That is good. Now I will bury you.
At 25% Life: Our strength is endless! We cannot fail!
Defeated: Even if I fail, the Oberst will see to your defeat.
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Oberst Shaumstein dialogue 

On spawn: There is resistance to the plan.
Combat start: The 5th Column will tolerate no interference. Attack!
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Invincible Reichsman dialogue 

On spawn: I am unstoppable!
Combat start: Your interference is foolish, Character. Since you were instrumental in arranging my release, I offer you a choice. Leave now, or stay and suffer my wrath!

Icon clue generic.png
Invincible Reichsman
When you faced Reichsman in Boomtown he seemed to be unbeatable. You're going to need to figure out why he's so tough and find a way to counter it if you're going to have a chance of taking him down. And, somehow, you know you're going to have to be the one who deals with this guy.


While you were dancing with that super-Reichsman, I had some people look at that information you got from the 5th Column base. Man, no wonder you couldn't take out Reichsman! He's doing something to super-power himself.

I think I know where you can find out what's makin' Reichsman so tough, and maybe how to stop it or use it to give you an edge. Let me know when you're ready to go and figure out how to end this problem...

Go to Axis Earth and find the source of Reichsman's power

Return of the Reichsman
Part Four: Finding the Source


So, Character, the tech guys looked over those files you found back in that 5th Column base and came up with some bizarre theory on why Reichsman is so damned tough. They think he's working with those freaks from his home dimension to do something to supercharge him. The techies suggest you go to Axis Earth and find information on just exactly what these guys are up to.

Mission Acceptance

If them Axis worlders are like their 5th Column counterparts, they've probably got the information on a computer in a base. You should beat up on some of their soldiers to find the base and then... well, you know what to do.

Find the source of Reichsman's power

Unnecessary Solicitation

Take the portal to Axis Earth and find out why Reichsman is so powerful!

Mission Objective(s)

This place is freaky. It looks like a war-torn version of Paragon City. While that's not a bad thing, the 5th Column banners are a sure sign that the wrong people are in charge.

  • Find the source of Reichsman's power
    • "Question" Axis America soldiers
    • Enter base
    • Get computer codes from Oberst Staetler

This computer has a file that discusses experiments on transferring energy from one entity to another. You think further study will yield the source of Reichsman's power -- and perhaps a way to counter it.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Entering the base requires a key, obtained randomly by defeating enemies prior to entering the base.




V badge Axis.png Axis America

Notable NPCs

Oberst Staetler dialogue 

Before combat: "We have almost finished crushing the resistance. The fools have no chance."
Combat start: "Vas? Where did these costumed clowns come from? Kill them!"
At 75% Life: "We finished your kind off in the war, long ago. Whoever you are, you cannot stand against our might."
At 50% Life: "You are much tougher than the normal Resistance fools. That just means you will suffer more!"
At 25% Life: "This is madness! You cannot hope to bring us down simply by attacking this base!"
Defeated: "The base must remain secure; I cannot fail in my duty!"
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Icon clue generic.png
Empowering Reichsman
According to this information, Reichsman is empowering himself by stealing the energy from his counterparts, those other Marcus Coles from the different dimensions. The confluence of this energy makes him effectively unstoppable. From reading through the files, you know that Reichsman's got some kind of big machine back on Earth Prime that's holding those alternate Reichsmans and siphoning the energy to him.

The machine is likely to be very well defended. And you know you can't stand up against Reichsman in his current empowered state. But you think you can use his machine on you and your crew, to give you the edge you need to take him down.

If you can get a few very powerful beings into the machine, you can use it to give you some defenses and counters to Reichsman's new powers. Maybe you can convince Lord Recluse to lend you his lieutenants for this. You might just get away with it... if you don't tell him why you need them.

Talk to Barracuda

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Barracuda.jpg


Whadda find out Character? You find a line on takin' Reichsman down?

Say that Reichsman is using a machine to boost himself.

Yeah? So you're gonna destroy this machine and show that Reichsman who's the boss?

Tell Barracuda that the machine is protected from any attack.

Protected from any attack by the very dimensional energies that are empowering Reichsman? Man, that sucks.

So whatcha gonna do about it, Character? You gotta find a way to take down Reichsman, so we can get our payback.

Hey, it's too bad you can't just use the machine yourself, to you know, just power you and your buddies up to a level when you can beat that Reichsman clown down.

Explain that's exactly what you intend to do.

What? You're going to talk Lord R into having Ghost Widow, Black Scorpion, Scirocco, and my boss go along with you and then stuff them all into Reichsman's machine to empower you?!? You are crazy... or just smart. If you get results, all this is good, right?

Sure, they're the most powerful dudes you can grab this side of Paragon City and they'll give you access to more power than anyone should probably have. Yeah, you know that Lord R will likely ignore exactly how you beat Reichsman as long as you beat him.

It sounds like you got a solid plan, Character. I'm just glad I'm not the one caught between the Patrons of Arachnos and the Reichsman. Go kick some butt!


You might be too crafty for your own good, Character, but I hope it all works out. Operators with your kind of moxie ain't that common, and it would be a shame to see you get put down by Reichsman.

Go talk to Recluse

Thus Spoke The Reichsman
Finale: Finishing It Off


OK, Character, it sounds like you got all of your ducks in a row. Go and talk to Lord Recluse and talk him into giving you the help you need.

Mission Acceptance

I know you're gonna take down that Reichsman and get some payback for the way he jacked us over. Go do it, Character!

Talk to Recluse

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to talk to Lord Recluse.

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Lord Recluse.jpg
Lord Recluse


So, Character, you come to me asking for help with this Reichsman problem. Our interests align in this case; I would be very pleased to see this Reichsman taken down. What have you learned about him? Why will this time you face him be different then the last?

Explain that Reichsman is empowering himself with dimensional energy.

Interesting. So Reichsman has a machine -- a machine that's suspended between the dimensions and is thus unattackable -- that's amplifying his abilities and making him more powerful than a god. This situation is intolerable. I trust you have some plan on how to deal with it?

Explain there is a way, but that you need the services of his four strongest lieutenants.

You require the aid of all four of my most powerful lieutenants? And that will level the playing field in your upcoming conflict?

You ask much, Character. Why should I place them under your orders?

Explain this is the only chance of stopping Reichsman.

Very well. Infiltrating Reichsman's base shall require a multi-pronged attack. I will brief Ghost Widow, Black Scorpion, Scirocco, and Captain Mako on your plan, and then dispatch them to different locations to weaken Reichsman's forces. They are more than capable of making their own entrance into the 5th Column base, but it is your responsbility to find them and direct them as to their part in your plan.

I trust that with their help you'll be able to deal with this Reichsman situation once and for all.

I look forward to hearing how it all comes out.

Defeat Reichsman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Reichsman is still out there and a threat. Go stop him before you get us all killed!

Mission Objective(s)

The 5th Column sure moved fast. If you start knocking some heads, you can probably get that Reichsman to come out from wherever he's hiding.

  • Defeat Reichsman
    • Find Black Scorpion
    • Lead Black Scorpion to the Machine
    • Find Scirocco
    • Lead Scirocco to the Machine
    • Find Captain Mako
    • Lead Captain Mako to the Machine
    • Find Ghost Widow
    • Lead Ghost Widow to the Machine
    • Enter the machine and get empowered
    • Prepare to Fight Reichsman
    • Defeat Reichsman

You showed Reichsman that it was a bad idea to get between you and your payment. Now he's no longer a threat to the Rogue Isles -- or anyone else. It's time to go see what Recluse has to say about how you handled the matter.




Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column

Notable NPCs

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Arachnos Patrons will turn against the team on arrival to their locations

Herr Krogh dialogue 

Before combat: "Kill these intruders! They must not be allowed to interfere!"
Combat start: "You will fail Character! The way to Reichsman leads through me, and I will stop you!"
At 75% Life: "Even as I defeat you, Reichsman bathes in the power of his machine. When he emerges, he will truly be unstoppable!"
At 25% Life: "No! This must not happen. I must not fail!"
Defeated: "Reichsman, I have failed you..."
After defeating a player: "Such is the fate of all who dare stand against the might of the 5th Column."

Black Scorpion dialogue 

Once free: "Just get me to where you need me, Character, and I'll take care of problem. You can't do this without my muscle; it's the only thing that's going to let you hurt that 5th Column clown."
"But you can do all of the heavy lifting until then; I'm just here to fight Reichsman."
If lost: +++ Missing Information +++
If refound: +++ Missing Information +++
Combat start: "What? What's going on?!?"
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Scirocco dialogue 

Once free: "Bring me to Reichsman so we can get this done. These lesser opponents are your responsibility, not mine."
If lost: "What is our goal?"
If refound: "You must keep me with you if your plan is to succeed."
Combat start: "Lord Recluse alerted me to this possibility. Your base betrayal will fail, Character. Your efforts are now doomed as you have earned my enmity."
After defeating a player: "You will not live long enough to enjoy the fruits of your betrayal..."

Captain Mako dialogue 

Once free: "What's the big deal? Get me to Reichsman and I'll take care of this, no problem. But I ain't lifting a finger to help you before then."
"Hey, I done some lookin' around. Seems this Reichsman has this place wired with some failsafe devices, in case his troops get out of hand and turn on him. Keep an eye out for the activation terminals; they might help keep his boys off our back during the big fight."
"I'm sure he's got some kind of defensive fields around 'em, but there isn't a security system around that I can't sneak by."
If lost: "Where are you taking me?"
If refound: "If you want my help, don't run ahead so fast."
Combat start: "You clown! Recluse said you'd do this. You got a big problem now; I'm gonna bite a chunk out of you!"
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Ghost Widow dialogue 

Once free: "You require my presence to help defeat Reichsman, Character. However, I cannot bring myself to help you fight your way to our destination when I know what the outcome shall be once we arrive."
If lost: "You did not inform me as to our destination, Character!"
If refound: "Do not rush heedlessly ahead into danger, Character. Choose a slower pace."
Combat start: "My defeat in this instance will advance the cause of Arachnos, I know, but I cannot stand by and let you defeat me. Such is not in my nature."
After defeating a player: "Lord Recluse warned us of this very thing occurring, Character. Yet I cannot find it in me to fault you, as I know you do this to get what you need to defeat Reichsman."

Reichsman dialogue 

Before combat: "They throw their strongest against me, and they fall. Nothing will stop me now."
Combat start: "You must have learned nothing from our previous encounters, Character. Now you will learn only that it is time to die."
First blood: "You seem stronger now, somehow. This might be interesting."
At 80% Life: "You dare hope you can triumph? I think not! You do not face just me; you also face the might of the 5th Column!"
"Defenders, to me!""
At 60% Life: "Our numbers are matchless! Second waves, attack!"
At 40% Life: "You cannot lure me away from the power of my machine!"
"I leave you to deal with my troops while I use my empowerment machine to refresh myself."
"Your defeat is inevitable!"
At 20% Life: "I cannot fail! I am unstoppable!"
"My machine will restore my power!"
Defeated: +++ Missing Information +++
After defeating a player: +++ Missing Information +++

Temporary Power

After defeating Lord Recluse's four lieutenants, stepping into Reichsman's machine will grant players a series of temporary powers. The first four are automatic and are the same for each player. The fifth power is renewable and is dependent on the character's Archetype.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If you leave the mission with these powers (e.g. by going to the hospital), you will lose all of them. The machine WILL give them to you a second time, but it will not automatically re-slot the click power.

All ATs

PowerofBlackScorpion.png Power of Black Scorpion +Res(All DMG, Defense Debuff) +Def(All)
You've defeated Black Scorpion and drained some of his power to increase your damage resistance, defense and resistance to defense debuffs for a short time. This effect will last for 20 minutes.
PowerofCaptainMako.png Power of Captain Mako +Damage(All), +Recharge
Captain Mako has fallen to your schemes and you've siphoned a portion of his power, this will temporarily increase your damage and recharge rate. This effect will last for 20 minutes.
PowerofScirocco.png Power of Scirocco +Res (Slow, Endurance Drain, -Recovery)
You've drained the power from Scirocco increasing your resistance to Slows, Endurance Drain effects and also protects you from -Recovery effects. This effect will last for 20 minutes.
PowerofGhostWidow.png Power of Ghost Widow +Res (To Hit Debuffs) +Regen
You've stolen some of Ghost Widow's power, and by doing so you will benefit from a bonus to regeneration and resistance to To Hit debuffs. This effect will last for 20 minutes.

Brutes, Tankers, Warshades, Arachnos Soldiers, and Arachnos Widows

PowerofGhostWidow.png Power of Ghost Widow +Res (End Drain) +Regen
Using the power of Ghost Widow, you enable yourself and your allies to better resist Reichsman's oppressive aura.

Corruptors and Blasters

PowerofScirocco.png Power of Scirocco Special
Using Sciroccos Power grants you the ability to create Dust Devils. Dust Devils are weak, except against helpless targets.
Note: The Corruptor temp power is currently using the Black Scorpion icon instead of the Scirocco icon.

Dominators and Controllers

PowerofBlackScorpion.png Power of Scirocco Special
Using Sciroccos Power grants you the ability to Hold all 5th Column enemies present.
Note: The Dominator temp power is currently using the Black Scorpion icon instead of the Scirocco icon.

Masterminds and Defenders

PowerofBlackScorpion.png Power of Black Scorpion Special
Using the power absorbed from Black Scorpion, you can strip Reichsman's dimensional phasing, eliminating his ability to become immune to your teams effects.

Stalkers and Scrappers

PowerofCaptainMako.png Power of Captain Mako Max Stealth
The Power of Mako has maximized your stealth potential, perhaps even enough to allow you to approach the Fail Safe devices.

Upon mission completion, all characters will be granted another set of four temporary powers.

PowerofBlackScorpion.png Power of Black Scorpion +Res(All DMG, Defense Debuff) +Def(All)
You've defeated Black Scorpion and drained some of his power to increase your damage resistance, defense and resistance to defense debuffs for a short time. This effect will last for 30 minutes.
PowerofCaptainMako.png Power of Captain Mako +Damage(All), +Recharge
Captain Mako has fallen to your schemes and you've siphoned a portion of his power, this will temporarily increase your damage and recharge rate. This effect will last for 30 minutes.
PowerofScirocco.png Power of Scirocco +Res (Slow, Endurance Drain, -Recovery)
You've drained the power from Scirocco increasing your resistance to Slows, Endurance Drain effects and also protects you from -Recovery effects. This effect will last for 30 minutes.
PowerofGhostWidow.png Power of Ghost Widow +Res (To Hit Debuffs) +Regen
You've stolen some of Ghost Widow's power, and by doing so you will benefit from a bonus to regeneration and resistance to To Hit debuffs. This effect will last for 30 minutes.

Talk to Lord Recluse

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to talk to Lord Recluse

Mission Objective(s)

Contact Small Lord Recluse.jpg
Lord Recluse


Your treachery against my lieutenants has not gone unnoticed, Character. While they may hold a grudge against you for your actions, you fulfilled your promise and removed Reichsman from the playing board. Your revenge against him for his betrayal of you aligned nicely with my desire to see him neutralized as a problem. I thank you for your efforts in this matter.

You aren't mad about our attacking your lieutenants?

Mad? Hardly. You used the tools at hand to accomplish your task. I knew the only way you could possibly defeat Reichsman was to increase your own power, and I suspect that's precisely why you needed the services of Ghost Widow, Black Scorpion, Scirocco, and Captain Mako. You chose a dangerous path when you seemingly betrayed them, but your ruthlessness paid off and you were successful.

What about the empowerment machine?

Do not retain any ideas of revisiting the empowerment machine and using it again. With Reichsman defeated, its defenses were trivial to overcome. I have had it dismantled and the parts... destroyed. And thus, I removed temptation from the world. A device of that magnitude is too attractive to some minds; some would find it too tempting to try to use it and increase their power to a point where they might rival me... and that cannot be allowed.

So that's it then?

Not quite. There is the matter of your involvement in this whole affair. You were betrayed while executing a contract, and you took steps to see that your betrayer paid the price for such behavior. You used all necessary means to accomplish that goal, no matter the cost

I am most pleased with your drive and your audacity, Character. You remind me of someone I knew, long ago. And I firmly believe that audacious actions -- when successful -- should be rewarded.

You may now claim to be one of my Arbiters, as a sign of my approval of your actions. But know, I will be looking to you for any future audacious tasks that may arise.


The Arbiter Badge is awarded upon completion of this mission.

File:Badge 5thColumnVillainBadge.png Arbiter

Taking down Reichsman and making fools out of Lord Recluse's lieutenants might just be the most profitable and satisfying job you've ever pulled.

Master of the 5th Column Strike Force

If you successfully complete the Barracuda Strike Force with challenge settings of zero defeats (no one on the team can be defeated throughout the entire task force) and no Temporary Powers (other than the powers gained during the SF), you will receive the following achievement badge.

File:Badge MasterofReichsmanSF.png Master of the 5th Column Strike Force

You have proven yourself Master of the 5th Column Strike Force.


That was good work Character. You let that clown know it was a bad idea to mess with us. It was a pleasure workin' with you.


Reichsman's Helmet

This helmet is a souvenir of a little caper you like to call

Thus Spoke The Reichsman

It all started when Barracuda tipped you to a job that Roderick Mueller wanted done. It was a simple theft, in and out with a big payday at the end. But it didn't stay that easy.

After Roderick Mueller's second job went awry and you freed Reichsman from imprisonment, Lord Recluse sent you to Boomtown to 'clean up your mess' and get rid of the 5th Column invasion. You followed orders, but found that Reichsman had been supercharged and was virtually unstoppable. You retreated to come up with another approach.

Acting on information you recovered during the whole freeing Reichsman debacle, you used the Destiny Portal to travel to Axis Earth, Reichsman's home dimension. Once there, you found some interesting information that Reichsman was using a machine to transfer energy from alternate Reichsmans into him, effectively super-charging him. That information was what you needed to come up with a plan to stop the 5th Column leader.

You went back to Recluse and negotiated the loan of Ghost Widow, Captain Mako, Scirocco, and Black Scorpion to help you in fighting Reichsman. You didn't tell Recluse that you were going to pound his lieutenants and then shove them into the empowering machine to give you the edge you needed to beat Reichsman. Recluse caught on a little too late, arriving just in time to get his head handed to him by Reichsman. You seized the opportunity to negotiate a fat payday -- and forgiveness -- from him and then went off to finish off Reichsman. You sealed the deal and can walk with your head held high, knowing that you did something Recluse couldn't -- you took down Reichsman.