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Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2559, -392, 1934.5)
Level Range 45-50
Introduced By None, Barracuda is a Strike Force Contact.
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain 5thcolumn.png 5th Column
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Barracuda is an Archvillain, a Strike Force organizer in Grandville, and the lackey of Captain Mako in Arachnos. As a contact, she is located just east of the Fortunata Fateweaver near Lord Recluse's statue.

Heroes may face her in the following missions:

Villains find her in the following missions.



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During the mission Take the fight to 'Metal Shift' 

Before combat:
Freakshow minion: Why are you not one of us?
Barracuda: I'll rip you fools apart.
Freakshow Tank: We will take you to the Holy One. He shall convince you.
Combat start:
Freakshow minion: Character! The unclean one! Attack!
Barracuda: You want first shot at them, Character? Go for it.
Upon rescue:
Barracuda: I've heard of you, Character. Care to help me take down these Freaks Cultists?

During the mission Destroy Shaper Cult 

Before combat: Find me their leader. I have to know where this 'Calystix' is.
Combat start: I thought I warned you not to interfere me, Character.
First blood: I smell your blood in the water.
At 75% Life: You're really making yourself a problem.
At 50% Life: I won't hold back any longer!
At 25% Life: Why are you doing this? I have to know what they did to me!
Why didn't...
you just...
let me...
find the truth...

During the mission Form Strike Force 

Once free: We need to find our way to an ancient portal deep within these caves!
At the portal: This portal doesen't lead to the temple! What a waste of time!
If lost: Strike Force Name! Where did you go?

During the mission Retrieve Weapons

Balloon.png Barracuda:
Spread out! we need to take down Strike Force Name!
The power of the Leviathan will be mine alone!

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During the mission Capture Dr. Aeon 

Before combat: I don't see the point of this. Aeon's perfectly safe inside his force-field.
Combat start: Let's get this over with.
At 75% Life: Just stop living already!
At 50% Life: You stupid idiots! I hate all of you!
At 25% Life: Why couldn't you all just die?
Defeated: I never wanted to do this anyway.
After defeating a player: This isn't personal. I really don't care about any of this.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: Kelli Forston
Origin: Mutation/Science?
Archetype:  ?
Primary Powers: Psychic Coral attacks (unique)
Secondary Powers: Urchin attacks (unique)
Other Powers: Super Leap
Signature Powers: Wave of Cold, Water Sprout

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Contact Introduced By

None. As a Strike Force contact, you may speak to her directly.

New Contact(s)



A former treasure hunter, Kelli Forston was infected by mysterious creatures known as the Coralax. What she found in the briny deep remains a mystery, but it turned her heart as dark and cold as the depths. In combat, she is almost as quick and savage as her bloodthirtsy mentor, Captain Mako.

Initial Contact

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Strike Force

See Barracuda Strike Force