Aaron Walker

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Aaron Walker
Aaron Walker.jpg
Zone Neutropolis
Coordinates (2878, -72, -182)
Level Range 15-20
Introduced By == Level 15 ==
Calvin Scott
Introduces == Level 15 ==
Penelope Yin (Praetorian)
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments
Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department
V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.
V badge Longbow.png Longbow
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Aaron Walker is a Praetorian contact in Neutropolis at coordinates (2878, -72, -182).  His level range is 15-20. He is located on a street corner approximately 187 yards west of the Neuron's Reach neighborhood marker.


Contact Introduced By

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

If a player has commenced Calvin Scott's main arc, he will not introduce Aaron Walker. It's possible, if you're a Resistance member and in the appropriate level range, to talk to Aaron and obtain him as an Active contact -- even if you have no active contacts or contact missions and Aaron has not been introduced.

Contact Introduces

Speaking of which, I got some chick trying to talk to me in my mind. She's saying that she wants to talk to you. You mind opening yourself up so she can do this? I really don't like having someone else's voice in my head.

You mind letting this chick talk to you? She usually isn't a pain like this in my head but she wants to talk to you REALLY badly. Oh, yeah, she might be slightly insane too.

Penelope Yin is one of Praetor Tilman's patients in her hospital. The daughter of Wu Yin has caused much controversy, due to whispers that she may be the most powerful psychic in the world; even more powerful than Praetor Tilman.

This chick is annoying me to no end. Mind getting her off of my mind?



Aaron Walker was a notorious hacker by the name of Lightspeed before he was arrested by the PPD. He served his time in the BAF and was released back into society as a perfectly good law-abiding citizen. Or so the papers say.

Prior to Introduction

Missing Prior to Introduction Dialogue

Initial Contact

Ever see a network data packet stop and ask for directions? I see it all the time, man. I'm the fastest dude out there on the network. Well, other than that Neuron piece of - MAN! What I'd give to upload a virus straight into his own head. Kinda like what he did to me. But hey... whatever.

But you know what, man? He thinks he's all the best and all that? Thinks he's the fastest dude out there? Well, he messed up when he screwed around with my brain. But you know these neuro-stims I gotta take to live? Yeah... well they make me as fast as him. And even though they're gonna kill me, I'll use them to give him a taste of MY medicine and see how that punk likes it.

So, uh, you wanna get started or something? I don't have all day, you know.


  • What's up? Already know, don't need to say it.
  • We got something to take care of, right?

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

Too Low Level

Things look like they're getting weird, you should wait and stuff until you're at 14.

No More Missions

Hey, I got nothing right now. The network is all quiet, so I think that we've stuck it to 'em for now. But knowing Neuron, he's probably up to something. I'll let you know if something pops up, cool?


Story Arc

The Savage Man

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


James Noble's Police Badge

You held onto James Noble's police badge after you met with him. He left before you could give it back, though it looks like he won't be needing it much anymore. It reminds you of an experience you call...

The Savage Man

It all started when you began working together with a man named Aaron Walker. You helped him stabilize his frantic mind by 'retrieving' some medication from a lab in Neutropolis. Once his mind was stable, Walker believed he could help you get to the truth behind the ghouls and the failed experiments that lurked in the tunnels of Praetoria.

You obtained the ID tags of several failed experiments for Walker to analyze. What he found was shocking. Walker discovered a conspiracy behind the officer, James Noble, who was reported to be dead. James was very much alive, but he was now a monster who roamed the tunnels with the other ghouls and failed experiments, all of them part of some grand experiment by Praetor Berry. Walker believed there was a way to find out what this plan was, but it would requre the aid of James Noble to get inside the heavily guarded lab.

You tried speaking with James Noble with little success. He attacked you and then leapt away. You then spoke with his wife and former partner to gain more of Noble's trust. This managed to swing things in your favor. Seeing the images of his family and friends triggered all of Noble's memories to resurface, allowing him to remember the horrible experiments that were performed on him by Praetor Berry. Noble then swore to aid you in attacking Praetor Berry's lab.

The two of you raided the lab, though Noble was badly injured. Walker hacked into the Resistance emergency teleporter to save Noble's life. Noble agreed to this and officially became a member of the Resistance. You moved forward and fought Eddie Polstra, who was sent in to deal with the situation, then found out about Project: Olympian. This was what Praetor Berry was working on, what James Noble suffered for. The ghouls, James Noble, the experiments, were all a first phase to see if this project could work. The goal of the project was to create genetic clones of Emperor Cole in an attempt to match the powers that he found in the Well of the Furies. The purpose of this would be to create an undefeatable army.

Aaron Walker said he would figure out what to do with this information and thanked you for your support in all this. He swore to help you in whatever way he could before, in his words, 'my mind goes POP!'

Part One: Hooked

Hey, so, you know all about me, right? Read the papers? Or the televisions? Maybe not? Well, here's the quick lowdown, because I'm not here to waste time. I used to be Lightspeed, best hacker in Praetoria. 'Till they threw me in the BAF. Turns out they don't like hackers 'round here. Thing is though, I ain't all reformed. Reformed? Hah! Not me, not ever. I'm out to stick it to Neuron, to reveal all the stuff he's been doing. Like me, for instance. He did some sorta experiment on me, trying to increase the intelligence of the average citizen. Things didn't go perfectly, so he up and abandoned the project.

Now, I got myself thinking a mile a minute on a slow minute, you got me? I already got this entire plan thought out. S'why I've been trying to get in touch with the Resistance, you know? My brain's gonna fry soon, dunno when it'll be. All I know is the headaches get worse every week. I wanna do something before my brain goes BLAM. It ain't gonna be pretty, but that's fine. Well, it'll be fine once we take it to Neuron. If you're gonna have my help, though, you gotta do me a favor.

What's the favor?

I gotta slow down. I know, crazy, right? Here's the thing, I got a thousand things running in my head at once. Feels like there's a fire going on in there, all the synapses firing off, bang! Boom! I gotta get myself the drug that Neuron used on me during the experiments. I know of a place where it is, but it's guarded by the PPD. Real bummer, you know? If you can get that drug, I can get myself worked down enough to concentrate on getting us moving forward. You cool with that?

Unnecessary Solicitation

You gonna be cool with this?

Mission Objective(s)

The only way you'll be able to get Aaron Walker's help in this fight is with the medication that's in this facility.

  • Get Aaron Walker's Medication
    • Get Aaron's medicine

You've got the medication that Walker needs to slow down!


Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

PPD Dialogue 

Before combat:

PPD 1: Why haven't we brought in Walker again?
PPD 2: Praetor Berry gave us orders to keep him around.
PPD 1: Alright... I don't like it though. Why would Praetor Berry want him around?

Combat start:

PPD 2: This is strictly no access area, Character!

Before combat:

PPD 1: I say we just destroy the medicine here. Why are we keeping it around for Walker to find?
PPD 2: He's a human being too. Get your thinking straight.

Combat start:

PPD 2: Fine, but I won't tolerate Powers Division!

Before combat:

PPD 1: Have you heard about the prisoner Fergson found?
PPD 2: The guy with the spider legs? Heard about it.

Combat start:

PPD 1: You aren't allowed in here, Character!
PPD 2: You can't do whatever you want, just because you're in Powers Division!

Before combat:

PPD 1: Have you gone into the tunnels recently?
PPD 2: Not since the last team was slaughtered down there. I'm going to suggest we just send Clockwork there. It's a mess.

Combat start:

PPD 2:

Before combat:

PPD: Keep this area secured. No telling who Walker might use to get his medication.

Combat start:

PPD: So he's got his hands in Powers Division now?


You got the stuff! Man, knew you would have it. Commercials said you'd get it, but then I didn't believe it. Not commercials, thinking of something else.

Aaron Walker takes the medication and injects it into his arm. He lets out a relieved sigh.

Ohhhhh man... that feels so much better. Don't get me wrong, I'm still the fastest guy around here. But now I got all my thoughts in a line. It's all cool, you know? I got focus, well, as much focus as I can get. And you know what that means? You and me, Character, we're gonna bring the fight straight to Neuron.

Part Two: Identify and Confirm

Alright! You know what we gotta do, right? What? You don't? Man, I thought we had this figured out already. Okay, okay, we'll go over it one more time, but I won't explain it again. You run into those experiments in the tunnels? They're kinda like the ghouls back over in Imperial and Nova, but they're not. They've got themselves fancy robotics and all that cool stuff. Me, that stinks of a conspiracy, you get my train of thought? Cool. Lots of folks in these parts have gone missing in these tunnels and never come back. Including the PPD, but that doesn't matter too much. Thing with these freaks is that they're a lot smarter than the ghouls you're used to. Way smarter.

Alright, so what are we going to do with them?

Glad you asked! Well, not really, I was going to tell you anyway, you asking just slowed things down. Just kidding around, but seriously, it was slowing us down. So, check it out, first, I hacked into your communicator system. Don't worry, it's all good, I did it with your permission. Well, not really. But it's fine. You can contact me whenever you need to now. And I can contact you whenever I need to. Almost like you and me are friends, right? I think we're friends, I mean, I'm helping you, you're helping me. It's all good.

Current plan we have moving forward needs some of the ID tags that those experiments have. Only we need real specific ones. You get me those tags, I can get us some data on where to go next, you know?

I got here a list of specific experiments that have the ID tags we need. I need you to get the tags from Experiment 105, Experiment 46, and Experiment 203. I'd be careful if I were you. If I were me? I'd be even more careful. Those freaks are smart, organized. They usually set up proximity bombs that'll blow if you get near them.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You're still in one piece, yeah? Good, cause we got ourselves a lot to do.

Mission Objective(s)

You can hear orders being shouted in the distance. It sounds similar to the ghouls, though the language is clearer, more precise.

  • Retrieve ID tags from Failed Experiments
    • 3 ID tags to retrieve from Failed Experiments

You found the ID tags that Aaron Walker needs to move forward.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs

(Near the mission entrance)

(After defeating Experiment 46)

(After defeating Experiment 105)

(After defeating Experiment 203)

Failed Experiments Dialogue 

Experiment 46

Before combat: Alright, we've got the proper coordinates for the attack. We move tonight, we can make it happen.
Combat start: Death to Topsiders!

Experiment 105

Before combat: Not happy with the way the last practice went. We need to get ourselves some better armor
Combat start: I've heard about you, Character. Back before the experiments.

Experiment 203

Before combat: I'm sick and tired of all of them living their cozy lives up there, while we sit in these tunnels, rotting away!
Combat start: You made a wrong move coming down here, Character!


Rock on that you got those ID tags, Character. I'm checking into them right now. These things are gonna lead us straight to where these guys came from. And then all we gotta do is -



Character, I just found something that is HUGE. I thought Neuron was a sicko, but this blows him outta the water. But it all makes perfect sense. MAN! How could I not see it?!

All the lies, all the secrets... It's all connected, all of it!

You and me, Character, we just got ourselves a bonafied cause to fight for. We're gonna bring back to life a guy everyone thinks is dead: James Noble.

You ever heard of him? This guy was the best cop in Praetoria. Me, I hate cops, but this guy I respected. He fought to protect the people of Praetoria, not his own reputation. Took down the real criminals, like those Destroyer types and the Syndicate. Heard he even fought in the front lines overseas. While back, it was announced this guy was killed in a Resistance firefight outside of Praetoria. Gave him a whole big funeral, honors, the whole nine yards. Only according to the data I found, he ain't dead. He's one of them now, Character. One of the guys you fought in the underground. We've got ourselves a good man to save.

Part Three: A Slim Chance

This is gonna blow your mind, Character. I dunno what Neuron was doing with 'em, but the ghouls, those things you just fought, and the 'dead' James Noble? They're all products of Neuron's failed experiments! From what I found, this guy does his tests and when they fail, he dumps 'em into the tunnels! You believe that?! You know how many people have died cause of that? I'm guessin' more isn't done to stop this 'cause those monsters are fighting the Resistance. But you and me, we're gonna figure out just what exactly Neuron is doing with all of them. I found out what he was doin' with James Noble, but not with the rest of 'em. I know where one of Neuron's main labs is, but we're gonna need some serious firepower to get in there. That's where James Noble comes in.

According to what I found, he was enrolled in a project to make some sort of 'super cop'. Neuron's project, of course. Bad stuff happened, records say he was dead and that his body was dumped into the tunnels. Coincidentally, there was a PPD report a week after this happened, saying that some sort of huge monster emerged in Neutropolis. They fired on it and caused it to run back to the tunnels. That monster is Noble!

Do you know where he is now?

I got a good idea where he is, yeah. I got the coordinates uploaded to you now. Now, here's the thing, Character. You know me, yeah? I wanna do some good before my brain explodes. And this here, I think this is some good we can do. This guy, James Noble, he was one of the good ones in the PPD. He's like me, you know? Just like, I guess, a more moral guy. He fought the good fight for his country, and what did he get? Tossed into the sewers. It ain't right, it ain't fair, but we're gonna make it fair. We're gonna show James Noble that someone knows about the war he's fightin' down there.

You gotta talk to Noble and convince him to join our fight against Neuron. With him, we can attack Neuron's main lab, the one where he's workin' on all his main projects. Then you and me, we're gonna find out all the dirt that Neuron's got hidden in there. Just be careful when you go down there. James Noble is pretty tough, and isn't too fond of Resistance types. I think he still believes he's fighting to enforce the law in the tunnels, even when the law abandoned him.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You find Noble yet?

Mission Objective(s)

The man once known as James Noble, the best officer in the PPD, lurks somewhere in these tunnels.

  • Meet with James Noble
    • Meet with James Noble

That... didn't go so well.

Noble Savage


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Failed Experiments

Notable NPCs

Contact Small James Noble.jpg
James Noble


James Noble looks at you, his eyes looking somewhat surprised.

You don't attack me? Who are you? What do you want from me?

My name is Character. I'm here to help you, James.


James moves to rub his face with his monstrous hand.

I have not been called James in... a very long time. I have taken to calling myself a Noble Savage. Or at least, that is what the others here call me. You say you are here to help me, Character? To what end?

To fight back against Neuron, against what he did to you.

Praetor Berry? He has done nothing to me, Character. Why would you say that?

Don't you remember? The experiments?

Experiments? No... I don't remember... too much. Too much... no... no, I know who you are! You're just like the others that attack me, that say these lies. You're part of the Resistance, the ones that did this to me!

Hold on, the Resistance didn't do this to you! Neuron did!


Hold on!!

Noble Savage Dialogue 

Before combat: Surrounded by monsters... how many are left in this place? They look at me as a friend, but... they are the enemy, aren't they?
Combat start: I will not listen to your LIES!
Despawning: My fight isn't with you, Character

V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After speaking to James Noble, there will be several waves of Failed Experiments
We've got the position of the intruder, move in!
Just like we practiced. This is a live fire scenario!
Delta team moving in.


So James Noble freaked out, huh? Guess I shouldn't be surprised. Guy has been living with monsters all this time, he probably doesn't trust anyone. I did some digging on Noble to find more about his personal life. You know he was married? Wife's name was Jennifer Noble. He had a partner too, guy's name was Jim Donner. Pretty decent guy, he was the second best cop on the force. Him and James, they were this crazy tag team, you know? Fighting crime, putting away bad folks. Actual bad folks, not like you and me.

I think we gotta have ourselves a chat with James' wife. Only, well, we got ourselves an issue. She ain't Jennifer Noble anymore. She's Jennifer Donner. Yeah, this is gonna get ugly, Character.

Part Four: A Slim Chance

Speak with Jennifer Donner

We've gotta convince James Noble that you and me are on his side, Character. To do that, we gotta get in touch with that wife of his, cool? I figure, if he sees we've got his wife's blessing, then we can get his help in fighting Neuron. Maybe.

I think it's gonna take both his wife and his old partner to get him on our side. It ain't gonna be easy, seeing as how the two of them got hitched and all when he left. Not to mention the fact that Noble's still got his son, he's like, fifteen years old. But it's something we gotta do.

Do you know where Jennifer is?

Yeah, I started tracking her after I saw things with James didn't go so well. Here's where she usually is.

I'd try to find out from her where Jim is too. You're gonna have to decide whether or not it's for the best to bring Jim with you to meet James Noble. In the meantime, I'll do what I can on my end to pinpoint where Noble is for you. Maybe even set up a little meeting, yeah? It's what I do, Character, the impossible. Well, impossible for you maybe. Not for me. Anyway, I'll leave you to go to talk with the former Mrs. Noble.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You speak with Jennifer yet, Character?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with Jennifer Donner, James Noble's Ex-Wife

Contact Small Jennifer Donner.jpg
Jennifer Donner


Hello there, what can I do for you?

Jennifer Donner? I'm here to speak to you about James Noble.

Jennifer Donner smiles sadly.

What about my dear James? Do you want to pay your respects? I believe Praetor Berry is going to be setting up a memorial for him soon.

No. James is still alive, Jennifer.

He's...what? No, that's not possible, Character. Please, don't lie to me like that.

(Explain the situation to Jennifer)

That's... not possible. That can't be true. Why should I believe you, Character? Why should I believe you over Praetor Berry? Over what everyone has told me?

Would you rather believe he's dead, or that he's alive?

I want to believe he's alive... so very badly. Alright... I'll believe you, Character. You said you want to save James? I'll do what I can to save him. If you need help convincing him that you're on his side, then take this. It's a family portrait, back when we were... still a family. This means a lot to me, Character, so I'm trusting that the next time I get this back will be when James hands it back to me.

Thank you. Do you know where your husband, Jim, is?

He's in the housing district in Lambda Sector. He was actually just called there for an emergency, something about some 'other-wordly' invaders.

I really hope he's alright. Look, Character, I know what you may think of me, marrying James' partner. But I never stop thinking about James, not for one day. Jim was there for us when James... went missing. Please, don't let James hate Jim for this. They were the best of friends. I don't want to change any of that.

I'll do my best, Jennifer.

Icon clue generic.png
Noble Family Photo
Jennifer Donner gave you this photograph of her, James and their son, taken five years ago. The family looks happy, though James seems to have blinked when the portrait was taken. Scribbled on the back of the photograph are words of Jennifer Donner:

'James, if you are still alive, trust Character.'

Rendezvous with Jim Donner

Mission Objective(s)

The PPD seem pre-occupied fighting these oddly dressed combatants. You'll have to be careful not to get in the crossfire - if you care, that is.

  • Rendevouz with Jim Donner
    • Find Investigator Donner

You've got what you needed from Jim, now to meet with James


V badge Longbow.png Longbow

Badge DefeatPPD.png Praetorian Police Department

Notable NPCs

Battling Longbow and PPD Dialogue 

Longbow: We won't allow you all to threat our world!
PPD: We don't even know who you are! What world are you talking about?!

Longbow: We're here to free the people from Tyrant!
PPD: What are you talking about?!

Longbow: You servants of Tyrant won't stand in our way!
PPD: Stand down! We're bringing you in for questioning!

PPD: Are you part of the Resistance? Who are you people!
Longbow: We 're the ones here to bring you and your Tyrant down!

Investigator Donner Dialogue 

Wounded: U-urgh... man... hurts pretty bad...

Contact Small Investigator Donner.jpg
Investigator Donner


Ugh... hey... Powers Division, right? Good thing you showed up. Don't know who these freaks in tights are... but they're packing some lethal weapons. One of them pierced through my shoulder, ripped right through it... you think it's the Resistance?

(Explain the situation with James)

James... he's alive? So... someone else knows, huh? James told me... he was going into some 'supercop' program. Said it was top secret, that he couldn't tell anyone. But he confided it to me. When they said he died... overseas, I knew something went wrong. But... what was I supposed to do? I had to take care of Jennifer, he made me swear to if anything went wrong. If I told anyone else... well, that would've been the end for me. Then who would take care of Jennifer?

I need your help to convince James to join my fight.

Jim lets out a pained laugh.

I'm in pretty bad shape right now, but I'll do what I can, Character. Ever since James left, things have gone downhill here. Maybe getting him back will redeem some of the bad things I've done lately.

I'm in pretty bad shape here, though. I can give you something of mine to give to James, or, well... you could just drag me to wherever you know James'll be.

1 - (Ask Jim for something to bring to James)
2 - (Bring Jim to James)

1 - (Ask Jim for something to bring to James

Jim Donner takes a badge out from his pocket and hands it to you.

James always hung onto this badge. It was the first one awarded to him when he joined the PPD. They gave it to me when they said he died. Give it to James, and tell him I'm sorry. For everything.

2 - Bring Jim to James

You hoist up Jim carefully. All you need to do now is meet with James Noble in a location Aaron Walker has picked out.


Meet once more with James Noble
Option A: If you bring the badge

Mission Objective(s)

  • Meet once more with James Noble
    • Deal with Noble Savage

You've gained the aid of James Noble, the Noble Savage!


missing text

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Noble Savage.jpg
Noble Savage


Character, what do you want from me? Are you here to help me in my fight against the Resistance, or are you going to try to spread your lies about Praetor Berry?

(Show James his old badge and photo of his family)

In a rage, James throws his badge to the ground and rips the photo his family in half, then lunges at you!'

not what I had hoped...!

(Combat ensues until James Noble collapses...)

James Noble collapses, staring down at the torn photo of his family. He picks it up, looking it over, reading the writing that Jennifer wrote. You see his eyes filling with recognition, as if he's remembering something.

You... spoke with my wife. My... ex-wife... from what you said. Jim... he's... he's taking care of her? He's making sure... that she's safe?

He is. Jennifer is safe, James. And she misses you.

Look at what I've become, Character. People are terrified of me, they fled when I tried to go to the surface. I thought... I thought this was done to me by the Resistance. But now... seeing my badge... remembering Jim, remembering Jennifer's face... I remember it all, Character. This was Praetor Berry's doing, separating me from my family, making me into this monster. All I wanted to do was become stronger to protect Praetoria, to protect my family. And now... I can't be with the family I love or the state I swore to protect.

I'm sick and tired of living like this, Character.

Will you help, James? Will you help reveal Praetor berry's experiments?

I will, Character. I will go to whatever location you have set and help you reveal the injustices of Praetor Berry. You have my word.

Alright. I'll see you soon, James


This is great, Character! This must be what it feels like to make a step in a cause. I'll wire the info for the lab to Noble. With you and him acting as the muscle and me acting as the brains, there's no way that Neuron's dirty little secrets are gonna stay hidden for much longer! You ready for the final act of this little show of ours?

Option B: If you bring Jim Donner
Icon clue generic.png
Bringing in Jim Donner
You decided to bring Jim Donner with you to meet James Noble

'Jim... I trusted you...'

Mission Objective(s)

You see James Noble standing at the end of the hall. The sight of you causes the device on his chest to glow a dark, grim red.

  • Meet once more with James Noble
    • Deal with Noble Savage

You've gained the aid of James Noble, the Noble Savage!

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Noble Savage.jpg
Noble Savage


You set an injured Jim Donner down beside you. Jim rises, explaining everything to James Noble. How he married Jennifer, how he's taken care of his son. James Noble's eyes grow wide in anger, the veins in his arms pulsing with anger.

Jim... I trusted you... with everything... and now you're with my WIFE?!

(Step between Jim and James)

Out of my WAY, Character! I'll kill you, Jim! I trusted you, and you took advantage of me! Were you the one who caused this?! Were you?!

Noble, calm down! Your wife still misses you, she still thinks about you!

You hand James Noble the photo you received from Jennifer. He holds it up, staring at it, his eyes widening.

Jennifer... no... it's all... coming back to me now. Speaking with Jennifer... Talking to Jim before I left for the program... seeing Praetor Berry... the table... the experiments. The promises... creation of a new being... of being able to protect my family, to protect Praetoria. Then... Praetor Berry being shocked, doctors surrounding me. My arms growing larger... my body breaking the table. Praetor Berry... Praetor Berry's words. His words!

'...dump him, tell no one that James Noble is dead. I've got more things to work on.'

He... Berry... the government I fought to protect... he did this to me. He did this to me, Character!

Will you help me, James? Help me to stop this from happening again?

You have my word, Character. I will help you. Tell me where I must go, and I will be there. In the meantime... I must speak with Jim about... everything. But know this, Character. I am only out to bring Praetor Berry to justice.

And you have my thanks


This is great, Character! This must be what it feels like to make a step in a cause. I'll wire the info for the lab to Noble. With you and him acting as the muscle and me acting as the brains, there's no way that Neuron's dirty little secrets are gonna stay hidden for much longer! You ready for the final act of this little show of ours?

Finale: Project Olympian

We got this thing all set to go blast, Character! I sent the coordinates to Noble, he's makin' his way into the lab now to tear down anything that gets in his way. That's gonna provide a distraction for you to get in there and find out whatever is going on! Listen, I don't mean to get all mushy, but I gotta thank you for all this. I know I'm kind of a tough guy to get along with, well, I mean, not really, I think I'm a pretty perfect guy, a bit more perfect than you to be honest. But you get the point.

This whole thing that we're doing now, it feels right, you know? I never did much with my skills, always just hurt people, did whatever I wanted to. But we're helping out a good man today, we're exposing the secrets of Praetor Berry. This is the right thing to do! I'm just, well, I'm happy that I got to do something good, before all that stuff Neuron did to me causes my brain to fry. But hey, if you were able to help James Noble, maybe you'll be able to help me down the line, right?

I hope so Aaron. Can you give me the location of the lab?

You bet. Here it is. You need to hurry, though. James is in there fighting the good fight now, but there's only so much one former cop turned super monster can do.

Loyalists working undercover for Marchand should speak to him now regarding the activities of Neuron and James Noble.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come on, Character! This is it! The big fight! You gotta get moving!

Contacting Provost Marchand 


Character, how are you doing? I've heard that you've been working with Aaron Walker. Were you able to find anything out with him?

(Explain the situation between Praetor Berry and Noble)

James Noble... he's... he's alive?! Character... this is incredible!

Did you know James Noble?

Yes, he was a dear friend of mine. I was the one who suggested to Praetor Berry that he recruit James Noble into his 'super cop' project. And I was the first to learn that James Noble 'died' on Berry's operating table. I had to tell Jennifer Donner that her husband was dead, that he died overseas. It was not a pleasant moment, Masochick. I was angered at Berry, he was too... casual about the whole ordeal.

To know that James Noble is alive gives me hope that perhaps I can still help him, even if he has become a monster.

What do you want me to do when I get in there?

I imagine at this point Noble is debating joining the Resistance. Let him, but try to convince him to do so as an undercover operative, much like yourself. I'll figure out a method to contact James.

Other than that, if you find out what Praetor Berry is working on, let me know when we next speak. If he truly is responsible for the ghouls, then Berry has a lot to pay for. I'm going to make sure justice is served, one way or another.

I'll do my best, Marchand.

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Marchand's Orders
Marchand requested that you try to convince James Noble to join the Resistance as an undercover operative, much like yourself. Further, he asked that you inform him of what you find in Praetor Berry's laboratory when you speak again.


Mission Objective(s)

You can hear the sound of battle in the distance. James Noble has been through here, and Praetor Berry's lab has known his anger.

  • Attack Neuron's Secret Lab
    • Find Noble Savage
    • Retrieve data on Praetor Berry's project
    • Defeat Maelstrom

You've helped James Noble join the Resistance and found out about Project: Olympian!

Savage Rage


V badge TEST.png T.E.S.T.

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Noble Savage.jpg
Noble Savage


You find Noble Savage laying on the ground, riddled with bullets. You see a bullet was planted straight in his forehead, though he's still not dead.

Character... I did my best... to stop these projects. I could not... take them all... the man... the man with my device... is here... y-you have to... you have to stop him... you have to be the one... to find what Praetor Berry... is doing... I-I'm sorry...

Easy, James, save your strengh.

Aaron Walker chimes in on your communicator.

Whoah! James looks roughed up big time! Look, put this code into the side of his device. I just whipped it up two seconds ago, pretty neat, huh? It'll hook him up to the emergency teleport system that the Resistance has in the Underground. He'll need some work to be patched up afterwards, but it'll save his life.

James, I can save you. But it means you'll be part of the Resistance.
James, I can save you. But first, I have a message from Marchand.

James, I can save you. But it means you'll be part of the Resistance.

The Resistance... I thought they were the ones who sought to... destroy our beautiful city. But now... perhaps... perhaps some of them can help... help take down people like Praetor Berry... who care nothing for this city...

Very well... Character... I will... I will join the Resistance.

James, I can save you. But first, I have a message from Marchand.

You tell James everything that Marchand told you.

Marchand... he was a mentor to me... a father I never had. He had no part of this... He wants to see Berry bought to justice...

I will... do what I can, Character... to work with the Resistance... and Marchand... to make Praetoria the place... that it should be... for the sake of my family... for Jim... and for my son...

(Link James up with the Resistance teleporter)

T-thank you... Character...

James Noble is teleported away to safety.

TEST Dialogue 

Before combat: This is Sweep Team One, reporting in. The monster is up ahead. We 're cleaning up the situation.
Combat start: We've got targets on an unauthorized member of Powers Division. Engaging.

Before combat: We're moving in on the target, confirmed almost forty members down. Sweep Team Five has been wiped out

Before combat:

TEST 1: Confirmed sighting of monster, believe it to be James Noble. Waiting for authorization to terminate.
TEST 2: Received authorization now. We have permission to terminate if Polstra has not done so.

Before combat: We've arrived on the scene to support Polstra, do you copy?

Before combat: Polstra has confirmed that James Noble has been handled

Noble Savage Dialogue 

Wounded on the Ground: Can't... move...

Maelstrom dialogue 

Before Combat: Proceed with the cleanup and move forward. I've got strict orders to make this quick.
Combat Start: Character? You entered the wrong lab. I'll make sure you don't get out of here alive.
Defeated: At the very least, I finally caught up with that monster... that will be the end of his terror.

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Project Olympian
You hacked into Praetor Berry's systems and found out about the projects he was working on, specifically regarding James Noble, the ghouls and what they were all for. Noble, the ghouls and the failed experiments were all being worked on to create a new 'super cop'. That much you already know. What was revealed here is that this was just the first phase of Praetor Berry's plans. The next phase, which seems to be already underway, is called 'Project Olympian'. The goal is to mimic the powers that Emperor Cole received from the Well of the Furies in order to create an army of soldiers that are at least half as powerful as Emperor Cole and all willing to serve him.

Praetor Berry notes at the end that this process is already underway, though he has had to deal with numerous 'failures' due to the nature of the project. He believes it will be done 'in time for Cole's grand plan to protect Praetoria. Or something.'


You know what, Character, I don't say this about many people, but I gotta say, you did that job better than I could. Don't get cocky though, I just figured out how I could do it better. Just kidding! Haha, we're good friends, eh? Anyway, this whole Olympian project sounds pretty horrifying, don't you think? There's no way the Resistance could hold out against an army of Coles, not without support. But that explains why Berry is so gung-ho on cranking these things out.

I did some digging and found out that James Noble is resting in one of the Resistance hubs in the underground. They got all the bullets outta him. It's actually pretty shocking. I can't believe the guy took a bullet to the head and survived! Now that the Resistance has him, you, and me on their side, I think Cole ain't gonna stand a chance against us! Well, 'least till my brain pops. I'm good until then! Oh, yeah. You don't need to worry about getting me those meds. You got bigger fish to fry than fixing the brain of some hacker. I'll do what I can in the meantime to help you guys out.

Speaking of which, I got some chick trying to talk to me in my mind. She's saying that she wants to talk to you. You mind opening yourself up so she can do this? I really don't like having someone else's voice in my head.

You mind letting this chick talk to you? She usually isn't a pain like this in my head but she wants to talk to you REALLY badly. Oh, yeah, she might be slightly insane too.