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A Hazard Zone is a section of Paragon City or the Rogue Isles that has been isolated for safety reasons. Enemy groups tend to be much larger in number and closer together in these zones. Some of these zones also have Giant Monsters roaming in them.

Hazard Zone Entry

Prior to Issue 16, Sidekicking and Lackeying only increased a character's combat level and if the character's security level was not high enough to enter the zone, he or she would not be admitted.

With Issue 16's release, hazard zones no longer have a minimum level for entry. For example, a level 1 hero can enter the Shadow Shard, which was previously locked to level 40 or higher heroes.

Hazard Zones

Hero Hazard Zones

The following are Hazard Zones in Paragon City:

The following are Shadow Shard Hazard Zones.

Villain Hazard Zones

The following are Hazard Zones in the Rogue Isles:

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