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Adamastor is a Giant Monster who has joined the Banished Pantheon. It can be summoned in Sharkhead near Potters Field or Talos Island near the closed gate to Dark Astoria with a temporary power granted by crafting the Ritual of Summoning: Adamastor recipe. After 20 minutes, if it has not been defeated, it will retreat (despawn). After it retreats, it cannot be resummoned for 60 minutes.

If defeated, the summoned version of Adamastor will award 10 Reward Merits and 5 incarnate threads with a 20 hour cooldown period. Additional defeats during the cooldown period will give 2 Reward Merits.

A Monster/EB version of Adamastor is in the Extract the rebels from the Pantheon's dimension mission by Tina Macintyre. As of the May 31, 2012 patch, defeating it in this mission will award a badge.


For centuries, Adamastor caused havoc and destruction to sailors off the coast of Africa. According to legend, he attacked the sea goddess Thetis and was banished from the oceans forever. Miserable and bereft, Adamastor wandered the Dark Continent seeking mortal prey - until the Banished Pantheon found a use for him in Paragon City.


DarkMiasma DarkestNight.png Dry Heave -Damage
Adamastor´s Dry Heave has weakened you and reduced your damage.

SuperStrength FootStomp.png Foot Stomp Disorient
Adamastor has Disoriented you.


File:Badge villain banished.png Keeper of Secrets

You have defeated the demon, Adamastor, brought forth by the Banished Pantheon to destroy the world.


Badge time.png This section contains information that no longer applies to the current version of City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.
  • Prior to Issue 22, Adamastor spawned regularly in Dark Astoria's Moth Cemetery neighborhood and only awarded 2 reward merits.
  • Prior to Issue 22, Adamastor could be a hidden spawn.
    • Invisibility Invisibility.png Hidden Spawn
      Adamastor can occasionally have the ability to spawn hidden underground, untargetable until a hero gets near. It can´t move while hidden in this way, nor can it hide while in combat or after it.
  • Prior to the May 31, 2012 patch, the version of Adamastor encountered in the Portal Corp. missions did not award the Keeper of Secrets badge.

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