Crey's Folly

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Crey's Folly
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Map CreysFolly.jpg

Hero Hazard Zone (31-39)

Trainers: none
TF Contacts: none
Events: Jurassik
Exploration Badges: Crey Watcher, Burning the Midnight Oil, Eyes of Nemesis, Hammer of the Rikti, Veni, Vidi, Vici, Crey Cares, Freak's Folly, Cirque du'Freak
Plaques: Savant IIIII
Day Jobs: none
Enemies: Crey, Devouring Earth, Freakshow, Nemesis, Rikti
Connecting Zones: Brickstown
Transits: none
Crey's Folly VidiotMap


Crey's Folly is a Hazard zone in CoH. Prior to Issue 16, a hero needed to be at least Security Level 30 to enter.

(Copied from the City of Heroes official Web site [1])

In the early 1900s, Paragon City entered a period of intense industrialization. Corporations quickly accumulated land near Paragon City's profitable port and converted it into a veritable ocean of manufacturing. Warehouses, factories, and sweatshops dotted the once pleasant neighborhoods. Dark clouds billowing from myriad smoke stacks created a permanent noxious fog. Engineers quickly converted the streams and rivers into canals that swept away the constant flow of industrial waste. Paragonians nicknamed this area "Venice" for these omnipresent watercourses.

In the 1940s and 50s, increased awareness of the environment provided the impetus for change in the zone. Slowly, new technology allowed corporations to change their previous methods and cut down on the pollution in the area. While the zone would never become an area for family living, it no longer posed an imminent threat to the health of the city. Saying that one worked in "Venice" no longer carried the connotations of dismal and deadly working conditions. In fact, the area became the poster-child of the 70's environmental movement; it was used as proof that profitability could indeed go hand in hand with environmental responsibility.

This all changed with the Rikti War. The alien invaders targeted a Crey facility in the area in their initial assault. The resulting explosion (of a most likely illegal and unethical Crey experiment) not only devastated the Crey labs, but also created a strange element that poisoned the area. A greenish miasma now lies as a thick mist everywhere. The once clean waters that made the area famous are now filled with brackish muck. During the war, the area was quickly abandoned; it no longer had any strategic use. The area is now named "Crey's Folly" because everyone knew exactly whose fault the disaster was.

Unfortunately, various villainous elements found appeal in the ruins, moved in, and declared it their own. The Freakshow have carved out one area and created a society in its warped image. "Carnival Town" they've dubbed it; any sane person would simply call it an asylum for maniacs. Chaos, murder and worse are normal events there. But the Freakshow are not alone.

Strange creatures lurk in the shadows and attack any intruder. Some intrepid heroes have described these beasts as made of rocks or plants - but no one has yet identified precisely what they are or what their intentions are. And Crey Industries, against all recommendations, has launched several teams into the area to investigate their once great lab. No word yet on their findings.

Crey's Folly Reconnaissance Officer 
(68, 0, 1342)

You have arrived in 'Crey's Folly.' If you haven't noticed, this is considered a Hazard area. Part of the reason is the liquid toxins seeping into the ground and the other part is due to the large groups of hostiles in the area. You may be able to survive in some parts of this location on your own, but for your security, you're better off with some team-mates to help you.
See my report for more information. It should give you an idea what to expect:
*** Approved Use Only ***
History: 'Venice', as this area used to be called, became active during the early 1900s due to a growth in intense industrialization, which was not only damaging to the environment, but on the workers as well. As the 1950s heralded in a new, more environmentally friendly attitude, the area no longer carried the connotation of dismal working conditions and proved that, towards the 1970s, profit could go hand-in-hand with environmental responsibility.
All that changed with the First Rikti War. The Crey facility was targeted and the resulting explosion not only devasted the Crey labs, but created a strange element that poisoned the area. As citizens and workers moved out, Villains moved in.
Hostiles Strength: Levels 30 through 38
Suggested Squad Parameters: 3 to 5-person teams

  • Carnival Town
A Freakshow controlled stronghold utilizing debris and materials from the zone.
  • Epicenter
The center of the attack on the Crey labs, a huge dark scar in the ground.
  • Closed SWAT entrance
This SWAT entrance was closed down when the Rikti invaded for the second time. All access is controlled via DPO centers manned by The Vanguard.

Identified Hostiles:


  • None

Zone Events

Jurassik can occasionally be found here.


  • The Blight (Orange - Level 34-36) (Music)
  • Carnival Town (Red - Level 37-39) (Music)
  • The Circus (Red - Level 37-39) (Music)
  • Crey Factories (Yellow - Level 31-33) (Music)
  • Paragon Water Works (Yellow - Level 31-33) (Music)
  • Portal Industries (Orange - Level 34-36) (Music)
  • Tangle Town (Orange - Level 34-36) (Music)

Exploration Badges

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Crey Watcher

Crey's defensive measures against the Rikti brought about an environmental nightmare in this area, turning the neighborhood once called 'Venice' into 'Crey's Folly.'

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Burning the Midnight Oil

The United States once held their oil reserves in Paragon City, until the reserves became an attractive target for villains trying to make names for themselves.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Eyes of Nemesis

From this non-descript perch near the Brickstown entrance, the agents of Nemesis monitor everyone who enters Crey's Folly. Though it would not seem so on the surface, Crey's Folly is a hotly contested area, particularly among groups with a strong scientific background such as Crey and Nemesis.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Hammer of the Rikti

When Venice was targeted by the Rikti in their initial strike, this is where their first attack was centered. The area was flattened and Rikti forces streamed into the area, slaying all they encountered. As this location was the site of the main Crey administration facility, various groups are eager to plumb the ruins in search of lost tech, but the Rikti are thick in this area and have managed to repel any attempts to survey the damage.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Veni, Vidi, Vici

This imposing structure was built to house the main administrative offices of the Venice Industrial Development Initiative (V.I.D.I.). When the Rikti invaded they quickly swarmed through the building and assumed complete control. They used the information contained to further their goals of capturing the region while also using its tactical vantage point to coordinate strikes throughout Paragon City.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Crey Cares

Crey Industries has taken over this island in the Water Processing district with the intention of using its extensive collection and filtration infrastructure to spearhead a plan that would clear from the air and water the strange toxic element that emerged after the Rikti invasion. But those who know the truth, and are not intimidated into silence, know that Crey is actually collecting and concentrating this element for unknown purposes.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Freak's Folly

Crey's Folly is a toxic cesspool, and only a group as demented as the Freakshow could ever consider such a place home. They attribute their hearty constitutions and Crey's super-booster drugs as the means by which they are able to tolerate the noxious environment. In truth, however, the poisons that suffuse the ground, water, and air of Crey's Folly are slowly taking their toll and were it not for the general lethality of the Freakshow's lifestyle, the numbers lost to the environmental toxins would be more apparent.

File:Badge tourism hazard.png Cirque du'Freak

From this vantage point, one can get an excellent view of Carnival Town: the Freakshow community that has grown like a fungus on Venice's rotting corpse. This is more than a stronghold or a headquarters for the Freakshow, this is their version of a "community," a new world as seen through the filter of a violent and deranged mind. It has laws, customs, even holidays, but make no mistake: it is a place of violence, debasement, and depravity where the weak are quickly culled. Many see it as a cancer from which a psychological and sociological poison can spread to infect other parts of Paragon City, a breeding ground for dark memes best kept contained.

Historical Plaques

Transfer Points

  • There is a gate along the wall of the zone that lead to Brickstown.
  • The Crey's Folly Beacon location is (5497, 0, 2420), on the street, halfway between the Portal Industries marker and the Tangle Town marker.
  • While the city map shows a link from northwestern Crey's Folly to the Rikti War Zone, this is "historical" and not a usable in-game link.

Villain Groups


  • Crey's Folly was named in a pre-launch contest.[2]