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Zone Talos Island
Coordinates (-1100, 160, 7459)
Level Range 25-30
Introduced By None
Introduces None
Enemy Groups Badge villain council.png Council
Badges Badge task force 04.png Citadel's Assistant Badge
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Citadel is a Hero, a Task Force organizer in Talos Island, one of the Surviving Eight and a member of the Freedom Phalanx.

Heroes find him:

Villains face him:



Originally named Bastion, Citadel was the very first android hero. In the initial Rikti onslaught, he took heavy damage, and was almost completely destroyed. With Positron's help, scientists at DATA created a second version of Citadel using the old model's original memory core and the remnants of a power suit, once worn by the hero Horatio. Crey Industries did the original work on Bastion but Positron removed their security controls to allow the android hero access to his free will. He now works on Talos Island issuing Task Force missions and consulting DATA on development of all AI-based robots. Citadel does not fully understand human ways, but he is a valiant defender of Paragon City.

Citadel was named Bastion before DATA gave him a substantial upgrade to his systems enhancing his capabilities. In honor of his new abilities, he renamed himself "Citadel".

Citadel's sidekick is Luminary although she has become a full-fledged hero in her own right as a member of the Vindicators. Luminary has more advanced systems but doesn't have the experience of Citadel so he keeps a watchful eye over her.

Character Stats

Secret Identity: None
Origin: Technology
Archetype: Blaster
Primary Powers: Energy Blast
Secondary Powers: Energy Melee
Other Powers: Overload, Entropy Shield, Flight
Signature Powers:

Task Force

See Citadel Task Force


  • Previously, Citadel was named Bastion. The name was changed because of Marvel's complaint that the devs had gotten the name from their Bastion, who was introduced in 1996.
  • Citadel's Praetorian Earth counterpart is Siege.
  • Citadel first appeared in Top Cow's City of Heroes #4.

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