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Former Mage
Zone Imperial City
Coordinates (180, -38, 453)
Level Range 8-15
Introduced By == Level 8 ==
Mr. G
Introduces == Level 8 ==
Tami Baker
Enemy Groups P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers
Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance
Badge DefeatPPD.png Powers Division
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Transmuter is a Praetorian contact in Imperial City at coordinates (180, -38, 453).  His level range is 8-15.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Let me know if you want me to get you in touch with Tami Baker.

Tami Baker is Praetor Sinclair's personal secretary. Because of that, she tends to have information on every little detail here in Imperial City. She also has been known to work with Mr. G. I'm almost inclined to say calling her a 'secretary' is limiting the scope of what she is actually capable of.


Former Mage

Transmuter was once a powerful mage who could turn material around him into anything he needed with a simple flick of his wrist. He even fought alongside Emperor Cole and Praetor White during the Hamidon Wars. Transmuter's magic was powered by his third eye and a magical medallion. Transmuter's medallion was shattered by Reese, who smashed it into pieces during his induction into Powers Division. Reese was proclaimed the new 'Top Dog', while Transmuter was re-assigned to Imperial City.

Prior to Introduction

Hrm, I think I've heard of you. Character. That's right. Well, I have nothing at all to speak with you about. I'd love to chat some more, but a man of my position is really busy. Why don't you try coming back later? Yes, you should do that.

Wrong Alignment

Our two destinies aren't supposed to collide, Character, not while you value what you do.

Initial Contact

Contact Small Transmuter.jpg


If you did not complete the Power story arc in Nova Praetoria

Ah, Character, it's excellent that you've come to talk to me. Mr. G has told me all about you. My name is The Transmuter, fighter of the Hamidon Wars, aid to Emperor Cole, organizer of Powers Division in Imperial City. The fact that you're here speaking to me now can only mean that Mr. G believes that I can help you, given my lofty position here in Imperial City.
Normally, I don't help regular people, I tell them what to do. But you, you're a bit different now, aren't you, Character? Saving Edward Polstra from those members of the Resistance, just to name one of the many things you've done. I can see you and I taking to the skies, lighting up Imperial City with our glory. Perhaps, we may even find a new source for my magical powers. Wouldn't that be something?
  • Sure. Now, Mr. G said you'd be providing me with a squad...?
Yes! That I am. We in the Powers Division want to really make a push to show our true might, flex our muscles, if you will. Who better to do it than you, the man / woman who saved Eddie Polstra, amongst other claims to fame? You've been assigned five members of Powers Division, all who will follow your orders.
Their names are Riptide, Zane, Aria, Stern, and Warrant.
They're all waiting to be deployed, so when you're ready, speak with me again and we can begin.
  • I'm ready to go now.
  • Will do.

If you completed the Power story arc in Nova Praetoria

Character! So good to see you, really it's a pleasure. I'm sure Mr. G has gone at lengths to tell you about me. But it's only proper for me to introduce myself in person, yes? You can call me The Transmuter, or Transmuter for short.
I have to say, I've heard all about you, ever since you put Reese in his place. Do you happen to know about the little...rivalry, Reese and I had?
  • No...what was it?
I'll tell you all about it. I used to be very high up there in Powers Division, you know. Not just sitting behind a desk all day long. I was one of the very first 'Top Dogs', as Praetor White would say. I participated all the time in our induction ceremonies, held in the Magisterium. I know you're very familiar with them.
Well, I was fighting Reese, when the scoundrel pulled a dirty trick and swept me off my feet. This wouldn't have been a problem, but he decided to play dirty and destroyed my precious medallion! This was the key to my magical powers, Character. Without it, I could not wield any magic at all. You can imagine my horror!
I assume you can see now why I'd be so willing to help you, given that you toppled Reese.
  • Paints a clearer picture, that's for sure. So, Powers Division...? (A)
Yes! We've been looking for a candidate to lead a group of Powers Division. Normally, we allow the Powers Division to do whatever they want, but Praetor White wants to show Emperor Cole the true, united might of the Powers Division. Who better to do that than you?
I'm sure you'll be familiar with your team. They are Riptide, Zane, Aria, Stern, and Warrant. All of them are eager to be working with you. When you're ready, come speak to me and we can begin our - ah - your operations here in Imperial City.
  • I'm ready to go now.
  • Alright.
  • I don't have time for stories. Let's get to the issue of the Powers Division.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented. (A)


Let's make some news, Character. We're destined for greatness.

Too Busy

You've gotten the attention of far too many people, Character. Finish up what you're working on, then come speak with me.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

I'm unsure what we have to discuss.


Story Arc

Letting Go

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Transmuter's Autograph

Transmuter gave you a picture of himself, Emperor Cole, and Praetor White. It has his signature at the very bottom, telling you to, 'never forget the best days of your life'. It reminds you of an experience you call...

Letting Go

It began with a mysterious man who was murdering members of the Powers Division. After his latest kill, he swore that you would be next on his list. You formed your own team of Powers Division to go after the man. Transmuter helped by looking for possible leads on the man's identity. You first went to a Destroyer rampage in an office to see if the murderer was there. You found the remains of a member of Powers Division, but that was all.

Transmuter helped set up your next lead; it was possible that the killer was a woman named Marisa Delany from the Syndicate. You set up a trap for the Syndicate and took down Marisa Delany, only to discover that she, too, was not the killer you were looking for.

Transmuter, understanding the frustration of chasing leads, set up three possible places to look. You went into the tunnels to track down a woman named Ricochet. Halfway through, you received a distress call from Warrant, requesting your help as soon as possible. Warrant and the others were ambushed by Reese and were in dire straits.

In the end, you took Reese down, proving that his time in power was over. But did you choose to bring in Ricochet to increase your own fame within Praetoria, or did you sacrifice the chance at further glory in order to save your teammates within the Powers Division?

Part One: The Killer


You know, Character, I remember when I had my own squad of Powers Division. We were pretty famous. People would give us flowers when we walked down the street, cheer us on while we fought off Hamidon's monsters. this was before those sonic fences were put into place, of course. It's... good to see other people getting a chance to experience what I did. Anyway, let's get down to business.

You may or may not be aware, but there is someone going around killing Powers Division members. Many of the deaths have been low profile; a death here of a man who has minor levitation powers, a gruesome murder over there of a woman who can teleport. Very minor in comparison to the powers I once had and the ones that you currently possess.

Now, however, the killings are starting to get more high profile. Yesterday, some known members of Powers Division in Imperial City were found dead. The murderer planted a note on them. It said, 'Character is next'.

I imagine this is something we should be pro-active about. It was broadcast over TPN that this murderer is after you; naturally, the people of Imperial are concerned.

  • Naturally. Well, let's get to work. Any leads?

We've got a few. The PPD have been working to supply us with information, though it hasn't been the greatest. You know how it is with the PPD. We're better than them because of our powers. They slack off while we do the real work; it's why the only real famous PPD officer was James Noble. Too bad that he's gone now. I remember first meeting him after going toe to toe with one of Hamidon's monsters, right in the center of People's Park...

Ahem. The lead we have is that our murderer may have some association with the Destroyers. The PPD have noticed that the Destroyers have more... direction, as of late. Their attacks don't seem random anymore, like back in Nova. A particular group of Destroyers have broken into an office building and are going on a rampage at this moment. A member of Powers Division went in there to stop them, but that was an hour ago. Our murderer may still be in that building. You'll have to find the member of Powers Division, then the lead Destroyer. You'll be accompanied by two members of your squad, Aria and Riptide. They'll be there by the time you arrive.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I remember one of the first assignments with my squad, Character. Perhaps you and I can talk about it one day.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_OFFICE_45_LAYOUT_03_02

Aria and Riptide stand ready as you enter. Could this Powers Division killer really just be a mindless Destroyer?

  • Track the Powers Division Murderer
    • Look for the missing member of Powers Division
    • Two minutes until Destroyer Hordes arrive, find a device in the office to stop them
    • Look for any remaining civilians
    • Defeat the Destroyer raid leader

You recovered the remains of the man from Powers Division and took down Big Red Hound. Unfortunately, it appears that he was not the man you were looking for.


P DefeatTheDestroyers.png Destroyers

Notable NPCs

Aria and Riptide Dialogue 

At Entrance:

Aria: Let's get to work, Character.
Aria: Despite having this fish with us.
Riptide: Your ignorance will be the death of you one day, Aria.

Upon Engaging First Mobs:

Aria: Really, if a Destroyer could kill someone from Powers, they probably weren't that good in the first place.
Riptide: At the very least, they should die from something more respectable than these things.

Destroyers Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Blast Master: We're making our break into Imperial now, soon we'll have it all to ourselves!
Crusher: Easy way for us to make a divide in Praetoria. Then we'll take down Praetor White.

Combat Start:

Blast Master: First we need to handle Character!
Crusher: I'll radio in the others!

Aria and Riptide Dialogue 

Upon Defeating First Mobs:

Riptide: We'll have to watch out for a Destroyer horde coming here at any second.
Riptide: Destroyer hordes can be easily distracted, if we can find the proper device.
Aria: Hmph. Just re-direct it somewhere else, I'm sure there's some sort of device in here that can do it.

You sent out a signal to diverge the horde! But was it on time?
After Timer Has Expired:

Aria: Here they come!
Riptide: Prepare yourself!

Icon clue generic.png
Powers Division Remains
You found the remains of a member of Powers Division. Whoever did this was able to bypass the medical system of Imperial City. You're unable to tell what exactly killed the man - his body is battered and bruised enough that it looks it was the work of the Destroyers, though there are some odd scorch marks that don't match their usual style of fighting.

You sent out a signal to diverge the horde! But was it on time?

Destroyers Horde Dialogue 

Blast Master: Take 'em down!

Blast Master: Take down the Powers Division dog!

Rocket Girl: You're not walking away from this one!

Crusher: Feelin' the crush, I'm feelin' it!

Accountant Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Accountant: Stop! I'll do anything! Just don't hurt me!
Crusher: Shut up! You're gonna be an example!

Combat Start:

Accountant: Powers Division! Thank goodness!
Crusher: We got company, kill them all!

Upon Rescue:

Riptide: Get out of here, citizen, we'll take care of the rest of this.
Accountant: I thought I was going to die! Whatever happened to the other Powers Division that came here?
Aria: He'll need some Enriche after this whole experience, that's for sure.

Icon clue generic.png
Destroyer Invasion
The man you rescued told you what he saw...

'It was awful! Should've known that I could only trust Character to come save the day. The Destroyers barged in here and tore up the place! Then this guy from Powers Division walked in, said he would handle it. I heard an explosion somewhere and in an instant he was gone! The only thing that I can guess is that he tried going after the leader of the raid.'

Aria and Riptide Dialogue 

Halfway Through Mission:

Aria: I have to say, this is more pleasant than the work with Reese. Wouldn't you agree, Riptide?
Riptide: I was never a fan of Reese. Too cocky for his own good, gave us all a bad name.

Big Red Hound Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Big Red Hound: Anyone get a look of that thing that went by here?

Combat Start:

Big Red Hound: Character! Let's... do... THIS!

Aria and Riptide Dialogue 

Upon Completion:

Aria: Pleasure working with you. I'll be off for now, ta.
Riptide: Good working together. I'll be heading back to Nova.

Upon Defeat:

Aria: I'm pulling back, you have to handle things from here!
Riptide: I'll need to retreat for now...!

Icon clue generic.png
Red Herring
The Destroyer that you defeated confessed that he never saw the member of the Powers Division. He only knows that he saw some masked figure move past him during the raid, fast enough that he couldn't get a good look at the person's identity.


No luck? That's too bad. It appears our lead on the Destroyers was a bad one. Not surprising, given it was from the PPD. I've spoken with Mr. G, who says that he will handle the investigation regarding the odd movements of the Destroyers. Oh, also, that man you rescued was just interviewed by TPN. They'll be running a report on your daring rescue later tonight. It's excellent to be on the top, isn't it? I always did enjoy it. Well, do enjoy it. I'm still fairly respected for all my past exploits, even if I'm... a desk worker for the moment.

Let's not get into all that ugly business, however. There's a person out there looking to kill you; we've got to get to the bottom of it. Just remember, I'm here to assist you every step of the way.

Take this, it's my contact information. I only share it with those who are on the up and up. You, Character, are most definitely one of those people.

Part Two: The Four Powers Division


Things are becoming grim, Character. Two more members of Powers Division were found dead. Unfortunate for them, but fortunate for us. The people of Imperial City are whispering about your safety, hoping you can bring this person to justice. I mentioned to someone that I was good friends with you. They told me to give you this.

Transmuter hands you a pin with your face on it. Above your face are the words, 'I Support Character!'.

You've garnered quite the amount of support in Imperial. It reminds me of how things were for me, back when we first put the sonic fencing up around Praetoria. I was there when Cole gave his speech about how the people of Praetoria did not need to be afraid anymore of the Hamidon. It received terrific applause. It was an amazing day, Character. I'm sure it'll be just as amazing as when you catch this murderer.

We've ruled out the Destroyers, which means right now it's either the Resistance or the Syndicate. Riptide and Aria are investigating the Resistance lead. In the meantime, I've managed to help arrange a little... trap to set for the Syndicate.

  • What exactly is this trap?

The Syndicate are always after information. Aside from their guns, katanas, and psychic powers, it's their main source of power. There is a lab in Imperial City that they believe has very important information. They believe an insider of theirs will be planting the information for them to retrieve with a squad. However, that insider is dead, thanks to the work of Riptide. Now we can benefit from his knowledge.

Stern, Warrant, and Zane will accompany you for this task. You'll be able to set things up to spring a trap on the Syndicate to lure out a suspect in the murder, a woman named Marisa Delany. You'll be facing large numbers of Syndicate, so it may be a little unfair for them. Do you see the joke I did there, Character? I did them all the time when I fought along with Emperor Cole and Praetor White.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Is everything going according to plan?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_TECH_BIO_30_LAYOUT_01_01

Stern, Zane, and Warrant stand ready as you enter. The rest of the lab has been evacuated in preparation for your battle with the Syndicate.

  • Lure out Marisa Delany
    • Hold off the Syndicate until their leader arrives! - 1:30
    • Take down Marisa Delany

Marisa Delany was indeed a murderer, but not the one you were looking for.

Warrant, Zane and Stern


Badge DefeatSyndicate.png Syndicate
Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

Warrant, Stern and Zane Dialogue 

At Entrance:

Stern: I'm ready for the fight. Let's get moving.
Zane: Let's show these Syndicate that they can't mess with the Powers Division
Warrant: The Syndicate won't know what hit them.

Warrant, Stern, and Zane Dialogue 
Warrant: We'll have to make sure not to do too much damage to this lab.
Zane: Just do whatever it takes to get the job done, Warrant.

Halfway to Trap Room:

Stern: My systems indicate a high number of Syndicate are waiting for the signal.
Zane: Good, those thugs are a blight I'm waiting stomp on.

Ambush and Team Dialogues 

You've set the trap, now to deal with the Syndicate!
Brawler Adept: We've got the signal, call in the others!
Stern: Brace yourselves!

Pistol Adept: We'll make the best of this situation by taking down these Power Division dogs!
Zane: Hah! Let 'em come at us!
Stern: Do not get cocky, Zane.

Resistance Fighter: Ohhh we're gonna SLAM some puckerfaces with these suits!
Warrant: Hang in here, everyone, we mustn't fall!
Stern: It looks like we've really got their attention.
Zane: Show some feeling, Stern, we're living right now!

Heavy Hands: These primmed suits ain't knowing how to properly slam a goldie boy!
Warrant: Zane, do not get too ahead of yourself!
Zane: You're getting soft, Warrant, I'm not dying like the others!

Sword Adept: Dogs of Cole, die!
Zane: The one good thing about this - no Reese here ordering us around!
Stern: We appear to be wearing them down!
Warrant: Don't let your guard down, we're going to find this murderer!

Sword Master: This matter requires a more defined edge to handle.
Zane: Hmph. Too bad Aria and Riptide are missing out on this brawl!
Warrant: I believe they would be too busy arguing with each other to notice the fight.

Stern: I've got a reading on our target. She's getting near.
Zane: Finally! I'm getting bored tossing these wimps around!

Resistance Fighter: Pile it on the sheepies!
Warrant: Zane, what is it that Reese would've been doing at this point?
Zane: Probably lecturing us about how we're all lower than him. You have no idea how happy I am that he's out of the picture.

Pistol Adept: You cannot withstand the true might of the Syndicate! And, perhaps, those Resistance pigs.
Resistance Officer: Get these guys SCAMPED already!
Pistol Adept: Call off the others, we've wasted too much manpower on this!

If Defeated:

Stern: My apologies, but I must retreat!
Warrant: I wish I could be of more help, but I must retreat!
Zane: No! Not like this, I won't lose here!

Marisa Delany Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Marisa Delany: Hrm. A trap... But why? Perhaps the Powers Division have become concerned about that kiler...

Combat Start:

Marisa Delany: Ah, so, out for me, are you? We'll see how far that will get you.

Upon Defeat:

Warrant: Hrm... very interesting developments here...
Zane: That wasn't too hard, these guys barely made me sweat!
Stern: We did good today. The Syndicate have been thwarted.

Icon clue generic.png
Delany's Story
You defeated Marisa Delany, only to discover that she was not the murderer - of Powers Division, that is. You looked through her possessions to see that at the times of the murderers she was in Nova Praetoria on missions to assasinate various heads of the PPD.


It's too bad about Marisa, Character. Well, in terms of the investigation. The PPD were trying to track her all this time; of course, it just took one simple operation from Powers Division to bring her in. I think it's fairly telling. You know, when the PPD were first founded, I expressed concern that they would not be able to match the sheer power that we all had. Sure enough, my concerns were founded.

Riptide and Aria brought us some possible news. There is a known member of the Resistance here in Imperial right now. She goes by the name of Ricochet. She may be one of the killers, but we can't be sure.

Part Three: Fame or Honor


It's likely that this woman Ricochet is the one responsible for the murders. However, as you and I have experienced, it's also possible this is a red herring. If I may advise, the best course of action would be to split up.

We know that Ricochet is somewhere in the tunnels with another Resistance member by the name of Twitcher. We're also aware that there has been some odd activity by the Resistance in a lab nearby. Lastly, there's some rumors of an underwater cavern somewhere in Imperial. Given that your power easily matches most of your team, it seems that it would be best for you to investigate Ricochet. Riptide is the only other member with the abilities to investigate the underwater cavern. Warrant, Aria, Stern, and Zane will stay in the lab and monitor the situation.

Ah... this brings me back, Character. I remember an operation that myself, Praetor White, and Praetor Sinclair were involved in. The three of us split up to track down some of the early members of the Resistance. The thrill of the chase, the adrenaline pumping... I tell you, there's nothing like it!

  • Right. Do you have the location of the tunnels, or ...?

Ah, I go on, of course. Here's the location. You'll have to take down Twitcher first in order to get Ricochet's exact location.

Warrant will be in touch with you regarding their status within the labs. If anything happens, he or I will let you know. This could be big, Character, Ricochet is a known member of the Resistance. She's responsible for the deaths of dozens of PPD; some say she even planted nerve gas in a lab in Nova Praetoria. Bringing her down will put your name out there for everyone to see - if they haven't seen it already, that is.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you captured that woman yet?

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_01_01

Ricochet of the Resistance is here, somewhere. Even if she isn't the murderer, bringing in such a high ranking member is sure to make a bigger name for yourself.

  • Capture Ricochet
    • Bring in Twitcher
    • Leave to help Warrant and the others, OR capture Ricochet

You'll need to hurry and speak with Transmuter about the lab's location.


Badge DefeatResistance.png Resistance

Notable NPCs

Twitcher Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Twitcher: We got some goldie stars lookin' to get us scamped. They really think we're the ones axing their boys!

Combat Start:

Twitcher: The big goldie star himself / herself! I'll slam ya!

Icon clue generic.png
Ricochet's Location
You took down Twitcher and overheard via her makeshift communicator that Ricochet is deeper in the same tunnel system you're in!

If you moved forward to capture Ricochet

Ricochet Dialogue 

Before Combat:

Ricochet: Man! This whole dance has gone to the squats!

Combat Start:

Ricochet: Character! One of us is gonna be scamped, and it ain't gonna be me!

First Blood:

Ricochet: Ohhh you don't know how I dance to this loo, Character!

75% Health:

Ricochet: I'm gonna make sure to rip your goldie pile into little bits!

50% Health:

Ricochet: Now you're REALLY boilin' my anger management!

25% Health:

Ricochet: U-urgh... I'm feeling... the AC... bein' low...

Contact Small Ricochet.jpg


If you did not complete Jack Hammer's story arc

So, big slammer thinks... that he's / she's gonna make headlines takin' me in... well, go ahead! I ain't aimin' to be slap-jackin'... with you all night long.
  • Good. (Knock Ricochet out)
You knock out Ricochet. You'll have to hurry to the ambush. Transmuter should have information on what's going on.
  • Leave

If you completed Jack Hammer's story arc

Ricochet coughs hard, trying to regain her composure.
Gotta say... really slapped me with my helmet swapped around... never woulda raised my hand at you bein' a traitor to bombin' the big gold man in the sky, Character. Why'd you go... and flapjack on us?
  • I'm out for myself, Ricochet. You're going to help me move up in the world here.
You're one of 'em... go-getter's... shoulda known, shoulda known. You gotta get your brain spinnin' though, Character. 'Cause if I step outta whatever party they're bringin' me to, I'm gonna make sure you ain't gonna be hob nobbin' it in Imperial with that head of yours. I ain't one to forget when someone pulls a dagger on the cake that we went and baked together.
  • Good talking with you Ricochet. Now, take a nap. (Knock Ricochet out)
You knock out Ricochet. You'll have to hurry to the ambush. Transmuter should have information on what's going on.
  • Leave

Ricochet Dialogue 

Ricochet: This ain't... the book closin'...!

Part Four: The Past Revisited

Unnecessary Solicitation

Transmuter doesn't seem to be answering his phone.

Contact Small Transmuter.jpg


Character! Thank goodness you're here. It's your team, they've been ambushed! I was only able to get some information out from Zane before his communicator went down. The man who attacked them - it's Reese!

If you did not complete Reese's story arc

  • Reese? Who's Reese?
Reese was one of the former top dogs, back in Nova Praetoria. The man who robbed me of my powers. Justice was served when an up and coming Powers Division member took him down and even tried to blow him up. Unfortunately, it looks like it didn't stick. It all makes sense now, Character.
He sees you as the new 'top dog' and wants to reclaim his former position! You need to get to that lab before he gets away!
Members of the Resistance working undercover for Calvin Scott should inform him of what is happening.
  • I'm on it. (Start Mission)
  • Give me a moment.

If you completed Reese's story arc

  • So, it looks like Reese isn't dead. I'll have to change that.
It would appear that way. Character, you need to finish this, once and for all. He won't stop until he reclaims all his power, which means killing you!
  • I'll finish what I started back in Nova. (Start Mission)
  • Give me a moment.

Contacting Calvin Scott 


Character, good to speak with you. I heard you were close to capturing Ricochet. It's good that you let her go; she was on important business for us within the underground of Imperial City. Losing her at this point would've been a huge blow to our operations.

You're working on the issue with the Powers Division killer, right? What is the progress on that?

  • I'm going to confront Reese right now. My team is probably still alive.

Hrm... Reese, you said? The name is familiar, one of the former Top Dogs in the Powers Division. He's someone that we'll need out of the way, when the time comes.

If you run into those Powers Division 'friends' of yours, place tracking devices on them. It'll help us to know where more Powers Division are, especially if any of them begin working on anything that's more in depth with Emperor Cole.

  • I'll see what I can do.
Icon clue generic.png
Scott's Undercover Work
Calvin Scott requested that you plant tracking devices on the members of your Powers Division team - provided they aren't already dead, of course.

Mission Objective(s)


The smell of electricity hangs in the air. Reese is here somewhere, waiting to reclaim his former power.

  • Aid your Powers Division Team
    • Check on Stern
    • Check on Aria
    • Check on Zane
    • Check on Warrant
    • Make Reese Pay

Reese is once again put down. Hopefully this will be the final time you ever have to deal with him.



Badge DefeatPPD.png Powers Division

Notable NPCs

Contact Small Stern.jpg


If you left to help your team

Stern groans, barely alive.
Character... you made it...
Reese... he disabled... my teleporter... need you... to re-activate... it...
  • (Activate Stern's teleporter)
You re-activate Stern's teleporter, sending him to safety.
(Move forward)
If you contacted Calvin Scott
  • (Activate Stern's teleporter and plant a tracking device on him)
You re-activate Stern's teleporter, sending him to safety.
(Move forward)

If you captured Ricochet

You check Stern for any signs of life, but it's too late. Not even his cybernetic implants were able to keep him alive long enough for you to get here.
  • (Move forward)

Contact Small Aria.jpg


If you left to help your team

Aria groans, barely alive.
Character...? Reese... I'll never forgive him... y-you need to... j-jump start my medi-porter...
  • (Activate Aria's teleporter)
You re-activate Aria's teleporter, sending her to safety.
  • (Move forward)
If you contacted Calvin Scott
  • (Activate Aria's teleporter and plant a tracking device on her)
You re-activate Aria's teleporter, sending her to safety.
  • (Move forward)

If you captured Ricochet

You check Aria for any signs of life, but it's too late. Reese made sure she wouldn't survive for long after his assault.
  • (Move forward)

Contact Small Zane.jpg


If you left to help your team

Zane gasps for air, barely alive.
Character... you're a sight... for sore eyes. Reese... you've got to stop him... he's become too powerful... For his own good... s-stop him... F-for me...
  • (Activate Zane's teleporter)
You re-activate Zane's teleporter, sending him to safety.
  • (Move forward)
If you contacted Calvin Scott
  • (Activate Zane's teleporter and plant a tracking device on him)
You re-activate Zane's teleporter, sending him to safety.
  • (Move forward)

If you captured Ricochet

You check Zane for any signs of life, but it's too late. You can tell that Zane tried to hold off Reese to help the others escape; Reese must have become much more powerful if he could have beaten down Zane so easily.
  • (Move forward)

Contact Small Warrant.jpg


If you did not complete Reese's story arc

It looks like Reese spared no expense to make sure that Warrant suffered more than anyone else here.
  • (Move forward)

If you completed Reese's story arc

It looks like Reese spared no expense to make sure that Warrant suffered more than anyone else here. You see a note from Reese pinned to Warrant...
Come get me, if you can. I'll be waiting to finish what we started back in that warehouse.
  • (Move forward)

Reese Dialogue 

If you did not complete Reese's story arc

Before Combat:

Reese: You're the final dog that needs to die today, Character.

75% Health:

Reese: I've come too far to let some dog like you take me down!

50% Health:

Reese: Anyone who stands in my way will get torn down. Powers Division will be MINE!

25% Health:

Reese: I won't be put down again! Your place is to follow MY orders, MY power, MY DESTINY!

If you completed Reese's story arc

Before Combat:

Reese: And so the final dog arrives. Surprised to see me still standing, Character?

75% Health:

Reese: No one can kill me, Character. Not when I haven't reached my true power. Not YOU! Not PRAETOR WHITE! NO ONE!

50% Health:

Reese: I don't need anyone's help to kill you this time, Character. You won't stand in my way to true power. Not now, not EVER AGAIN!

25% Health:

Reese: Not even death can stop me, Character. Don't you understand?! I'm destined for greatness, unlike you!

Upon Defeat:

Reese: N-no... why... why did it have to end like... this?
Reese: She told me...
Reese: that I would finally...
Reese: have my...
Reese: revenge...


So, it's done, Character? Reese is dead? I hope this is for the last time. I wish I could have been there, I really do. Ever since he robbed me of my powers, my life has been a...

No, you don't need to hear that. It doesn't matter how things are now, right? I still have my past, my glory days. That's what keeps me going, just like how your current exploits keep you going. Reese, however, could not find that spirit of contentment that you and I have. I do wonder, however, who exactly brought him back from the brink of certain death. This matter warrants further investigation...

Praetor White has made the suggestion that you and the remaining Powers Division go on to your own individual investigations, particularly because of a woman who wishes to speak with you. Her name is Tami Baker. I can put you in touch with her, if you'd like.