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Stern is one of the "Top Dogs" in the Powers Division. He usually hangs around Nova Praetoria, at the CMF, in Elyssian Avenue. His coordinates are (-6529, -15, 80).

Stern may be found as both an ally and an enemy by Praetorian players:

  • During the mission A Spectacle for the Crowd from Reese as an Enemy.
  • During the mission The Four Powers Division from Transmuter as an Ally
  • During the mission The Past Revisited from Transmuter as an NPC, if you choose to help the Powers Division team.
  • During the mission The Rift Enclosure from Provost Marchand one last time, as an NPC.


Powers Division - Top Dog

Stern has been replacing his body with cybernetics his entire life. Born a quadriplegic, Stern's only dream was to be a hero and to help others. He was given that chance when a mysterious benefactor offered to give him the body of a true hero. He has since gained recognition amongst the Powers Division and earned a place in the Top Dogs. His steady detachment from humanity, however, has given him a reputation as a ruthless and uncaring adversary.

See Also

There is also a Stern in Imperial City, a normal human NPC, an Auction House auctioneer.