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Badge time.png This article or section contains information on several sites that are no longer in use (some links removed due to phishing scams, domain parking, and 'link rot') since the official shutdown of City of Heroes: Rebirth. The content provided may refer to City of Heroes Freedom.
It is provided for historical purposes.

Official Sites


Other Servers

Fan Sites

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NOTE: These sites are subject to verification and periodic review and may be removed if deemed inactive or inappropriate.

  • Aura y Capa Spanish Fansite and community nexus. Updated daily, all info translated into local language. Includes everything a spanish player could need!
  • The Battlerock X Chronicles, dedicated to various news, events, and stories of City of Heroes characters as well as the home for the infrequent fan-based comic series "Tales from Paragon City".
  • The Cape Radio, getting your groove on while stomping bad guys.
  • City of Heroes Site Reconstruction, a website dedicated to recreating the official City of Heroes website before it was shut down.
  • "Guardians of the Dawn", the official website of the fan-based comic series "Guardians of the Dawn Spotlight" set in the City of Heroes universe with special appearances by various in-game characters.
  • Live Forum Archive, an archive of the old blue boards from live. Note that Paragon Studios had already purged most of the posts prior to 2009 when they upgraded the forums from the UBB.threads forum software to VBulletin when the forums were archived.
  • Titan Network is an archive network of sites covering Issue 24 (NCSoft Live Service) only.
  • Virtueverse, the original Virtue server RP wiki.
  • Paragon Dawn, a 24/7 radio station centered around Champions Online after the shutdown, staffed with both COH and CO players.
  • Paragon Radio, a weekly podcast established after the City of Heroes Shutdown in 2012, covers all superhero MMOs as well as comics, movies, and TV.

Game Utilities

  • Map Patches replace many in-game maps of city zones and missions with informational icons and text.
  • Badge Tracking. Manually or automatically enter badges, see which ones you're missing, compare with other players who also use these sites.
    • Badger, a server-agnostic open source web-based badge tracking system.
  • Character builder/designer/planners. Create and save character builds, and share with others through "data blocks" or "data links".
    • Mids Reborn. An updated build planner app forked from Mids' Hero Builder. Windows 10 and 11.
  • Notification of keywords from chat logs
    • City Chat Watcher, a tool that monitors your chat logs and notifies you when keywords you specify are mentioned in-game. Windows 10 and 11.
  • Offline costume editor, machinima camera tool, and map browser.
    • Icon from Titan Network. Uses Issue 24 files downloaded for the game client.
  • Online Titan Sentinel+ Costume extractor (from the live game shutdown)
    • Senticon - Upload XML file recorded from Sentinel+, download .costume files of past characters from the live game. Works offline (save the page to a hard drive.)
  • XMPP Chat Client and Map Browser.
    • Paragon Chat from Titan Network. Same as Icon, except requires either an XMPP server (any will work) or a forum account on Titan Network to use their chat server.
  • PiggViewer, an application that allows extraction of game client files.
  • Game Extractor, a Java application that allows extraction of game client files.

Super/Villain Group Sites

NOTE: These sites are subject to verification and periodic review and may be removed if deemed inactive or inappropriate. Many sites may be deprecated; please click at your own risk. All GuildPortal links have been removed due to those links now redirecting to phishing scams.

Legion of Catgirls
A feminine, feline SG on several servers. (*Note that this site appears to be dead as of 2023/02/25.)